Download Sword Art Online Episode 11 English Subtitles – The Morning Dew Girl (朝露の少女)

SAO EPISODE 11 – “The Morning Dew Girl” (朝露の少女)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 11 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 11 English Subtitles - The Morning Dew Girl (朝露の少女)

Kirito and Asuna have their break in 22nd floor where they purchase a house in a secluded village. They found a wandering girl in the forest while spending time together touring new places. Surprisingly, the girl they found had no cursor above her, assuming it was a game glitch. They brought the girl to their home and when she woke up, she wasn’t able to recall anything but her name Yui. She couldn’t pronounce Kirito and Asuna name properly, so she called them “papa” and “mama” respectively. Believing that she got lost from her family or relative, they decided to bring Yui to Town of Beginnings located in the 1st Floor of Aincrad to find her guardian before they could return to the front lines. They find a young woman named Sasha and the children she takes care of were harassed by the Army for taxes. Asuna attacks their leader and the rest of the soldiers flee panicking. As Sasha and the children thank her for her rescue, Yui reaches towards the sky and mummers “Everyone’s hearts” repeatedly. Asuna rushes to her side and asks whether she remembered something. Yui enlightens them that she has never visited this city before. Abruptly, her eyes widened and mysterious static sound appeared from nowhere affects everyone and finally Yui faints.


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