Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough

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Battle over 70 types of monsters, collect over 80 types of
equipment and use over 80 different skills and spells!
It’s a really big file, so give it some time to load.

WASD or Arrows to move, Spacebar to interact.
Mouse for everything else.
Sound and Quality settings in the right-click menu.

Play Offline (Download): Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (Offline)

Play Online: Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (Unlock Achievements)

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Four achievements & 80 points to earn!
Magic and Metal Challenge
Defeat the first dungeon boss on any difficulty setting.
The card will be awarded when you reach the beach area.
Forest Friends Badge (easy – 5 points)
20 enemies slain
Meta Medal Badge (medium – 15 points)
10 medals earned
Chest Grabber Badge (hard – 30 points)
150 treasure chests opened
Boozies and Floozies for Everyone! Badge (hard – 30 points)
Game completed – Must play on normal difficulty or higher.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Content
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Vegetable Forest Map
Rock Lake Map
Glacier Valley Map
Kitten Kingdom Ruins Map
Volcano Map
Space Map
Quest Location
Mini Game Location
Equipment Details
Skill Build (Matt/Natalie/Lance)
Skill Details (Bonus Skills Included)
Shop Items
List of Medals
Secret Area Medal Room
Bestiary Location

Starting your Epic Battle Fantasy 3

There are 4 difficulty levels which you can choose during
your new game. For this walkthrough, I chose the Normal Mode
(Standard = Not to easy, not to hard) If you would like to play
casually and know about the storyline, go for Easy else Epic
for a challenging game! ( Epic for hardcore gamers 😀 )

Your party will start out in the Vegetable Forest Town (South).
During your exploration, you will encounter chests
that contains gold, food, and precious items. You can interact
with NPC (non-player-character) who will provide helpful
tips that aids in your journey. Some also provides quest.

Talking about quests, each quest requires 1 or more types
of materials. Some required material can be found from
monster drops, or purchased from shop or only obtainable
from other chain of quests.

During your stay in town, you will not need to worry about
being attack since monsters are available outside of the town.
Do remember to talk to NPC more than once, because
some provide you more hints or a secret quest.

Some chests contains permanent stat consumeables:-
Choco Cornet – Increase maximum health (Use on Matt)
Bacon – Increase attack (Use on Matt)
Lollipop – Increases accuracy (Use on Matt, Natalie and Lance)
Yoghurt – Increases maximum magic (Use on Natalie and Lance)
Cake – Increases magic attack (Use on Natalie and Lance)
Beef – Increases defense. (Use on Matt, Natalie, Lance)
Gummy Bear – Increases evade (Use on Matt, Natalie and Lance)

Why increase magic attack on Lance instead of Natalie?
Lance has 2 powerful limit break attacks: Nuke, Ion.
Usually, Natalie will cast Kyunn Limit Break Party Buff to
reduce enemy defenses, and the other 2 party member will hit
the enemy with their offensive Limit Breaks. However, to be on
the safe side, its good to have both Natalie and Lance share
Cakes. Or if you want Natalie to be a secondary attacker,
give all cakes to her, and Lance be the supportive utility guy.

C – Chest
Q – Quest
M – Monster
S – Shop
L – Level
T – Teleport (Warp Zone)
MG – Mini Game

Click the map to enlarge (zoom in) if image is too small.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Vegetable Forest Town Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Vegetable Forest Town Map Walkthrough

Vegetable Forest Town (South)

This is where you begin! To your left of your party member
is a chest. To obtain items in the chest, simply go close to it
and hit spacebar. The town is big, so explore around for more
chests. Do interact with NPC (Non-Player-Controlled) as they
provide quests or details about the game story. The NPC are
the ones that look like human or animal. Let’s proceed to the
map on the left (Vegetable Forest Town South West)

C1 – 2 Kiwi, 100 Gold

Vegetable Forest Town (South West)

In this map, you will notice a chest near the pigs.
It’s pretty well hidden, you will have to pry your eyes.
However, with this walkthrough, you have maps with chest
indicators. So you won’t miss any of them! Proceed to the next
map above (Vegetable Forest Town West) after obtaining
the contents in the chest and quest from Mattie (NPC)
Some quest items can be bought from Misc Shop and Food Shop.

Q1 – (Mattie) 10 Milk, 2 Curly Horn
Reward: 1 Cow Costume, 1 Beef

C1 – 2 Earthball, 2 Herb, 1 Brick

Vegetable Forest Town (West)

This town has 2 shops, a weapon shop and misc shop.
All of the materials needed to forge your equipment can be
bought from Misc shop! Isn’t that great? You do not need to farm
and grind for those loots from monsters. However, it comes with
a heavy price (an arms and a leg) for the rare materials.

After visiting both of the shops, you notice there are chests
behind the NPC, which you can’t access directly within. However,
you can grab them by going outside of the shop, and going
behind them! Take a second look of the map that I have provided.
Move your party as the red arrows are shown. Once you hit a
dead passage, hit spacebar, and the chest contents are revealed.

Proceed to the next map (Vegetable Forest Town Center)
on the right after obtaining chests and quests from Rusty.

Q1 – (Rusty) 10 Brick, 2 Old Wood, 5 Earthball
Reward: 1 Flower, 1 Geode, 5 Jaw Bone

S1 – (Equip Shop)
S2 – (Misc Shop)
C1 – 2 Kiwi, 100 Gold
C2 – 3 Brick, 2 Herb, 1 Kiwi
C3 – 1 Blood Blade *Sword*, 1 Red Potion

Vegetable Forest Town (Center)

Notice the yellow crystal star? That is a warp zone that allows
you to teleport to various maps. However, before you can
teleport, you need to discover the other warp zone located
on the other side first before you could travel there.

Some quests listed below requires materials that can’t be bought
from shop. Those can be obtained after exploring other maps in
Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Proceed to the right (Vegetable Forest
Town East) after interacting with all NPC here.

