Video Tutorial Channel :

7 responses to “Video”

  1. Jenniffer Huang says :

    i keep seeing vimeo on al the blogs.
    it it better than other video hosting sites?
    Jenniffer Huang, Home Genius

  2. siakdemon says :

    can you make a tutorial 4 desktop defender the 100 mode

  3. mrhello333 says :

    hey ayumilove pls tell the song for the video u took off a while called KMS zakum 2mins kil run

  4. demonicrealm12345 says :

    hey ayumi its demonic can you give me some suggestions on what software to use for hardcore video editing and if possible FREE ones.

  5. bebeanzew says :

    hey ayumi ummmmmm is there any chance you can send me the Maplestory Nightlord and Shadower video cause that was my reason to play ms again and it sucks that i cant watch it anymore
    ^^ if you can send it to

  6. dynames8 says :

    Your new video channel? Ok, i’ll check it out. So glad u no give up to help us!
    BTW, i knew how to download videos from already.

  7. dynames8 says :

    Hello, how could i download the video from your Video Tutorial Channel???

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