Download Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)

SAO EPISODE 17 – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 17 English Subtitles – The Captive Queen (囚われの女王)

Synopsis: Leafa thanks Kirito for saving her and teaches him how to fly properly. They then visit the Sylph Territory (Sylvein) where they meet one among Leafa’s party members, Recon. Leafa andd Kirito head to an hostelry and have a oral communication about how Kirito will get to the top of the world Tree. Seeing Kirito’s determination to reach the highest of the tree, Leafa decides to help him and asks him to meet her at the lodge on the following day. when Leafa logs out, it’s discovered she is truly Suguha. Meanwhile, Asuna is seen in an exceedingly gigantic bird cage at the world Tree, trapped by the game master, Oberon the Fairy King. She recognizes Oberon as Sugou, who insists on calling her “Titania”. He reveals to Asuna how he captured the minds of three hundred players before they were logged out from SAO as well as her own, as a part of his analysis on memory management. He threatens to alter Asuna’s recollections if she doesn’t join forces with him and so departs, leaving Asuna in despair and quietly beggary for Kirito to save her. Click here to read the full storyline of Sword Art Online Episode 17.



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