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Hi guys! I have created a special blog just for maplestory. Below is the link! ^_^

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  1. Rashid Cheatchat says :

    This is my build. I was able to tweak the build because of all the patches that Nexon released. You will notice that I do not have any points in Double Stab or Triple Stab. I used the SP resets that Nexon gave use in the patches.

    Check here more combos, guides and extra MESO MapleStory Combo, Skills and MESO Forum.

  2. maplestory nx hack says :

    Nice job on this site. Loving it haha.

    Favourited! =P

  3. lolpower says :

    danit ayumilove is v 2 comeing out

  4. jj says :

    plz tell me why i cant play as anyone else but warrior =(

  5. jj says :

    hey how do u play more than a warrior it only lets me play as a warrior

  6. MapleStory Addict says :

    How did you make hackerstory? I always wanted to make my own maplestory flash game but I can’t find any sprites for it.

  7. Edward says :

    on your maple account you have a thing when you click CTRL you can hit monsters and stuff, I put a magic attack thing in its place and the regular attack dissapeared. How do I get it back? message me back at

  8. ayumilove says :

    hey guys, I have created a new blog specially for maplestory, take a look

  9. 68928550 says :

    the pirate is the strongest among all the class.
    the reason is that, it is a mix of warrior, bowman and thief. in 1st job, pirate has a skill like warrior’s “Power Strike” but the attack speed is much faster with no delay. in less then 1 sec, you can attack up to 3-4times. besides, pirates have “Slash Blast” super version, which has higher damage and does not requires HP for each att,att up to 6 monsters. so warrior is owned in 1st job? O.O
    for pirate who use gun, double fire is the modify version of” lucky seven”. the speed the extremely fast.1-2shot in a sec.
    in fighter 2nd job:
    HP increase is same like warrior’s one
    but fatal punch, upper cut and spinning punch. the att speed is incredibly slow and not suitable for training. the best way to lvl up during 30-50 is monster carnival.
    these 3 skills must not be used independently and you will kick your own ass.
    they should be used with the 1st job skills. eg, straight x N +fatal punch+straight
    which will lower the delay and a horrible COMBO att* (LF2?
    spinning punch is a bit sucks at the first few lvl since you need to charge.
    upper cut and spinning punch can faint monster for 1-2 sec and during these gaps, you can att the monster madnessly.

    how to add SP?
    my suggestion on infighter:
    max hp increase:10>>knuckle mastery 5>>booster 10>> fatal punch 10>> spinning punch 10>> upper cut max>> fatal punch max>> spinning punch max>> booster max>>
    the remaing points add skills that you like.

    disadvantage of infighter: you need to drink a lot of hp pots for the close range att.
    in fact, the range is much smaller than bandits’ one.
    infighter can RULEZ over monster carnival.

    LOL, i stop now.(sorry for the grammer mistakes, type it in rush)
    need to sleep =)

  10. 68928550 says :

    ayumi =)
    pirate requires only 20dex in lvl 10
    warrior needs 35 str

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