Download Sword Art Online Episode 16 English Subtitles – The Land of Fairies (妖精たちの国)

SAO EPISODE 16 – The Land of Fairies (妖精たちの国)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 16 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 16 English Subtitles – The Land of Fairies (妖精たちの国)

Synopsis: Kazuto visits Agil, who explains that the screenshot he transmitted was originated from ALfheim Online, an MMO where players assume the role of fairies competent of flight. He explains that the physical body resembling Asuna was spotted someplace on the game’s World Tree. Acknowledging that RECTO produced the game, Kazuto determines to wear his Nervegear once more and take up his role as Kirito in ALfheim Online. After choosing his persona race as a Spriggan and diving in, he moves into a unknown warphole which directs him to a woodland, where he witnesses to his surprise that his stats are indistinguishable to his SAO avatar’s, with the exclusion of his dual wielding skill. He also learns that he still has the SAO in-game item comprising Yui’s data, which he triggers to bring in Yui into ALfheim as a Navigation Pixie. Yui derives that the game is made using a copy of SAO’s servers, which was why all commons skills and stats from SAO had been carried over to Kirito’s ALfheim avatar. As Kirito gets accustomed his flight controls, 2 Sylph players named Leafa and Recon are being pursued by Salamander players. Just as Recon is thwarted and Leafa outnumbered, Kirito barge in before her and intervenes to assist defeat the assaulters.



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