About Me

Hi guys! I’m Ayumilove.  Well, I am an ordinary person who creates videos when I have some time to spare! Kinda cool to create videos using Windows Movie Maker since only a few people knows the secret of creating lots of special and exciting stuff with this free video editing software. I started creating videos on January 2006 ^_^

Tell some more personal ^^ [like age, hometown,picture] and how come that you’ve started making these vids.
My age, hometown, etc is personal 🙂 I started making videos when I saw a few people making very nice maplestory videos in year 2006.

82 responses to “About Me”

  1. binary options strategy says :

    hello!,I really like your writing so so much! proportion we keep in touch extra approximately your post on AOL? I require a specialist in this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that’s you! Taking a look forward to see you.

  2. solitaire online says :

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I am hoping to offer one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

  3. Tom Dao says :

    Hey Ayumilove, I’ve been dying to know. Could I have the song names to the songs played in your videos; Desert Moon Day 5 (Hard Mode + No Power Up Required) and Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace Walkthrough 1-20? Please, I just remember those two videos had amazing songs :O

  4. randyseeyou says :

    what happened your youtube account says its been terminated

  5. randyseeyou says :

    i always wondered are you a girl or a robot??
    btw its been like 6 years and my favorite video is still path of an archer ^_^
    ver.20 and under maplestory was the best. people almost never told me to ccplox

  6. Nick says :

    oops.. there is a mistake in my first sentence.. then game was made available for download to my HARD drive is what I meant to say.

  7. Nick says :


    I am wondering if you could help me.

    I play a flash game that was made available for download to my flash drive. The author of the game seems to have hacked in to my computer and deleted the saved progress which amounts to over a year of work.. this is a flash game that allows me to build songs. Needless to say this is a real drag, I had countless songs that I had created and was working on at various stages, etc. Is there a file somewhere which still contains that data that can be accessed ? Any help would be greatly appreciated..I am feeling pretty violated right now.. lol. Thanks.

  8. Vytautas says :

    Hi Ayumilove, nice blog, especially sections about music 🙂

  9. mark lee says :

    hi ayumilove, i want to download that techno song at your website, but how???

  10. kaylin says :

    hi it’s ur #1 fan! love love love ur music. e-mail me at kaylinsgrove@yahoo.com!thx 😉

  11. iryahn says :

    Hey Ayumi! Nice Blog! I have one too, not sure how you got people to visit yours in the first place but you definetly inspired me. 🙂 Anyways I really like your games too.

  12. fireshadow11 says :

    Hey Ayumilove. I was playing the game and stumbled upon something you missed. There are secret areas(i think in each level) and you only put the normal 9 squares. I know where one of them is, and if you want i could tell you. I could also look for the others and tell you where they are if I find them. Please e-mail me at fuzzypants14@gmail.com if you would like that. Thanks!

  13. emsgaara14 says :

    Mind giving me the password to download techno songs from ur list?

    Send the pw on my youtube account ”Rebirthingx” Or here, somehow o,o

  14. Pietro says :

    Ayumilove wtf happened to maple?
    You where a pro mapler and i was ur fan in everywhere i even sent u a msg in kongregate and u didn’t even respond. Why didnt u make any evan tutorials or dual blade tutuorials or told us about the up-comming job wild hunter D=? im so disapointed i so wanted to know more about u and contact u. if u no longer care of maple then just post “i quitted maple” i think thats not so hard. U got a lot of talent and it simply sort of disapeared. if u want to contact me u got my e mail i submittid it.

  15. Kirby Rider says :

    How do you report user abuse?

  16. god of death says :

    konichiwa, does your last name start with letter k?

  17. imanoob- i did it in 43days says :

    wow, ms, i gave up on dat aft i failed to get t 10x exp. wasted=[

  18. TheEarl says :

    For some time ago you made your own (awesome) version of the Warchaser map in WC3. Do you still have it? I would like to try it out! Maybe play it with my friends ^^

  19. Crolix says :

    What should i type in for password at techno download section?

  20. 2fast4U says :


  21. LOLantor says :

    and when does hackersotry v2 come out =P

  22. LOLantor says :

    Hi , just wondering .. are u a from SG? o.0?

