Monster Slayers Walkthrough

Monster Slayer Hats

Speed Hats (7x)
Phoenix Helm (+20% Speed)
Ninja Mask (+15% Speed)
Green Bandanna (+15% Speed)
Feather Band (+10% Speed)
Wind Helm (+10% Speed)
Feather Helm (+10% Speed)
Flowers (+10% Speed)

Defense Hats (4x)
Crusader Helm (+3 Armor)
Golden Mask (+3 Armor)
Mithril Circlet (+2 Armor)
Golden Circlet (+1 Armor)

Offense Hats (7x)
Red Band (+10% Critical)
Dragon Helm (+3 Max Damage)
Dueling Helm (+2 Max Damage)
Sun Circlet (+2 Max Damage)
Horned Helm (+2 Max Damage)
Spiked Helm (+1 Max Damage)
Death Mask (+2 Max Damage)

Health Hats (7x)
Steel Helm (+50 HP)
Bishop Hat (+40 HP)
Bronze Helm (+35 HP)
Iron Helm (+25 HP)
Lionskin Hat (+20 HP)
Rusty Helm (+10 HP)
Bearskin Hat (+10 HP)


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2 responses to “Monster Slayers Walkthrough”

  1. ed says :

    Well I’ve got it from someone else just check Drmcds’s thing. Anyway what do the stars mean? i get that they are how high level you are but how do you get more?

  2. coben says :

    Do you know how to get the dueling helm? anyways ty for the info

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