Q1 – (Jim) 3 Rainbow Gems
Reward: 1 Charcoal

Q2 – (Calum) 2 Speaker, 3 Battery
Reward: Power Metal (Lance/Matt) *Skill*, 1 Chocolate
Reward: 1 Missile

Q3 – (Johnny) 3 Battery, 3 Magnet, 3 Steel Plate
Reward: Razorback *Equip*, 1 Speaker, 1 Chocolate

Q4 – (Konata) 1 RAM Chip, 10 Microcontroller
Reward: 3 Choco Cornet, 3 Yoghurt, 1 Battery

Vegetable Forest Town (East)

In this map, there is a Inn where you can purchase Food or
have your party member sleep inside to regain full health and
magic for free! There is a second compartment within the Inn,
so be sure to move to the right side of it and you will find
a chest nearby a yawning dreamy NPC. Talk to the Cat NPC
for a quest. Proceed to the bottom map for the last map in town.
(Vegetable Forest Town South East)

Q1 – (Carl) 1 Pineapple, 1 Green Potion, 1 Red Potion
Reward: 20 Beer, 1 Gummy Bear, 1 Lollipop

Q2 – (Meow) 1 Cat Food //Found in House (South East)
Reward: Meow Meow Skill (For Lance/Natalie/Matt)

S1 – (Food Shop)
S2 – (Inn)
C1 – 1 Beer, 1 Softdrink, 1 Milk

Vegetable Forest Town (South East)

There is an abandoned house at the bottom of this map as
mentioned by the dog (NPC), talk to it a few times to read
the storyline.

Q1 – (Ronald) 5 Flower
Reward: 7 Amethyst, 7 Ruby, 1 Star Powder

Note: To access the chests in the house, you need to get
Old Key to unlock the door. The Old Key is found in another
chests at Glacier Valley 9. You will need to defeat Tundra
Mammoth (Boss) before you can get to the chest containing
the Old Key.
C1 – 1 Cat Food, 1 Bacon, 1 Beef
C2 – Demon Tail *Equip*, 1 Chocolate, 1 Cake
C3 – 1 Star Powder, 1 Gummy Bear, 1 Flower
C4 – 1 Yoghurt, 1 Choco Cornet, 1 Lollipop


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Vegetable Forest Battle Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough Vegetable Forest Battle

Vegetable Forest 1 Tips:

In this forest, you will encounter green bushes.
These are the weakest enemy in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.
To attack them, interact with the monster by going close to it
and hitting spacebar. This will take your party to a battle screen.

Before you could think on ways of defeating an enemy quickly,
you will need to know their weaknesses and strengths. Lance
has a skill called “Scan” that reads enemy profile. This information
will update your bestiary, so you could refer to it later at any
point of time.

Usually, Matt start the turn first in the party. You do not need
to spent Matt’s and Natalie’s turn to get to Lance’s turn. To
switch party member, simply go to Tactics and hit Switch.
From there you can switch to any party member which is not
stunned, dead, or have spent their turn.

Scanning consumes 1 turn from Lance. If you would like all 3
to start attacking without wasting a turn, order Matt to flee
from battle by clicking Tactics, then Flee. Fleeing the battle
will earn you nothing. Re-enter the battle screen again to
restart the battle! If you feel that 2 party members can kill
those guys easily, you can skip fleeing. But this technique is
very useful when dealing against bosses and tough enemies.

Returning to the Green Bushes in Vegetable Forest 1, to deal
with them, you could either use a normal attack or a skill.
Currently your primary attack deals little damage, so use skill.
Matt (Warrior) : Use Tremor (Earth Element)
Natalie (Mage) : Use Lucky Star (Neutral Element)
Lance (Soldier) : Use Double Shot (Neutral Element)

M1 – 3 Green Bush
Reward: 18 EXP, 3 AP, 12 G
Loot: 1 Herb

M2 – 1 Green Bush, 1 Red Bush
Reward: 16 EXP, 2AP, 8 G
Loot: 1 Ragged Cloth

C1 – 2 Shuriken, 1 lollipop
C2 – 2 Hand Bomb, 2 Earthball

There are 2 chests located on your top right.
Those can be access from neighboring maps in Vegetable Forest.
Proceed to the next map (Vegetable Forest 2)

Vegetable Forest 2 Tips:

Clear out any monsters you see. The more monster you
clear, the more AP (Ability Points), G (Gold) and EXP
(Experience Points) you earn. More AP means you can
gain new skill for each party member faster. Walk randomly
in the map to replenish HP (health) and MP (magic) instead
of using your food supply for recovery.

M1 – 1 Green Bush, 2 Green Snail
Reward: 23 EXP, 3 AP, 12 G
Loot: 1 Cactus

M2 – 2 Green Snail, 2 Green Slime
Reward: 28 EXP, 4 AP, 20 G

M3 – 2 Green Bush, 1 Red Bush, 1 Green Snail, 1 Green Slime
Reward: 37 EXP, 5 AP, 22 G
Loot: 2 Herb

M4 – 1 Green Snail, 1 Green Slime, 1 Green Bush
Reward: 25 EXP, 3 AP, 17 G

C1 – 1 Kiwi, 1 Herb, 1 Earthball
C2 – 1 Mushroom, 1 Muffin
C3 – 1 Old Wood, 1 Mushroom, 1 Steel Plate
C4 – 100 Gold, 1 Kiwi

Vegetable Forest 3 Tips:

You will have some AP (Ability Points) to spend for new skills.
Most of the monsters in Forest are weak against Fire, Poison.
It will be handy to have some Fire and Poison Skills.
1. Get Lance a new skill (L1 Flameshot)
2. Get Natalie a new skill (L1 Fire)
3. Get Matt a new skill (L1 Nettle)

Warning: Green Slimes are Poison Resistant/Immune. If you use
any poison skill on them, they regain health instead of damage.
You can hover those question mark symbols on the scanned
monsters to view strengths/weaknesses if you have forgotten.

Below, you will see (1/2) and (2/2). This means there will
be a second wave of enemies appearing after you cleared
the first wave. Be sure to have sufficient HP MP for next battle.

Molest the pig behind 5 times to gain a medal “Pig Molester”

Q1 – (Yui) 2 Jaw Bone, 1 Charcoal
Reward: 1 Sentinel *High Resist Equipment*

Q2 – (Jenny) 8 Bug Wing, 2 Old Wood
Reward: 20 Kiwi, 10 Pumpkin, 2 Coconut

M1 (1/2) – 1 Green Slime, 1 Furry Slime
M1 (2/2) – 2 Green Slime, 3 Furry Slime
Reward: 65 EXP, 8 AP, 44 G

M2 – 1 Green Snail, 3 Furry Slime
Reward: 44 EXP, 6 AP, 22 G
Loot: 1 Muffin

M3 (1/2) – 1 Green Slime, 1 Furry Slime
M3 (2/2) – 1 Giant Green Slime, 2 Green Slime
Reward: 118 EXP, 22 AP, 110 G
Loot: 1 Kiwi

C1 – 1 Bacon
C2 – 1 Coffee, 1 Star Hairclip *Equip*

Vegetable Forest 4 Tips:

In this map, you will encounter Swift Crows.
These crows are weak against Thunder.