  23. 2fast4U says :

    no ur not an ordinary person, UR FAMOUS ONE!!! LOL

  24. Philipp says :

    Hey ayumilove….I read the most coments and I bet u to give me your msn, steam, skype or whatever :] plz answer…

  25. Jiex says :

    hey there!

    if you’re interested in seeing my victory setup for BTD4 track 6 hard mode. email me (NO CHEATS!) 🙂

    i dunno how to record my replay so maybe i can just give you a brief walk through of what/when/how i build.

  26. Nieve Roja says :

    I can’t download the song… 😥

    I tried this pass: (my_name) + (techno); but nothing.


    Answer me, please!!!!

  27. Felekin says :

    XD Can you do graphics?

  28. demonicrealm12345 says :

    hey ayumi i sent you a youtube msg but i know you rarely check it so i think maybe if i post on your blog you might reply faster.. i don’t know what your email or the password to the music download is. so add me on MSN, my email is quincycheung87@hotmail.com hope to hear from you soon

  29. Mr Plushie says :

    been watching your videos since 2006 just remebered this likn
    always loved the techno songs you used for the videos
    email is poppa-z@hotmail.com could you sed me te download techno pasword thnx


  30. BombartZ says :

    hey, mind giving the pass for download techno page…
    i dunno ur msn
    so add me war-chaos@hotmail.com

  31. Dengke says :

    Oh! Interesting. I happen to come across this blog while searching Haskell programming. I was surprised when I saw tutorials by Ayumilove because I remember you from all your MapleStory videos on YouTube! Good to see you’re still making Vids~

    • ayumilove says :

      haskelling 😀
      are you learning the basics of haskel or somewhat the advance type?

      • Dengke says :

        Hmm I wonder! I’ve done an introductory subject on it last year, and now we’re learning predicate and propositional logic with it.
        Recursion is oh so fun. It’s a different way of thinking, which is why I like it =)
        (Yes I do like my trees and other recursive data structures).

        How good are you at Haskell? and do you program in anything else?

  32. Rick Mayor says :

    Hi Ayumilove! I was listening to some uplifting trance mixes on Radio Zero (Zero Hedge blog) and googled the subject to find more. I found your 40 uplifting and 120 vocals and really liked them. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to allow me access to your techno download.

    Many thanks,

  33. Meteorola says :

    hi I watch most of your videos and I noticed a download section for your techno songs, so I was wondering if I could get the password for it please? ty.

  34. lildragonb0i says :

    hi Ayumilove! im a fan of you ( not a BiG fan like sum other ppl)

    just want that password for the techno downloads section

    add me : heaven_dragon_god21@hotmail.com

    if u dont respond…

    idk lol

  35. shawn says :

    can i have your msn ? i want the pw to dl techno song !

  36. catsfanj says :


    save it to here:
    C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR USERNAME)\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\RAMDOM NUMBERS AND LETTERS \chat.kongregate.com\gamez005\1600\live\secure_WilliamAndSlyKong.swf

  37. Lin says :

    hi, Ayumi.
    Um, how u catch maple story video when u are playing.. For sure you have a software to catch video while playing MapleStory. Can give me the link or anything to let me DL ?>

  38. John J says :

    Hey, read about your channel in youtube.

    I like this, it is true

    ————are like apples
    ——–on trees. The best ones
    ——are at the top of the tree
    —-The boys dont want to reach
    —for the good ones because they
    -are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
    Instead, they just get the rotten apples
    -from the ground that aren’t as good,
    but easy. So the apples at the top think
    -something is wrong with them, when in
    –reality, they’re amazing. They just
    —have to wait for the right boy to
    —– come along, the one who’s
    ———– brave enough to
    —————–climb all
    —————– the way
    —————–to the top
    —————-of the tree

    Can i quote this in my blog?


  39. Anonymous says :

    Hello, yeah that’s it -_-

  40. Stan says :

    Hey ayumi I found your old youtube account back? Are you going to use it for videos again?

  41. bocahbancar says :

    Hi Ayumilove..

    are you Nihonjin desu ka..????

    Nice to meet you,…

    Mm..Where do you live now..???

  42. Apple says :

    hmm , cool !! mind giving me your hotmail ? or maybe msn ?

  43. TKOGenesis says :

    Hey whats up ;D

    Yout videos are great and I think the 3D Sword Tutorial was amazing!

