Desert Moon Walkthrough

Desert Moon Walkthrough

Play Online: Desert Moon (Achievements + Badges)
Play Offline: Download game to play without Internet Connection

Your crew of stranded engineers must survive for 5 days on a deadly moon. Use improvised weapons and plan your defense carefully – the desert hides a dangerous enemy that seeks to bury you in the sand forever.

Four achievements & 80 points to earn!
Badge earned More Ways to Skin a Runer Badge (easy – 5 points)
– 50 Kills with Nailgunners
– 20 Kills with Flaregunners
Badge earned Desert Defender Badge (medium – 15 points)
– Day 5 Survived – This can be done on any difficulty.
Badge earned Tools of the Trade Badge (hard – 30 points)
– This must be done using only support abilities on the hard difficulty setting.
Badge earned Starman Waiting Badge (hard – 30 points)
– 12 Gold Stars Earned by playing twelve days in hard mode.
– Each day must be less than 2 deaths and no damage to your ship.

Use the mouse to position your defenders. Don’t let the enemy reach the crashed ship.

Construct Weapon: 1 – 6
Use Support Power: 1 – 4 (during wave)
Cancel Placement: spacebar
Start Wave: W
View Firing Lanes: E (hold)
Recycle Weapon: R
Pause / Menu: Q

Desert Moon Day 5 (Hard Mode)

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  1. Kiran says :

    Thanks for game review. It will give good fun and learned lot of tricks to play this game

    You can also play more blooons tower games Cool bloons tower defense game

  2. Tom Dao says :

    What is this song name? I watched this video a long time ago and it had an amazing song!

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