PHP IDE Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tool)

Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tool) is a helpful tool for creating PHP web applications easily. Features that I fond most in Eclipse PDT are syntax coloring and auto complete syntax. To create a simple ‘Hello World’ PHP website, you need download and install the tools below:

1. Download and install WAMP Server(Windows, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin)
2. Download Eclipse PDT (no installation required)

WAMP Server contains Apache, a server that holds your website pages such as HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, etc. It is able to parse (convert) PHP files into HTML files for your users’ browsers to read them.

Eclipse PDT does not need any installation, its a portable PHP IDE (intergrated development environment), something like a package that allows you to create PHP projects and debugging them.

Unzip the Eclipse PDT file using 7zip or WinRAR or WinZip or any zip tool.
After unzipping, open up the folder and click eclipse.exe to start the app.
Eclipse Installation Folder

After double clicking on that executable, you would need to wait few seconds for it to boot up. If you have not set up your workspace (the place where Eclipse stores your project files), you can do so now.

I have created a folder called ‘Eclipse Projects’ in the folder where the Eclipse executable is located. Tick ‘Don’t ask me again’. Click OK to proceed.

You will then be greeted by a welcome screen like below:

Now, switch to PHP environment screen…
To do this, click Windows > Open Perspectives > PHP

Your welcome screen should change to this:

To create a new project, right-click within the project explorer panel.
Then click New > PHP Project

Enter your project name and click Finish

To add a PHP file into your project, right-click within the Project Explorer, click New > PHP File

Name your file and click Finish

Now for our ‘Hello World’


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