    You should re-upload all your tutorials.
    There great!

  44. missing a gurl says :

    u proo and kawaii lo ~

  45. yr says :

    I am making a naruto map

    Planning to do a video on the following abilities that are done

    Initial Lotus of Rock Lee

    Divination Field: 64 strikes of Neji

    hope someone will help, especially Ayumi

    My Email is: Yan_Rui4ever@hotmail.com

  46. Brian says :

    can u tell some more about u?

  47. kintey says :

    hey thanks! soon i would be making a link wif ur picture/avatar on it ^^, gud luck wif more videos~

  48. Jigganaut says :

    yo girl, Jigz here. What bs reason did youtube ban you again? None the less hope your doing well and your studying is going good. You should pop on warcraft 3 again at some point. The FF AoS is pretty much ready to go, look forward to seeing you again.

  49. wa says :

    hi i’m wa i wanna b yr friend if i can u can say hi @ my hi5 icewolf99.hi5.com i waiting u everytime

  50. ILoveYouAyumi says :


    That might help you with your little linking problem.

  51. andy says :

    my name is andy. i am from peru. i have 22 years .i speak english very little. sorry.
    you are very beautiful.i see your tutorials of
    sony vegas,thank you.

  52. Shermy says :

    helloo ayumi, how are you? V^_^V.

  53. no name says :

    hey ayumilove, your vedios are awsome. where do you form , and maybe you can add me to your msn

  54. ZeMing211 says :

    Hello, i’ve seen around your blog, it was designed well!
    If you are a newbie blogger, i don’t believe it!
    You can make your blog look nicer then mine :O

    -ZeMing211 from youtube

  55. Mepokas says :

    Hello, ayumi love, my name is Me pokas
    Nice videos btw! ^_^

  56. Exequias04 says :

    Nice Blog and Video you got…

  57. AyumiLove Fan says :

    Hello, I am your fan, i like your vids a lot.

    fuck you

  58. Shin says :

    Well, I stumbled here after searching ‘Cabal’ on YouTube. My first impression is that you’re everything BUT an ordinary person. You’re a complete total… geek! xD … and that’s awesome @_@ (I mean it!)

  59. ossclub says :

    Hi cool vids and welcome to wordpress!

  60. Danny says :

    Hey, was hoping to actually know you more than just the average intro.
    But glad you enjoy making videos.

    P.S. I don’t know why I gotta leave mail, I don’t like giving it out. >.>

  61. MiKi says :

    Hey Ayumilove! Wahh~ Your videos are great x] I was just wondering what program you use to like record your videos…? Do you use auto screen recorder or something..? Youre so pro!! :O Love your videos xD
    Ok, thats all.. Thanks. Byeee 😀

  62. exordia says :

    Hihi 😉

    I’m also newbie in blogging but will working on it.

    You can visit my blog as well ….

  63. UnLuCkYS1N says :

    hi ayumi i see all yr vedio already is very nice n awesome i like it make more video ok d(^.^0b

  64. Henry says :

    Oh yea good videos!

  65. Henry says :

    Ayumi one question. Do u know how to make the graphic on the windows movie maker better, and have a good quality? Because all my videos are on low quality…. Hope you can help me!

  66. Darren says :

    i have a sniper in bootes , but not having alot of skills . i can lend you if you want e-mail me if you want it .

  67. phat says :

    ps …

    my name is phat
    i live in nederland
    but my Parents come from vietnam
    my hobbys are look movies and video play games ofcourse maplestory.

    faddy 😛 XD

  68. phat says :

    hey ayumilove!

    you make good videos but i have a question
    i see that you use window movie maker but how you get that litle videos of maplestory you film it i know but how … i need that programma to…
    what is that name?

    from faddy (phat)

    have a nice day! XD

  69. Cooldude says :

    hey ayumilove! nice to meet ya! btw my real name is Brian.

  70. wang says :

    hi “` you picture of youtube
    are cute

  71. Lionel says :

    well ure videos are nice =) i just thought id leave a comment here since i cant seem to get an account at youtube for some reason -.- well u got talent!!!

  72. Rafael says :

    Tell some more personal ^^ [like age, hometown,picture] and how come that you’ve started making these vids.

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