Before starting the battle, spend AP (Ability Points)
1. Get Lance a new skill (L1 Plasma)
2. Get Natalie a new skill (L1 Thunder)
3. Upgrade Matt current skill (L2 Nettle)

Have Lance and Natalie to deal with Swift Crows, while
Matt deals with enemies who are weak against Earth, Poison.
Swift Crows are also susceptible to Matt’s Nettle Poison!

M1 – 1 Swift Crow, 1 Green Slime, 1 Green Bush
Reward: 44 EXP, 7 AP, 41 G

M2 – 3 Swift Crow
Reward: 51 EXP, 9 AP, 75 G

M3 – 2 Swift Crow, 1 Haunted Tree
Reward: 60 EXP, 10 AP, 67 G,
Loot: 1 Light Feather, 1 Mushroom, 1 Rainbow Gems

M4 – 2 Haunted Tree
Reward: 52 EXP, 8 AP, 34 G
Loot: 2 Garlic, 2 Mushroom

C1 – 2 Microcontroller, 1 Brick, 1 Earthball

Vegetable Forest 5 Tips:

To get to the 3 unaccessbile chests, you need to crawled
through the Wooden Tree Tunnel from Forest Battle (2).

M1 – 2 Green Slime, 1 Green Bush
Reward: 39 EXP, 6 AP, 33 G
Loot: 1 Herb

M2 – 1 Leaf Eater, 2 Green Bush
Reward: 77 EXP, 19 AP, 40 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 1 Jaw Bone

M3 (1/2) – 1 Leaf Eater, 1 Green Slime
M3 (2/2) – 1 Leaf Eater, 1 Haunted Tree
Reward: 178 EXP, 44 AP, 94 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 1 Jaw Bone, 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Garlic, 1 Old Wood

C1 – Green Dress (Female) *Earth Resistant*
C2 – 1 Geode, 1 Old Wood, 1 Pumpkin
C3 – 1 Bug Wing, 1 Ragged Cloth
C4 – 3 Muffin, 1 Milk
C5 – 5 Kiwi

Vegetable Forest 6 Tips:

Matt would have 100 AP by now, spend it on Level 1 Fume.
This makes it easier to kill Giant Green Slime in this map.
Once you clear out Forest Battle 6, you will have lots of
AP (Ability Points) to spend. Below are recommended skills:-
1. Get Lance a new skill (L1 Flameburst)
2. Get Natalie a new skill (L1 Fireball)
3. Get Matt a new skill (L1 Fume)

M1 – 2 Haunted Tree, 1 Green Slime
Reward: 79 EXP, 13 AP, 54 G

M2 – 1 Green Slime, 1 Green Snail, 1 Haunted Tree, 1 Swift Crow
Reward: 93 EXP, 16 AP, 82 G
Loot: 1 Old Wood, 1 Kiwi, 1 Light Feather

M3 (1/2) – 2 Green Slime
M3 (2/2) – 2 Green Slime, 1 Giant Green Slime
Reward: 189 EXP, 37 AP, 180 G
Loot: 1 Kiwi, 1 Green Potion

C1 – 2 Bug Wing, 2 Ragged Cloth
C2 – 220 Gold Coins, 1 Mushroom, 1 Jaw Bone

Vegetable Forest 7 Tips:

In this map, you will encounter Kitten Soldier.
Using your tactics, switch from Matt to Lance turn.
Lance new skill “Flameburst” is able to attack all monsters.
Use it clear out all the kittens. If there are surviving kittens,
Matt and Natalie can clear the remaining kittens with their
fire attacks, leaving no surviving kittens to retaliate. Awesome!

For the second group of monster, use Lance’s Flameburst
to kill off the Kitten Soldier while Matt and Natalie use their
fire attacks against the Giant Green Slime.

M1 – 5 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 84 EXP, 10 AP, 56 G
Loot: 2 Muffin

M2 – 2 Kitten Soldier, 1 Giant Green Slime
Reward: 198 EXP, 37 AP, 177 G
Loot: 2 Muffin, 1 Kiwi, 1 Steel Plate

C1 – Nirvana *Boost Toxic Power*
C2 – 300 Gold Coins, 1 Coffee
C3 – 1 Old Wood, 1 Mushroom
C4 – 1 Steel Plate

Vegetable Forest 8 Tips:

Trojan Horse resides in this map. They are wicked strong,
lots of health. However, with all party member having a
Advanced Fire Skill (which we spent AP in Forest Battle 7),
these guys are no match for you as they are fire weak.

Q1 – (Heinkel) 10 Herb, 3 Mushroom, 1 Green Potion
Reward: Berserk Skill (For Matt/Natalie), 1 Battery

M1 (1/2) – 2 Yellow Bee, 1 Kitten Soldier
M1 (2/2) – 2 Yellow Bee, 1 Purple Bee
Reward: 180 EXP, 31 AP, 119 G
Loot: 2 Red Potion, 3 Bug Wing

M2 – 1 Trojan Horse, 4 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 201 EXP, 33 AP, 172 G
Loot: 1 Old Wood, 1 Muffin

M3 – 2 Trojan Horse, 1 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 276 EXP, 52 AP, 260 G
Loot: 1 Old Wood, 1 Metal Gear

M4 (1/2) – 1 Green Snail, 1 Purple Bee, 1 Yellow Bee
M4 (2/2) – 1 Leaf Eater, 1 Purple Bee
Reward: 242 EXP, 58 AP, 133 G
Loot: 1 Red Potion, 2 Bug Wing, 1 Herb

C1 – 1 Ninja Hood, 2 Shuriken
C2 – 1 Rainbow Gems, 2 Bug Wing
C3 – 1 Emerald, 3 Mushroom

Vegetable Forest 9 Tips:

Notice the big orange pumpkin monster? It is the Forest Boss.
Unfortunately, it isn’t an animal nor a plant, but a robot!
It is weak against Earth and Thunder.

Spend your AP (Ability Points) in these recommended skills:-
1. Get Lance a new skill (L1 Plasmawave)
2. Get Natalie a new skill (L1 Thunderbolt)
3. Get Matt a new skill (L1 Tundra, L1 Quake)

Before you battle Jack (Boss), switch Matt’s weapon to Gaia
Axe to deal extra earth damage. You can upgrade Matt’s
equipment to deal extra damage through Forging. To forge,
you will need some materials which can be looted from monsters
or bought from Misc Shop (Misc = Miscellaneous)

Use Lance’s Plasmawave to kill all other monsters including boss.
Use Matt’s Quake and Natalie’s Thunderbolt to defeat boss.
You don’t need to focus on those Green Bushes as Lance
Plasmawave hits all monsters. Thus, those Green Bushes will be
defeated without wasting your other party’s turn.

