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Kongregate Labs Shootorial Resources

Learn to create your first game using Flash!
Making games is easy! Well, okay, maybe it’s actually kind of hard, but starting out is easy at least!
Especially when you have Kongregate’s shootorials (shooting tutorials) to guide you through the process.
Check out the link below to play through the game you can learn to build yourself. Play ‘Shoot!’ now

Kongregate Labs Homepage
Download Link: Adobe Flash Software Trial 30 Days
Download Link: Shootorial Sourcecode ActionScript 3 AS3
Download Link: Shootorial Sourcecode ActionScript 2 AS2

Shootorial 0: Flash!
This beginner flash game programming tutorial covers the basics of downloading the free trial version of Adobe Flash CS3, as well as covering some of the fundamentals of using Flash as a game making tool.

Shootorial 1: Ship Movement Via Keyboard Input
This is the foundation of any game. The player needs to be able to control a game object through user input, usually either via mouse or keyboard. Shootorial’s user controlled game object (or sprite) is a futuristic hand drawn space ship.

Shootorial 2: Scrolling Background
Every game hero needs a world to defend or conquer. The Shootorial game world is represented by a hand drawn fantasy world background that slowly scrolls by, creating the illusion of moving through a virtual space over time.

Shootorial 3: Missiles
The hero needs to fire missiles in order to stop the invading minions. This tutorial explains how to fire missile objects based on keyboard input. These missiles will originate from the hero ship and move across the screen.

Shootorial 4: Enemy Ships
The hero ship needs adversity. In this tutorial we will build a basic enemy ship that will attack the hero in waves.

Shootorial 5: Collision Detection
This tutorial covers how to detect a collision between the hero ship and enemy ships. It also covers how to detect collisions between hero missiles and enemy ships, as well as collisions between enemy missiles and the hero ship.

Shootorial 6: Adding Score, Health Meter and Game Over & Reset Logic
Once the collision detection is in place, we can start recording hits, misses, points earned and damage taken. This tutorial also covers game over menu and game reset logic.

Shootorial 7: Adding Power Ups, Mini Bosses and Bosses
This beginner level Flash game programming tutorial covers power ups, mini bosses, and boss battles.

Shootorial 8: Adding Enhancements, Audio and The Kong API
This beginner level Flash game making tutorial covers adding sounds, implementing the Kong Stats and High Score API, and hints on adding game play enhancements. The fully commented source code for the final game is included in this Shootorial.

Kongregate Labs Shootorial Frequently Ask Question [Shootorial FAQ] written by Jabor
What is Shoot!?
Shoot! is a simple side-scrolling shooter made in Flash – a reasonable first challenge for a budding game developer to make.
Ok, but what are the Shootorials?
The Shootorials are where the real work happens! They show you, step by step, how to create your own game just like Shoot!, starting with downloading Flash and finishing with a slick user interface. Only the first three shootorials are released at the moment, but the remaining 6 are coming soon!
Where do I find the shootorials?
You’ll find the shootorials (along with some other cool stuff, eventually) at the Kongregate Labs page: www.kongregate.com/labs
I already have a version of Flash, but it’s not CS3. Do I still need to download the free trial?
If your version is older than Flash MX 2004 (which is over five years old now), you will need to download CS3, as versions before that do not support ActionScript 2.0. If you have something more recent, then it is your choice – but be warned that the interface will likely be different to that demonstrated in the shootorials.
What’s this contest stuff I see on the page? Can I win real money?
You certainly can! All you need to do is make a game by following the shootorials, and then upload it to Kongregate by following the instructions that will be posted. – Full rules and regulations can be found here.
What’s this about a free trial? Do I have to pay money to create games?
Adobe Flash comes with a 30-day free trial. If you want to use it after that, you have to buy the software – which can be quite expensive. If you’re still keen on creating games, then there are some free alternatives – check the stickied threads in the Programming forum for more details and help on using them. Most of the free tools have a steeper learning curve than Adobe Flash, but are just as powerful and easy to use (or even easier!) once you know your way around.
Ok, so I’ve followed the tutorials, made my game, and discovered that I really like programming! Where do I go to do some more?
It’s good to see talented people keen to get involved in making games 🙂
The best place to start would probably be some beginner tutorials – You can use Google to find some yourself, or if you’re really stuck, just ask in the forums, after making sure you’ve put in an honest effort to find the answer yourself.