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Grow your plant using the resources you find dotted around the alien landscape. Collecting energy will awaken the resident plants which pose a threat to your plant’s health and must be defended against.

As you play, resources become more scarce and threats more dangerous. The key to success is to assess where the risk is based in a level, and plan how your impact on the environment will affect your chances of survival. Rizk is a stylish but tricky resource management game that we created for the Science Museum.

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Mouse control for everything.
Click into the world to open the context-sensitive UI. From here you can deploy collectors to collect resources for your plant and defenders to defend against threats to your plant. Also you have access to a zoom feature and the Risk Map.

Rizk Strategies/Tips

Collecting Resources Tips
– Build your collectors away from enemy proximity to avoid getting hit by their spores.
– Each time your collector emits orange wave, it increases enemy’s likelihood by 1.
– As a result, nearby enemy will produce more spores overtime.
– Trade in your collector once it has depleted the pink/purple resources.
– Always build breezer since the resource it yields does not deplete it! Its unlimited!
– Slurper (pink) and catcher (purple) can deplete the resource.

Defender Tips
– Upgrade/Repair your defender when the shield is close to depleted!
– Always upgrade your defender. once its max upgrade, then only repair!
– This way you save your coins for other usage.

There are 2 ways of getting resources, fast way and slow way.
Fast Way
– Build defender at your base since spores fly towards your base.
– Recommended defender would be Block, 1 Block is sufficient to defend base.
– Then build slurpers and catchers away from enemy spore.
– This will yields resources very fast, but overtime, more spores are created.

Slow and Safer Way
– The second method is by using only breezer and bleepers.
– Bleep have amazing wide range shield but lack of layers in them.
– Breezers have unlimited resources to collect, but yield the lowest resources.
– The minimum will be 1 bleep to defend base, and hire 2-3 breezers for resources.
– Upgrade those breezers to level 2 ($70 + $90).
– Never max upgrade breezers as they are waste of coins.
– If your breezers are nearby enemy spore direction, build 1 bleep nearby breezer.
– This way is a little slower but safer. Less spore encountered, less repairs!
– This method works well if the air resources is far away from enemy!
– Watch the video below as it demonstrates bleep with breezer.

Rizk 20 Walkthrough (Final Level)

1. Find a sweet spot where spores can’t reach your energy collectors.
– To the most right side is a waterfall, I built 3 catcher (max upgrade) to collect.
2. Use 1 bleep to defend incoming spores. 1 is sufficient. Below is the video:

Rizk Formula

Risk is calculated by multiplying the severity and likelikhood of something happening.

The likelihood value refers to:
How likely it is a Threat (enemy spore producer) will release its Spores.

The severity value refers to:
Amount of spores a Threat could release.

Your total risk is the sum of all risk.

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