When your health/magic is low, have your weakest party
member damager to provide health/magic potion to the needy.
Matt will be your primary attacker who will be dealing most
damage on Jack (Boss). Keep his magic up to allow him
to do constant Quake damage. This defeats Jack quickly!

M1 – 1 Leaf Eater, 1 Green Bush, 1 Yellow Bee
Reward: 162 EXP, 36 AP, 87 G
Loot: 1 Herb, 1 Jaw Bone, 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Bug Wing

M2 – 4 green Bush, 1 Jack (Boss)
Reward: 487 EXP, 205 AP, 784 G
Loot: 1 Herb, 1 Metal Gear, 1 Steel Plate, 1 Magnet

T1 – Teleport (Warp Zone) Travel Back to Town or other maps.

C1 – 1 Steel Plate, 1 Old Wood
C2 – Sol Spear *Equip*, 1 Beef, 1 Beer
C3 – 3 Pumpkin, 5 Kiwi, 3 Muffin
C4 – Casual Shirt *Equip*, 2 Microcontroller
C5 – Deep Blue *Equip*, 1 Steel Plate, 1 Metal Gear
C6 – 800 Gold Coins, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Kiwi
C7 – 3 Icecream, 2 Muffin, 1 Milk

Note: Once you found all the chest in Vegetable Forest,
you will gain a medal called “Forest Treasure”.

Notice dark crystal just after Jack Pumpkin Boss?
It’s actually a deactivated warp zone (portal).
To activate it, go close to it and hit SpaceBar on the keyboard.

This will teleport you to another zone that has many other
deactivated crystals. To return back to the same place where
you have originated from, go close to the green crystal to
teleport back to Vegetable Forest 9 Map. If you want to return
to Town, simply visit that room again, and teleport using the
Yellow Crystal (Star Shape).


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Rock Lake Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Rock Lake Map Walkthrough

Rock Lake 1 Tips:

Rock Lake 1 has blue slimes which are weak against
Thunder and Poison. They are strong against ice, water, fire.
Recommended skills for attack in Rock Lake against Blue Slimes.
1. Lance use Plasmawave
2. Natalie use Thunderbolt
3. Matt use Nettle

Q1 – (Ralph) 10 Tentacle, 3 Sea Shell, 3 Mushroom
Reward: 1 Geode, 2 Rainbow Gems, 2 Dragon Fin

M1 – 5 Blue Slimes
Reward: 135 EXP, 25 AP, 125 G

C1 – 2 Tentacle, 6 Ragged Cloth
C2 – 1 Stolen Wallet, 1000 Gold, 1 Kiwi
C3 – 2 Red Potion, 1 Steel Plate
C4 – 1 Green Potion, 5 Herb, 1 Chocolate

Rock Lake 2 Tips:

Jelly Fish are water based monsters.
But they do not share the same characteristic as blue slimes.
Clay (Red and Blue) are tougher opponents who are weak
against each other weakness. Most enemies are weak against
ice. It’s time to spend some AP (Ability Points).

Matt: (L1+2 Drain, L1 Quick Slash, L1 Unleash, L1 Cleaver)
Lance: (L1 Snipe, L1 Unleash, L1 Ion, L1 Debilitate)
Natalie: (L1 Ice, L1 Iceshard, L1 Healmore, L1 Revive)
Natalie: (L1 Purify, L1 Kyunn)

The Unleash skill is enabled if your weapon has Unleash ability!
Some weapons do not have unleash ability.
Weapons that do have, often have it once its upgraded to
a higher level (level 3,4, or 5). Scroll to the bottom to view
each and every weapon available to view their specialty.

Q1 – (Kimberly) 5 Icecream, 1 Sundae, 3 Milk
Reward: 2 Hamburger, 10 Coconut, 12 Pineapple

M1 – 1 Blue Jelly, 1 Red Jelly, 1 Purple Jelly
Reward: 219 EXP, 33 AP, 153 G
Loot: 2 Bubble Stone, 1 Tentacle

M2 – 3 Blue Slime, 2 Blue Jelly
Reward: 283 EXP, 37 AP, 177 G
Loot: 2 Tentacle, 2 Bubble Stone

M3 – 2 Purple Jelly, 1 Blue Clay
Reward: 196 EXP, 40 AP, 187 G
Loot: 2 Tentacle, 2 Bubble Stone, 1 Rainbow Gems
Loot: 1 Brick, 1 Earthball, 1 Light Feather

M4 – 2 Red Jelly, 1 Red Clay
Reward: 200 EXP, 40 AP, 196 G, 1 Magmaball
Loot: 1 Tentacle, 1 Red Potion, 1 Brick, 1 Earthball

M5 (1/3) – 3 Blue Clay
M5 (2/3) – 1 Blue Clay, 1 Red Clay
M5 (3/3) – 3 Red Clay
Reward: 640 EXP, 144 AP, 716 G
Loot: 8 Brick, 7 Earthball, 4 Light Feather

C1 – 1 Bubble Stone, 2 Hand Bomb
C2 – 1 Rainbow Gems, 5 Ragged Cloth, 2 Stunner
C3 – Black Fang *Poison Sword*, 3 Shuriken
C4 – 1500 Gold, 1 Tentacle, 1 Flower

Rock Lake 3 Tips:

By now, you might have lots of resources to forge your
equipment. Select one of the party member equipment
and upgrade it! Upgrade the ones that you use often.
Also, upgrade Matt Nettle Poison! Matt: L3 Nettle
Get Natalie L1 Unleash, L1 Bless, L1 Barrier

Q1 – (Joseph) 10 Bubble Stone, 3 Rainbow Gems
Reward: Flare Skill (Natalie/Lance), 1 Bacon

M1 – 1 Spiral Crab, 1 Purple Jelly, 1 Blue Jelly
Reward: 338 EXP, 37 AP, 199 G
Loot: 1 Sea Shell, 1 Earthball, 1 Tentacle, 1 Bubble Stone

M2 (1/3) – 2 Spiral Crab, 1 Spike Crab
M2 (2/3) – 2 Spiral Crab, 1 Blue Jelly
M2 (3/3) – 2 Blue Clay, 2 Red Clay
Reward: 1329 EXP, 163 AP, 944 G
Loot: 4 Sea Shell, 2 Bubble Stone, 1 Magmaball, 1 Solid Spike
Loot: 2 Earthball, 1 Tentacle, 4 Brick, 1 Light Feather

M3 – 2 Spike Crab, 1 Spiral Crab, 1 Blue Jelly
Reward: 632 EXP, 52 AP, 364 G
Loot: 3 Sea Shell, 1 Tentacle, 1 Bubble Stone

C1 – 4 Sea Shell, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Cake
C2 – 1 Metal Gear, 5 Earthball, 1 Softdrink
C3 – 4 Steel Plate, 2 Red Potion, 2 Mushroom
C4 – 1 Yoghurt, 1 Choco Cornet, 1 Milk

Rock Lake 4 Tips:

M1 – 2 Spike Crab, 2 Blue Slime, 1 Blue Jelly
Reward: 672 EXP, 66 AP, 420 G
Loot: 1 Sea Shell, 1 Magmaball.

