HackerStory 2 (Work In Progress WIP)

It’s more like in alpha stage right now.
Check here to view the game.


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33 responses to “HackerStory 2 (Work In Progress WIP)”

  1. iLoveHackerstory says :

    is it going to be done yet…

  2. Shtuff says :

    What’s the estimated release date i have been really looking forward to this XD

  3. Vic says :

    Maybe a good idea is to show the damage range?

    Looks good so far

  4. Maple says :

    i’m just gonna wait for Summer to arrive before testing it again 😛

  5. Hedgen says :

    Can you add a “Clear Monsters” button? Because when I reload the save the monsters are still there and I tried to fight some harder monsters and then when I saw I couldn’t kill them I clicked another monster and it won’t let me kill them to bring the weaker enemies out.

  6. sephiroth500 says :

    how do i play version 2

  7. killcool12 says :

    1-20 u get armor when u get to lv 30 u get no armor?

  8. killcool12 says :

    when you press save u lv200 with a lot money and cash

  9. HackerStory Fan says :

    Creepy, when i loaded my profile i got the warrior’s set for lvl 10 O_O awesome just awesome, is that normal?

  10. DimKO says :

    its alpha,not beta,means lots ideas less bugfixes.

  11. killcool12 says :

    srry for the spam of glitches i see one more when u have o hp they still damage u

  12. killcool12 says :

    it don’t show the damage taken

  13. killcool12 says :

    u always attack u don’t stop even when no monster

  14. killcool12 says :

    u can’t die?

  15. happyfeet says :

    ummm i can go to town and open the free market, inventory, cash shop and achievement, can you fix it. its very bugging though and i can’t die too lol ^_^

  16. Maple says :

    SP bug – gain 5 every level instead of 1
    Spawn bug – See “Kaien”‘s comment (but then again, once you put in the towns, that won’t be a problem)

    Going for Mastery Permabeginner (monster can’t hit me, i can’t miss it, and i can do 5x it’s HP since min damage is glitched)

    • Maple says :

      Stat Bug – Stat Points cannot go over 255
      Level Bug – Levels over 200 do not have a defined EXP

      Can you add in a difficulty meter too? Like everytime we hit a level that’s a multiple of 200, the monster’s evasion, accuracy, strength, HP, and EXP all boost to like… 800%? Also, when this happens, it automatically clears all monsters currently on-screen and sets the monster to “Snail”. 😀 hopefully i’m not asking for too much

  17. Kaien says :

    Unlike in actual Maple, attacks weapon attacks can’t hit multiple monsters, I don’t know if that was intended or not… So far it looks pretty good though. Enemies up to & including Leatty work. The monster spawn limit dissuaded me from going higher than that (it was only the immortality that persuaded me to go that far in the first place), as once the screen fills with mobs you can’t hit, you’ve essentially ‘lost’ (there will likely be an autohit hack, I suppose, but for now, no such luck). Keep up the great work, Ayumi. Also, I can’t seem to save, maybe it’s just me/not implemented.

  18. crquimby92 says :

    Also after your newest update, the amount of exp needed to level no longer changes with progressing levels. just wanted to make you aware of that

  19. crquimby92 says :

    One bug that seems to trouble me is that even though i increase my str, my min hit never raises, Thoughts on weither to fix that at some point? no hurry though ^_^

    • ayumilove says :

      thanks for testing 🙂
      I’ll look into the min damage

      • crquimby92 says :

        Much better with the fix to the damage counter. I know its a slow process but it seems like ive noticed that instead of actually having to buy the new sets of armor and such with earned messos, you have made it to where every 10 levels you are automatically awarded with the new armor upon your next log in. Is this how you plan to keep it? Oh also I was wondering if it would be at all possible to know the order in which you plan on working on things because its hard focusing on everything trying to search for the newly updated features, if not its understandable, was just tryin to focus testing ^_^ thanks, ad you’ve done a great job thus far, cant wait for more lol

      • crquimby92 says :

        oh and also, (sorry i forgot to remention this) the exp needed to level continues to remain the same after i believe level 10, when you need 1242 exp to level, and never increases as you gain levels. just wanted to put that in there too. 🙂

      • crquimby92 says :

        scratch that it finally increased 😀

  20. Maple says :

    freezes when you stop it
    only buttons that work are train, bot, skills, and abilities. the others are probably not made yet.

    😀 hackerstory ftw

  21. Flaxicon says :

    Keep up the progress on this
    ill keep an eye on this ill report bugs once i know more about what is and isn’t implimented(i.e. i cant go to town, is that because its not in the game yet)


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