Download Sword Art Online Episode 06 English Subtitles – Phantom Avenger (幻の復讐者)

SAO EPISODE 06 – “Phantom Avenger” (幻の復讐者)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 06 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 06 English Subtitles – Phantom Avenger (幻の復讐者)

Kirito pursues the assassin, who escapes by using a teleport crystal. Kirito wonders how it is possible to kill someone in a safezone to which a paranoid Schmit declares that the killer is Griselda’s ghost. After watching a dropped sandwich vanish and talking to Asuna about the game’s marriage system of inventory sharing, Kirito deduces how Yoruko and Kains “died” and who was Griselda’s murderer. He explains to Asuna that Yoruko and Kains are actually alive, and that they had merely faked their deaths by using a teleport crystal when their armor broke from the damage over time weapon effect to give the appearance of a player death. Yoruko and Kains confront Schmit at Griselda’s grave to investigate the identity of Griselda’s killer. After Schmit explains that he had only followed instructions given to him and had not expected Griselda’s death, the three are surrounded by members of the notorious player-killing guild, Laughing Coffin, who have come to kill them. Yoruko, Kains and Schmit are rescued by the timely arrival of Kirito, who intimidates the Laughing Coffin into retreating. Asuna arrives with the man who hired the Laughing Coffin and Griselda’s killer, Grimrock. Grimrock reveals that he killed Griselda, who was also his wife in the real world, because he could not accept that his kind, dutiful wife he loved had become a fearless, independent leader. Asuna admonishes Grimrock for killing Griselda, telling him that he never truly loved his wife and that he was merely possessive. After Yoruko, Kains and Schmit take Grimrock into custody, Kirito and Asuna briefly discuss about marriage and Kirito states he would love his partner more after seeing a different side of her. Kirito and Asuna then see an apparition of Griselda thanking them.


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