Download Sword Art Online Episode 05 English Subtitles – A Murder Case in the Area (圏内事件)

SAO EPISODE 05 – “A Murder Case in the Area” (圏内事件)
Download: Sword Art Online Episode 05 English Subtitles

Download Sword Art Online Episode 05 English Subtitles – A Murder Case in the Area (圏内事件)

On March 6 2024, during a meeting between guilds on the 56th floor, Asuna, who has become Vice Commander of the Knights of Blood Oath guild, proposes a plan to lure a boss they are fighting into a village and is opposed by Kirito, as the NPC villagers will be killed. A month later on the 59th floor, Kirito is taking a nap until Asuna arrives and chastises him for being lazy, but Kirito persuades her to relax as well. To repay him for guarding her while she napped, Asuna offers to buy dinner for him at a town on the 57th floor. Their meal is interrupted by a scream, and they rush out of the restaurant to find a player hanging outside a church, impaled with a spear. He dies immediately after. As they investigate the murder, Kirito wonders how the player was killed in a safezone, speculating that either the victim was dueled by another player or that someone had found a new exploit to kill players. Yoruko, a friend of Kains, mentions someone may have been spotted behind Kains as he was impaled. Asuna and Kirito travel to Agil’s shop to learn more about the murder weapon. Agil tells them that the weapon (Guilty Thorn) is a custom made weapon by a blacksmith named Grimrock. After informing Yoruko of their discovery, she explains to them how she and Kains are related to Grimrock. Six months earlier, Yoruko, Kains, and Grimrock had been part of an eight-man guild called the Golden Apple, led by Griselda, Grimrock’s ingame wife. One day, the guild acquired a rare ring and voted whether to use it or sell it. Three members, Yoruko, Kains and Schmit, now a member of the Holy Dragon Alliance, voted to use it, but the other five voted to sell it. Griselda went out to sell the ring and was killed. Yoruko believes Kains’s killer is targeting the three of them for going against Griselda’s wishes. However, Schmit fears that the identity of the killer is Griselda’s ghost, who wants revenge against them. Yoruko is then abruptly killed by a dagger thrown from the window.


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