Demon Took My Daughter Walkthrough

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Rescue your daughter from the evil (and adorable!) Demons in this hybrid platformer/defence game! Fight a wide variety of enemies (and the 7 Deadly Sins) on your epic quest!

Arrow Keys/WASD to move, Spacebar to freeze time.
Numbers 1-6 to place Blocks, or you can use the mouse.

Demon Took My Daughter Survival 2

Blocks Required (4): Digestion, Dual, Eye, Om Nom
This is the new solution to win survival mode on demon took my daughter. Completes Survival mode faster than using magma too! Previously, the first survival solution was achievable but the developer has nerfed magma block damage range from 2-3 to 1-3, it becomes too difficult to clear enemies fast. The new strategy is to use Digestion block that deals lots of damage if enemy has lots substantial health, which means great against boss or enemies with high health. For instance, if the boss max health is 400, and he has lost 100 health (300/400) each digestion tower will deal 50 damage per shot. The bonus damage (50) is derived from 50% of the health lost which is 100 from 300/400. However, the downfall of this digestion is it needs the enemy to lose some health first else it deals no damage. If your hero has lots of unspent souls and you have purchased the sword upgrade (+20% damage for every unspent soul), your hero will act as the initiator. In the early enemy wave, use Dual Block to kill the enemies, when you have sufficient unspent souls (around extra 100), switch Dual to Digestion. Om Nom is to kill the escaped monster near the teddy bears. Eye is mainly for the mini ghost and boss ghost. EDIT: I guess the developer has reduced digestion block damage against boss. The damage dealt is far lesser than 50% of enemy’s health lost.

Demon Took My Daughter Survival 1 (outdated)

Blocks Required (2): Magma, Grabber
Use grabber block to hold off the early invasion. Grabber block is cheap and useful for stopping a non-boss enemy right in their tracks. Once you kill sufficient enemies, you can just use magma blocks without any other blocks. Buy and sell magma blocks! This way you avoid having your blocks turned into cheese when enemy boss goes over them. With the bonus upgrade purchase from shop (the sword 1 damage + 20% extra damage for every unspent souls), your hero will deal around +60 damage per swing when it reaches 300 unspent souls!

Demon Took My Daughter Pride 3

A much efficient way to avoid boss from touching your teddy bear!
Ghost and Pink Bloating Spawners are somewhat a threat to this method but are taken care of by the stunners.

Demon Took My Daughter Pride 2

This is the new solution for Pride Mode since the developer has nerfed some blocks such as cannon attack delay. With this strategy, you can setup the block according to the video and leave the pc. It’s guarantee to win without losing any teddy bears!

Demon Took My Daughter Pride 1 (outdated)

Blocks Required (5): Sticky, Booster, Perfume, Cannon, Eye
You will be given 50 Soul to spend. Build according to the layout shown in the video, the block arrangement prevents all monster including boss from ever reaching the teddy bears! Eye Block to detect Ghost, Cannon for mass enemy clearing, perfume to chase away escaped monsters, boosters to boost block damage that shoots missiles (example: cannon ball, arrows, gas) Sticky to slow enemy in the killing zone by reducing 40% speed

Demon Took My Daughter Sloth

Demon Took My Daughter Greed

Demon Took My Daughter Envy

Demon Took My Daughter Wrath

Demon Took My Daughter Lust

Demon Took My Daughter Gluttony

Enemies Abilities

Masked Demon – takes a maximum of 3 damage from missile.
Soul Stealer – each unrecovered soul makes them move faster.


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