M2 (1/3) – 1 Swift Crow, 1 Blue Clay, 1 Spiral Crab
M2 (2/3) – 1 Spiral Crab, 1 Red Clay, 1 Red Jelly
M2 (3/3) – 2 Kitten Soldier, 1 Red Clay, 1 Blue Clay, 1 Blue Jelly
Reward: 1326 EXP, 207 AP, 1096 G
Loot: 1 Rainbow Gems, 4 Earthball, 1 Light Feather, 4 Brick
Loot: 2 Tentacle, 1 Red Potion, 2 Bubble Stone, 2 Sea Shell

C1 – 1 Red Jacket *Male Shirt*, 1 Light Feather, 1 Ragged Cloth
C2 – 3 Fine Fur, 3000 Gold
C3 – 3 Bubble Stone, 1 Coffee, 10 Garlic

Rock Lake 5 Tips:

Kitten Fort is similar to Trojan Horse (in vegetable forest)
These forts are weak against Fire and Poison.
With Matt’s L3 Nettle, these guys will be easily defeated.

Q1 – (Bartolo) 1 Gold Plate
Reward: 1 Pearl, 10 Bubble Stone, Steel Shark *Equip*

M1 – 3 Mage Bird
Reward: 588 EXP, 87 AP, 399 G
Loot: 3 Talisman, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Light Feather

M2 – 2 Blue Slime, 2 Haunted Tree, 1 Blue Jelly
Reward: 519 EXP, 80 AP, 325 G
Loot: 2 Garlic, 1 Old Wood, 1 Mushroom, 1 Tentacle
Loot: 2 Bubble Stone

M3 (1/2) – 1 Kitten Fort, 2 Kitten Soldier
M3 (2/2) – 2 Kitten Fort
Reward: 1942 EXP, 310 AP, 1409 G
Loot: 3 Brick, 1 Hand Bomb

M4 – 1 Kitten Fort, 1 Trojan Horse, 1 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 967 EXP, 170 AP, 779 G
Loot: 1 Muffin, 1 Metal Gear, 1 Brick, 1 Hand Bomb

M5 – 1 Yellow Bee, 2 Red Clay, 2 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 493 EXP, 94 AP, 459 G
Loot: 1 Bug Wing, 2 Brick, 1 Earthball

C1 – 1 Ice Crystal, 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Fine Fur
C2 – 1 Cactus, 2 Old Wood, 1 Light Feather
C3 – 3 Steel Plate, 1 Metal Gear
C4 – Thunder Bauble *Equip*, 2 Rainbow Gems, 1 Magnet

Rock Lake 6 Tips:

This map only has 1 monster and lots of chests!
Some of the chests are accessible from neighboring maps.

M1 (1/2) – 2 Floating Eye, 1 Spike Crab
M1 (2/2) – 3 Floating Eye, 1 Purple Bee,
Reward: 1394 EXP, 188 AP, 1056 G
Loot: 1 Sea Shell, 1 Red Potion, 1 Bug Wing

C1 – 1 Light Feather, 1 Brick, 1 Magmaball
C2 – 3 Talisman, 1 Softdrink, 1 Coffee
C3 – 2 Tentacle, 2 Jaw Bone, 2 Milk
C4 – 1 Chocolate, 1 Cake, 1 Yoghurt
C5 – 1 Bacon, 1 Beef, 1 Choco Cornet
C6 – 1 Lollipop, 1 Gummy Bear, 2 Beer
C7 – 1 Knight Armor *Male Equip*, 1 Steel Plate, 3 Ragged Cloth
C8 – 5 Bubble Stone, Ice Crystal, 2 Icecream
C9 – 1 Rapturer *Gun*, 2 Jaw Bone, 1 Mushroom

Rock Lake 7 Tips:

Only 1 monster to kill, but 2 enemy waves in one.

MG – (James) Narwhal Surf Mini Game
M1 (1/2) – 1 Red Bee, 1 Yellow Bee, 1 Purple Bee
M1 (2/2) – 1 Red Bee, 1 Mage Bird, 1 Floating Eye
M1 (2/2) – 1 Red Clay, 1 Blue Clay
Reward: 1226 EXP, 222 AP, 1012 G
Loot: 3 Bug Wing, 1 Talisman, 1 Brick

Rock Lake 8 Tips:

Similar to Rock Lake 7, few monsters, few chests.
Clear them out to move to the last map that has boss.
Some of the path that leads from this map will be able
to access chests that are unaccessible in neighboring map.

M1 – 1 Red Bee, 1 Spiral Crab, 1 Floating Eye, 1 Kitten Soldier
Reward: 800 EXP, 91 AP, 538 G
Loot: 1 Sea Shell, 1 Bug Wing, 1 Red Potion, 1 Steel Plate

M2 – 1 Spike Crab, 1 Spiral Crab, 1 Purple Bee, 1 Red Bee
Reward: 1046 EXP, 123 AP, 629 G
Loot: 2 Sea Shell

C1 – 2000 Gold, 2 Icecream, 1 Softdrink

Rock Lake 9 Tips:

Notice the Purple Red Squid? That’s the boss for Rock Lake.
It’s primary weakness is thunder and ice.
So have Natalie to thunderbolt it, while Lance Plasmawave it.
Matt can pump in some poison using his L3 Nettle. Very useful!
Matt can switch to Tundra once Giant Squid has 9 poison stack.
Don’t try to kill off the ones assisting the giant squid because
the boss will spawn them once all his assistant are defeated!

Once you clear up those enemies in this map,
spend your AP into these recommended skills.
The next map that we will be traveling has ice monsters.

