Download Sword Art Online Episode 12 English Subtitles – Yui’s Heart (朝露の少女)

SAO EPISODE 12 – “Yui’s Heart” (朝露の少女)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 12 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 12 English Subtitles – Yui's Heart (ユイの心)

Synopsis: Yulier meets Asuna and Kirito to seek their help in rescuing her guild leader, Thinker, who is trapped in the dungeon. The couple were suspicious whether she is telling the truth but Yui tells them its alright to believe in her. Upon seeing her guild leader who is seeking shelter in safety zone, Thinker warns them there is a dangerous boss monster lurking in the darkness of the corridors. Asuna advices Yulier to teleport away with Thinker and Yui before assisting Kirito in fighting against the boss. However, they were knockback easily with half of their HP gone. Before Yui is teleported, she goes in front of the couple to protect them and destroys the boss with 1 slash of her summoned flame sword. Yui finally regains her memories and enlightens Kirito and Asuna about her real identity before disappearing into thin air due to disobeying Cardinal’s order to not interfere with human activities. Before Yui’s program is being deleted, Kirito saves her by saving her existence into his NerveGears Cache Memory. All of them later meet at Town of Beginnings to say their goodbye to Thinker, Yulier, Sasha and the children before heading back to their home at Coral Village. Kirito comforts Asuna that one day they will meet Yui again in the real world.


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