Download Sword Art Online Episode 13 English Subtitles – The Depths of Hell (奈落の淵)

SAO EPISODE 13 – The Depths of Hell (奈落の淵)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 13 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 13 English Subtitles – The Depths of Hell (奈落の淵)

Synopsis: Kirito meets Nishida, an old bald fisherman who frequents Coral Village Lake. He asks Kirito for a favor to help catch the enormous fish lurking in the water. When they successfully pull out the fish, it turns out to be one of those amphibious dangerous monsters. Asuna defeats it easily with her green-charged unsheathed rapier. While celebrating her victory, Kirito receives an message from Heathcliff, requesting the couple to return to KOB (Knights of Blood) Headquarter immediately for an important meeting. Heathcliff explains that one of the earlier party sent to 75th Floor for Boss Raid has been defeated without a trace. They decided to defeat the boss by using full force with all guilds combined. Upon stepping foot into Boss Room, the evil monster is nowhere to be seen. The door behind them close shut and vanishes in thin air. Minutes later, Asuna discovers the boss who is lurking in the ceiling and warns the rest. Many players were slaughtered by The Skull Reaper (Boss) by its 3-meters razor sharp dual bone scythes. Heathcliff, Kirito and Asuna took in charge of handling the boss scythes while the rest of the boss raiders, including Klein and Egil, learn its pattern and attack from its side while avoiding Skull Reaper’s tail attack.


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