Lance: L1 Bullet Hell, L1 Lock On, L1 Air Strike
Lance: L1 Bind, L1 Poison Gas
Natalie: L1 Regen, L2 Regen, L1 Fire Storm
Matt: L1 Eruption, L2 Eruption, L3 Drain

Q1 – (Krystal) 3 Ice Crystal, 10 Bubble Stone, 1 Rainbow Gems
Reward: Artic Wind *Equip*, 1 Cake, 1 Chocolate

M1 – 2 Purple Bee, 2 Mage Bird
Reward: 1008 EXP, 200 AP, 640 G
Loot: 2 Talisman, 1 Light Feather, 2 Bug Wing

M2 – 2 Blue Slime, 2 Giant Squid Arm, 1 Giant Squid (Boss)
Reward: 7610 EXP, 1301 AP, 6569 G
Loot: 2 Tentacle, 5 Bubble Stone, 2 Sea Shell, 3 Earthball
Loot: 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Purple Potion, 2 Brick, 1 Light Feather

C1 – 1 Gummy Bear, 1 Coconut, 1 Muffin
C2 – 2 Pumpkin, 1 Coconut, 1 Icecream
C3 – 1 Lollipop, 2 Icecream, 1 Muffin
C4 – 2500 Gold, 3 Jaw Bone
C5 – 1 Amethyst, 2 Softdrink, 1 Coffee
C6 – 2 Rainbow Gems, 1 Bubble Stone
C7 – 3 Coconut, 2 Pumpkin, 2 Icecream


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Glacier Valley Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Glacier Valley Map Walkthrough

Glacier Valley 1 Tips:

There is a Giant Blue Slime that resides in the first map of
Glacier Valley. Use Matt’s Eruption and Natalie FireStorm to
defeat it quickly. Those blue slimes are immune to fire. Fire
deals 0 damage to them. Blue slimes can be defeated using
Thunder (Lance’s Plasmawave or Natalie’s Thunderbolt)

Q1 – (Alana) //Chat with the person twice
Reward: 1 Cake, 1 Chocolate, 1 Coffee

Q2 – (Blondie) 1 Stolen Wallet
Reward: 1 Bacon, 1 Choco Cornet, 1 Yoghurt

M1 – 1 Giant Blue Slime, 2 Blue Slime
Reward: 1316 EXP, 260 AP, 1211 G
Loot: 1 Icecream, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Ice Crystal

C1 – 1 Ice Crystal, 3 Bubble Stone, 3 Rainbow Gems
C2 – 1 Hamburger, 5 Muffin, 2 Softdrink //Igloo Location
C3 – 1 Knight Helmet *Equip*, 3 Steel Plate, 3 Bubble Stone

Glacier Valley 2 Tips:

Your primary attacking skills will be mostly fire base.
Do remember to upgrade your equips to boost the fire element.
And also upgrade equipment that increases ice resistance,
freeze resistance too!
1. Matt use Eruption
2. Natalie use Firestorm
3. Lance use Bullet Hell

Equip Matt with Sol Spear, and upgrade it well.
Sol Spear pumps in more damage when Matt uses Fire Skill.
Equip Natalie with Red Ribbon, Red Dress and Flameheart.
Upgrade those as well. The red equips boost ice resistance,
increase fire element and boost freeze resistance!
Equip Lance with Gas Mask, Army Jacket and Super Snipe.
His Army Jacket allows him to send free random airstrikes
during battle. Gas Mask randomly cast poison gas. Super Snipe
with Unleash allows him to get free instant kills.

Q1 – (Vicky) 5 Silk, 10 Fine Fur
Reward: 2 Pizza, 1 Bacon, 1 Beef

M1 (1/2) – 2 White Bush
M1 (2/2) – 3 White Bush, 1
Reward: 1248 EXP, 302 AP, 671 G
Loot: 5 Herb, 1 Cactus, 1 Jaw Bone, 1 Ice Crystal
Loot: 1 Dragon Scale

M2 (1/2) – 1 Glacier Eater, 1 White Bush
M2 (2/2) – 2 Glacier Eater, 1 White Bush
Reward: 2303 EXP, 730 AP, 1108 G
Loot: 3 Jaw Bone, 3 Dragon Fin, 3 Ice Crystal
Loot: 2 Herb, 2 Solid Spike

C1 – 3 Milk, 1 Silk, 1 Coffee
C2 – 3 Fine Fur, 2 Silk, 1 Ice Crystal
C3 – 1 Battery, 1 Ice Crystal, 3 Icecream
C4 – 20 Brick, 2 Geode, 1 Ruby
C5 – 4000 Gold, 5 Magmaball

Glacier Valley 3 Tips:

M1 – 2 White Bush, 2 Ice Bit, 1 Frozen Eye
Reward: 1182 EXP, 187 AP, 717 G
Loot: 3 Herb, 2 Earthball, 1 Icecream

M2 – 2 Glacier Eater, 1 Frozen Eye
Reward: 1984 EXP, 611 AP, 1015 G
Loot: 1 Icecream, 2 Ice Crystal, 2 Jaw Bone
Loot: 2 Dragon Fin, 1 Dragon Scale

M3 (1/2) – 1 Frozen Eye, 2 White Bush
M3 (2/2) – 1 Shark Igloo, 1 White Bush, 1 Frozen Eye
Reward: 2491 EXP, 430 AP, 1808 G
Loot: 2 Icecream, 3 Herb, 1 Brick, 1 Steel Plate

C1 – 5000 Gold, 10 Steel Plate, 1 Curly Horn
C2 – 1 Ice Shard *Equip*, 5 Ice Crystal, 5 Rainbow Gems
C3 – Death Bringer *Sword*, 2 Purple Potion, 10 Garlic

Glacier Valley 4 Tips:

After defeating a few monsters in this map, spend AP!
Get Matt L3 Eruption and Lance L2 Poison Gas.
Note: Some equipments worn by your party member triggers
some of their skill automatically for free. For instance, if
Lance has L2 Poison Gas, and he has worn a Gas Mask,
Gas Mask casts L2 Poison Gas against monster without taking
Lance’s turn! (More like a free attack, but occurs randomly)

Q1 – (Hajime) 3 Gold Plate
Reward: Genji Armor *Equip*, 2 Chocolate

Q2 – (Celeste) 1 Pearl, 3 Light Rune, 5 Sad Statue
Reward: Guardian *Skill*, Pope Dress *Equip*, 10 Talisman

M1 (1/2) -1 Ice Bit, 2 White Bush
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ice Bit, 1 Viking Monolith
Reward: 4845 EXP, 538 AP, 2324 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 3 Earthball, 2 Ice Crystal, 1 Light Rune

