Download Sword Art Online Episode 15 English Subtitles – Return (帰還)

SAO EPISODE 15 – Return (帰還)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 15 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 15 English Subtitles – Return (帰還)

Synopsis: Two months after being free of SAO, Kazuto remains affected with nightmares about Asuna. Since his two-year coma in the experience, his sis, Suguha, has been regularly concerning about him. The couple have a kendo fre, and though Kazuto drops, Suguha is both stunned and inquisitive about his uncommon yet efficient blade battling abilities due to his period in SAO. Later, Kazuto goes to the medical center to see Asuna who along with 300 other gamers, has yet to awaken even after the SAO occurrence. It is there that he meets Asuna’s dad, Nobuyuki Sugou. Much to Kazuto’s rage, Sugou shows him that he plans to be implemented into Asuna’s close relatives while she is still comatose as a forerunner to wedding. Declaring that this is his right since it was his organization, RECTO Improvement Inc., had been maintaining Asuna in existence after SAO’s designer Argus went broke, he shows Kazuto that the wedding will happen weekly and shows him not to see her again. Later at house, Kazuto smashes down before Suguha, who shows him not to provide up, despite understanding Kazuto is actually her relative and sheltering her own emotions for him. The next day, Kazuto gets an e-mail from Agil with a screen shot of an character similar to Asuna from another activity. Click here to read the full storyline of Sword Art Online Episode 15.


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