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Download Sword Art Online Episode 19 English Subtitles – The Lugru Corridor (ルグルー回廊)

SAO EPISODE 19 – The Lugru Corridor (ルグルー回廊)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 19 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 19 English Subtitles – The Lugru Corridor (ルグルー回廊)

Synopsis: While passing through a cave, Leafa gets a message from Recon warning her to require care once she and Kirito notice that they’re being followed and take a look at to flee, solely to trapped by an outsized cluster of Salamander players. Kirito asks Leafa to support him together with her magic whereas he fights the cluster by himself, however he’s unable to interrupt their formation till Yui comes up with a thought to possess Leafa solid some protecting magic on Kirito whereas he conjures a spell that quickly transforms him into a large demon that obliterates their enemies, then again one whom Kirito bribes in exchange for info. He reveals that his party were sent to attack them by orders of identical cluster that attacked them after they 1st met. when incoming at following city, Suguha logs out for a minute and is named by Shin’ichi WHO reveals to her that mythical being is in connivance with the Salamanders, WHO threaten to attack the Sylphs Associate in Nursingd Cait Siths throughout a gathering to determine an alliance. Upon returning to the sport, Leafa explains the case to Kirito and states that for his own sake, he ought to proceed while not her, as allying with the Salamanders is also the most effective possibility for him so as to achieve the highest of the planet Tree. Kirito instead decides to assist her and makes use of his speed to interrupt out of the cave together with her.

Download Sword Art Online Episode 18 English Subtitles – To the World Tree (世界樹)

SAO EPISODE 18 – To the World Tree (世界樹)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 18 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 18 English Subtitles – To the World Tree (世界樹)

Synopsis: Suguha reminisces regarding how she started VR recreation, then meets up with Recon’s reality persona, Shin’ichi Nagata. She informs him that she is going to be leaving their party to join Kirito. Later, she logs in as Leafa and accompanies Kirito to buy for brand new equipment, however runs into her party. The cluster is led by Sigurd who does not take kindly to Leafa’s departure and warns them they will be taking into account renegades for not sticking their allegiance to their race’s territories. Before Kirito and Leafa set off, Recon approaches them, expression that although he wants notifying them, he will remain in the party to stay watch on Sigurd due to some suspicions he has on him. Later during their travels, Kirito and Leafa arrive at a landing point where they take turns work resolute refresh themselves. when Kirito returns, they both set off once more, unaware that they’re being followed by a mysterious cluster. Meanwhile, Asuna learns from Oberon that Kirito remains alive and secretly obtains the keycode for her cage’s lock.

Download Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)

SAO EPISODE 17 – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)

Synopsis: Leafa thanks Kirito for saving her and teaches him how to fly properly. They then visit the Sylph Territory (Sylvein) where they meet one among Leafa’s party members, Recon. Leafa andd Kirito head to an hostelry and have a oral communication about how Kirito will get to the top of the world Tree. Seeing Kirito’s determination to reach the highest of the tree, Leafa decides to help him and asks him to meet her at the lodge on the following day. when Leafa logs out, it’s discovered she is truly Suguha. Meanwhile, Asuna is seen in an exceedingly gigantic bird cage at the world Tree, trapped by the game master, Oberon the Fairy King. She recognizes Oberon as Sugou, who insists on calling her “Titania”. He reveals to Asuna how he captured the minds of three hundred players before they were logged out from SAO as well as her own, as a part of his analysis on memory management. He threatens to alter Asuna’s recollections if she doesn’t join forces with him and so departs, leaving Asuna in despair and quietly beggary for Kirito to save her. Click here to read the full storyline of Sword Art Online Episode 17.