M2 – 2 Ice Bit, 2 Ice Elemental
Reward: 2808 EXP, 484 AP, 2484 G
Loot: 2 Fine Fur, 2 Ice Crystal, 1 Solid Spike

M3 – 1 Ice Elemental, 1 Frozen Eye, 1 Holy Eye
Reward: 2118 EXP, 356 AP, 1773 G
Loot: 1 Icecream, 1 Solid Spike, 1 Talisman

M4 (1/2) – 2 Ice Elemental
M4 (2/2) – 2 Frozen Eye, 1 Viking Monolith
Reward: 7119 EXP, 955 AP, 4679 G
Loot: 4 Ice Crystal, 1 Solid Spike, 1 Herb,
Loot: 2 Icecream, 1 Amethyst, 1 Light Rune

C1 – 5 Fine Fur, 2 Silk, 2 Pineapple
C2 – 2 Magmaball, 3 Coffee, 1 Dragon Scales
C3 – 1 Earthball
C4 – 4000 Gold, 1 Silk, 1 Dragon Scales

Glacier Valley 4 Tips:

This map has a very tough monster called Monolith.
It is assisted by 2 ice bits that always freezes your party.
When one of your party member is frozen, they lose their turn.
They can recover from frozen status if they are damaged or
heal. One way to heal them is to use Natalie’s Regen.
Spend Natalie’s AP (Ability Points) to get L3 Regen.
Spend Lance’s AP to get L2 Bullet Hell (good against ice)

M1 (1/2) – 1 Ice Bit, 2 White Bush
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ice Bit, 1 Viking Monolith
Reward: 4845 EXP, 538 AP, 2324 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 3 Earthball, 2 Ice Crystal, 1 Light Rune

Glacier Valley 5 Tips:

Wallace is guarding the entrance to the Hidden Glacier Map.
You need to earn 30 medals, so he will allow you in!
Around these map, there are chests, some are invisible!
Some chests are within the igloo.

C1 – 1 Bacon, 1 Cake, 1 Choco Cornet
C2 – 2000 Gold, 3 Curly Horn
C3 – 1 Hamburger, 2 Softdrink, 1 Coffee //Igloo
C4 – 5 Pumpkin, 1 Coffee, 1 Pineapple //Igloo

Glacier Valley 6 Tips:

M1 (1/2) – 2 Ice Bit, 1 Frozen Eye
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ice Bit, 2 Viking Monolith
Reward: 9143 EXP, 994 AP, 4412 G
Loot: 4 Earthball, 1 Icecream, 2 Ice Crystal

M2 – 1 Holy Eye, 1 Ice Elemental, 1 Frozen Eye, 1 White Bush
M2 – 1 Blue Slime
Reward: 3125 EXP, 535 AP, 2511 G
Loot: 1 Icecream, 2 Ice Crystal, 1 Herb, 1 Solid Spike
Loot: 1 Talisman, 1 Light Feather

M3 – 1 Frozen Eye, 1 Ice Elemental, 1 Ice Bit
Reward: 2256 EXP, 385 AP, 1889 G
Loot: 1 Icecream, 1 Earthball, 1 Ice Crystal

C1 – 3000 Gold, 5 Jaw Bone, 1 Magmaball
C2 – 3 Curly Horn, 1 Solid Spike
C3 – Viking Fur *Equip*, 3 Fine Fur, 1 Silk
C4 – 1 Battery, 5 Magnet, 2 Steel Plate
C5 – 3000 Gold, 5 Rainbow Gems
C6 – 1 Amethyst, 2 Rainbow Gems, 3 Sea Shell
C7 – Blizzard *Equip*, 2 Ice Crystal, 5 Bubble Stone

Glacier Valley 7 Tips:

Get Matt a new skill L1 Cataclysm, L1 Iceberg
Get Natalie a new skill L1 IceStorm, L4 Regen, L1 Flare, L1 Shine
Get Lance a new skill L
To handle the kamikaze (suicidal bombs), order Natalie to regen
all party members! The others can focus on defeating the
non-suicidal monsters. Else, if you can’t handle the explosion,
defeat Fire Bits first.

M1 (1/2) – 1 Fire Bit, 1 Ice Bit, 1 Ice Elemental, 1 Frozen Eye
M1 (2/2) – 4 Mage Bird
Reward: 6096 EXP, 971 AP, 4374 G
Loot: 2 Ice Crystal, 2 Earthball, 1 Geode, 1 Icecream
Loot: 4 Talisman, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Light Feather

M2 (1/2) – 1 Fire Bit, 1 Glacier Eater, 1 Lava Eater
M2 (2/2) 2 Fire Bit, 1 Glacier Eater, 1 Lava Eater, 1 Ice Bit
Reward: 6192 EXP, 1828 AP, 2892 G
Loot: 4 Earthball, 4 Jaw Bone, 4 Dragon Fin, 2 Magmaball
Loot: 2 Dragon Scales, 3 Ice Crystal, 1 Solid Spike

M3 (1/2) – 2 Fire Bit, 1 Lava Eater
M3 (2/2) – 4 Fire Bit, 1 Lava Eater
Reward: 4956 EXP, 1288 AP, 2358 G
Loot: 6 Earthball, 2 Magmaball, 2 Jaw Bone,
Loot: 2 Dragon Fin, 1 Dragon Scale

C1 – 2 Magmaball, 5 Red Potion, 10 Earthball
C2 – Viking Dress *Equip*, 5000 Gold, 1 Geode

Glacier Valley 8 Tips:

This will be one of the longest battle! 4 enemy waves!
Be sure to have Natalie casting regen on party member!

M1 (1/4) – 1 Ice Bit, 1 Fire Bit, 1 Shark Igloo
M1 (2/4) – 1 Red Clay, 1 Blue Clay, 1 Shark Igloo
M1 (3/4) – 1 Giant Blue Slime, 2 White Bush, 1 Ice Bit, 1 Fire Bit
M1 (4/4) – 2 Ice Elemental, 2 Red Clay, 1 Blue Clay
Reward: 16361 EXP, 3066 AP, 13790 G
Loot: 7 Earthball, 5 Ice Crystal, 7 Brick, 2 Fine Fur
Loot: 2 Icecream, 2 Herb, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Magmaball

C1 – 1 Ruby, 5 Red Potion, 5 Dragon Fin
C2 – Rune Blade *Equip*, 5 Rainbow Gems, 5 Talisman

Glacier Valley 9 Tips:

The Glacier Valley Boss (Tundra Mammoth) resides here.
He is weak against Fire, so use lots of fire against him!
Boss will be assisted by 4 Holy Eyes, if you have Dark Skills,
this will be a good time to clear them by using that skill!

