Video Hosting Sites
Date: 03/08/2008

1. Allow public and private videos
2. Allow customization on channel
3. Many people view video
1. Low quality videos (mono, FLV)
2. No time estimation for video conversion/video upload duration
3. Limits videos to 10 minutes
4. Director account still limits to 10 minutes

1. Smart Player
1. Slow video approval (6 hours to 2 days)
2. Have problems with updating the channel.
3. Limits video to 5 minutes and 59 seconds
4. Does not provide good customer service. No replies.

1. High definition video
2. Unlimited video duration
3. Customizable for video details
4. Shows time length for upload and conversion
5. User friendly, easy to learn but have a few hiccups
6. Easy to (sign up / register) for an account
7. Good customer support / customer service
1. No game videos that follows “machinima” concept
2. Replacing video has some bugs


Things I learn for the past 2 years in video making…
Date: 03/08/2008

Sony Vegas Tutorial Crystal 3D Text
(1) I realized that setting the preview to half size gives you a smooth preview of the video. This is useful for those who are having some lag in their preview (their computer could not handle the lag)

Title – Text description on video / WMM title animations
Effects – WMM Special Effects
Video – Screen Capture View / Record

Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 1)
1. Title – Too brief for user to understand.
2. Title – Did not explain ahead to the user before the action takes place
3. Video – Some fonts are blurred because I panned too quickly
4. Video – Some of the parts are speed up too quickly, hard for viewers to follow up
5. Effects – One of the Special Effects should be “Ease Out” not “Ease In”
6. Effects – The pixelate effect is off the music beat by 0.25 seconds
7. Title – Title on the result/samples fade in and out too fast
1. Title Technique – Overlaying multiple title (to view all of them in the same time)
2. Title Technique – Overlaying one title over another (to keep up with the tutorial pace)
3. Music Technique – Trimming the music to add more music to the video
4. Music Technique – Results/Samples beat according to the music rhythm.
5. Music Technique – Opening and ending introduction follows music rhythm.
6. Video Technique – Special Effects (SFX) are applied on the right timing
I realized that its hard for a video tutorial to beat according to the rhythm of the song, because speeding up the video would make it hard for the viewers to learn the tutorial.

Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 2)
1. Music Bug – The song “Moskau – Ramenstein & Tatu” out of sync
2. View Bug – The recording screen view does not zoom in and out to get an overview
3. Speed Bug – Some mentioned that my cursor moved too fast
4. Narration Bug – it should be http://windowsmoviemakers.net (window + s)
1. Trim Technique – Remove the mistakes while recording on Hypercam in WMM
2. Speed Technique – Speed up on parts which are less important / redundant
3. Narration Technique – Describe before the action takes place to prepare viewers ahead
4. Thumbnail Technique – Volume + Video fade in and out smoothly to minimize distraction
5. Enhanced Title – The custom titles are configured to suit for my video narration ^_^
6. Fonts – I changed to TW Two Cent from Arial (font is much smoother and smaller)
7. Recording Technique – Record the video by panning slowly to avoid blur vision
Some advised that I should use background music that are not throbbing, without vocal and without any anxiety feeling. The background music I got are from my friends, and I don’t have songs to put into my videos. Some songs are popularly listened, and its good to have songs that people enjoy while viewing my video. For those who felt that the music does not suit to their taste, they can opt to mute the background music or reduce the volume. I hope you guys understand. About the screen view, I didn’t zoom out to let the viewers get an overall look of the whole software. This is because the PC I am using could not support 800 x 600 view.

Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker Tutorial (Part 3)
1. Title Bug: Ayumi XML Combo Guide -> Ayumi Combo XML Guide (mixed up)
2. View Bug – First 1 minute uses plain background, could use some cool picture!
3. Transition Bug – The 1st guide transition is not so suitable due to the contrast color
4. Music Bug – The last song was loud, and added with DFX makes it kinda blaring
5. Narration Bug – One of the text “illusion” is hidden in 3rd line
6. View Bug – The ending guide that shows copy paste link panned too fast
1. Music Technique – Use slow music for long introduction
2. Music Technique – Use fast music if you are rushing through the tutorial XD
3. BetA Technique – Release some beta videos to get some new inspiration
4. LIVE Technique – Show user whats happening in mini preview when I’m cropping
5. LIVE Technique – For each adjustment, show to user the sample results in mini preview
6. View Technique – Panning while lengthening the title in timeline using SHIFT (hypercam)
7. View Technique – Show a portion of the file being processed 1-5% , 95-100%
8. View Technique – Match both video clip with a suitable transition (Shatter Right)
9. View Technique – Give a narration ahead if you don’t have enough space to locate text
10. LIVE Technique – Shows a sample of the result (DotA – DFX Audio Enhancement)
11. View Technique – Reveal the important video clip instead of showing all the processes
Lol, i just realised that the step by step tutorial preview, some of the mini preview are not similar to the one I am making, but anyways, this gives the viewers how to do it. The ending guide was fast because I had only 1 minute 30 seconds.

Ayumilove PhotoStory 3 Tour Guide
View Bug – Not smooth panning

Ayumilove Windows Movie Maker (Tips and Tricks 1)
View Technique – Using Particle Illusion to create the background
View Technique – Less Pan means Less Headache, use other alternatives (e.g. copy paste)
Music Technique – Song fade out when thumbnail arrive, and blast out after it ends
View Technique – Apply fade in and out to the thumbnail to not lose viewers focus
When trying to select multiple clips on storyboard, shift interrupts the video as I used it for my pan hot key

Bugs – View, Narration, Special Effects (SFX), Audio/Music, Font, Enhanced Title, LIVE, Speed, Thumbnail, Trim, BetA

7 responses to “Diary”

  1. Luvkittykin says :

    How do you get the backgrounds in your videos? ( Not the maplestory one ) :3

  2. sumomo says :

    hi ayumilove, i just wanna thank you for all you have contributed, but would like to request something. in vimeo, you have posted a series of Japanese learning videos but many are missing, can you please repost them? those jap lessons are really good and i’d love for you to post more of them. also, if possible, can you upload them to a file hosting website so i can download them directly?


    and since there’s no way to contact you, i might as well post here in your diary.

    • ayumilove says :

      some of my Japanese videos I had on Youtube are lost as my account was suspended.
      I do not have any backup for those lessons.
      Creating a Japanese lesson would take some time to do with the animation.

  3. Danny says :

    I think you have a passion for making videos. I think you’re gonna grow up to make CG effects for movies and games. Since this is what you like to do. 🙂

  4. bigflea92 says :

    awsome job ayumi

  5. poli says :

    can you sent you button and cursor to me! if you dont i say what, you go this url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAhy9N4fGr0 your that cursor and button and sent tothis email sandakanapple@hotmail.com

  6. bilzzardgal says :

    =,= tis ur first time posting?

    How to update wordpress thing?

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