Get Lance’s L3 Poison Gas, L1 Dark Blast, L1 Antimatter
Get Lance’s Limit Break: L2+L3 Ion
Get Natalie’s Limit Break: L2+L3+L4 Kyunn
For Matt , save some AP first.

M1 – 4 Holy Eye, 1 Tundra Mammoth (Boss)
Reward: 33842 EXP, 5523 AP, 26764 G
Loot: 6 Earthball, 2 Geode, 3 Talisman, 3 Light Feather
Loot: 1 Curly Horn, 1 Solid Spike, 1 Fine Fur, 2 Ice Crystal

C1 – 2 Magmaball, 2 Ice Crystal, 2 Geode
C2 – 1 Battery, 7000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate
C3 – 1 Pearl, 5 Rainbow Gems, 1 Chocolate
C4 – 1 Old Key, 3000 Gold

The Old Key is used to unlock house door.
The house is located in Vegetable Forest Town South East.
Upon unlocking the house, you will stumble into 4 chests.
1 of the chests contains Premium Cat Food. Give that cat
food to the Meow Meow NPC. In return, the cat will teach
you a new skill. Only one of the party members can learn it.
Apart from that, you will gain new equipment and some
permanent stat items to boost your party member stats.
Once you have grab all the chests from the house, only
then you will earn the medal “Treasure Hunter”.
Description: Find All Chests In Town.

Glacier Valley Boss Battle Tundra Mammoth


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Kitten Kingdom Ruins Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Kitten Kingdom Ruins Map Walkthrough

The ruins is inhabited by stone, robot, dark and holy monsters.
Bomb, Thunder, Dark and Holy skills will be very useful here.
The ruin battles will be more challenging.
You will often be using buffs: Barrier, Reflex, Protect

Matt does not have Thunder attacks. Consider purchasing him
a Dragon Killer (Thunder element) from shop. The shop is
located in Vegetable Forest Town. It deals thunder element
damage, a great tool against Ruins Boss who is Thunder weak.

Recommended skills for party members:-
Lance: Plasmacross, Tank, Air Strike
Natalie: Thunderstorm, Pulsar
Matt: Protect, Reflex

Recommended equip for party members:-
Lance: Gas Mask, Army Jacket, Steel Shark
Natalie: Red Ribbon, Red Dress, Crystal Staff
Matt: Ninja Hood, Leather Armor, Dragon Killer

*Once you found Thunder Spear (Staff), equip on Natalie*
Thunder Spear boosts Natalie Thunderstorm Skill.

Get Natalie L1+L2+L3 Thunderstorm.
Get Matt L2+L3+L4+L5 Attack
Get Matt L1 No Legs, L1+L2+L3+L4 Protect
Get Lance L1+L2+L3 Tank

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 1 Tips:

There are no chests nor monsters to be seen.
But do you still remember that chests are hidden in tents/igloo?
Search both of the tents in this map. Each tent has a chest.
Two chests at the very top left corner are accessible from
the left neighboring map.

C1 – 3 Coconut, 2 Pineapple, 1 Hamburger
C2 – 5 Milk, 5 Softdrink, 5 Beer
C3 – Pope Hat *Equip*, 5 Light Feather, 10 Talisman
C4 – 7000 Gold, 2 Pineapple, 1 Cake

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 2 Tips:

The enemy in M3 is very tough. It’s best to buff your party
members with Matt’s Protect and Natalie’s Regen during
the first wave. Since there are more robots in this group,
have Matt to Nettle Poison the Thunderbird.
Natalie cast Thunderstorm and Lance cast Tank against robot. Even though the Thunderbird will recover some free health
from Natalie’s Thunderstorm, it will die due to Poison.
Do remember, to switch Natalie’s weapon to Thunder Spear.
That staff is found in Kingdom Cat Ruins 2 Chest (C2)

M1 – 1 Gunslinger, 1 Swordslinger, 1 Yellow Slime
Reward: 4504 EXP, 1032 AP, 4857 G
Loot: 2 Metal Gear, 2 Microcontroller, 2 Steel Plate, 1 Magnet

M2 (1/2) – 4 Yellow Slime, 1 Thunderbird
M2 (2/2) – 2 Yellow Slime, 2 Thunderbird, 1 Gunslinger
Reward: 9216 EXP, 1632 AP, 8166 G
Loot: 5 Magnet, 2 Light Feather, 1 Solid Spike
Loot: 1 Metal Gear, 1 Microcontroller, 1 Steel Plate

M3 (1/2) – 1 Gunslinger, 1 Swordslinger
M3 (2/2) – 2 Gunslinger, 2 Swordslinger, 1 Thunderbird
Reward: 11911 EXP, 2649 AP, 12926 G
Loot: 6 Metal Gear, 6 Microcontroller, 6 Steel Plate, 1 Magnet
Loot: 1 Light Feather

C1 – 5000 Gold, 1 Ruby, 2 Light Rune
C2 – Thunder Spear *Equip*, 10 Stunner, 5 Magnet
C3 – 5000 Gold, 30 Microcontroller, 2 RAM Chip

Once you have cleared the monsters in the map, its time
to spend your AP (Ability Points) into skills.
Matt: L5 Protect, L1 Fright, L2+L3 Screamer
Natalie: L1 Pulse, L1 Pulsar

Screamer would be useful to boost Natalie’s Thunder damage!
The lesser an enemy magic defense, they receive more damage.
Matt does not have much Thunder, Water, Bomb skill, so
he could be spending more time in helping his party member.

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 3 Tips:

Once you cleared all 3 monsters from this map, you will
be able to manipulate those switches.

Start M1 battle, start with Matt’s Screamer,
followed by Natalie’s Thunderstorm and Lance’s Poison Gas.
Once the enemy in the first wave have done their turn,
they will be dead due to Poison Gas. Apply same tactic
against second enemy wave. Piece of Cake 😀

Get Lance L2 L3 Air Strike. Will be useful to take down
clayman in M2 battle quickly. It’s much better against single
weak bomb enemies compare to Tank skill that targets all.

You will face off one of a tough monster, a sandworm in M3.
Easiest strategy would be buff up your party with Natalie’s
regen. Have Matt Nettle Poison the sandworm,
while Lance Air Strike those clayman.

M1 (1/2) – 2 Ancient Eye, 2 Yellow Slime, 1 Thunderbird
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ancient Eye, 1 Gun+Sword Slinger, 1 Thunderbird
Reward: 12404 EXP, 2138 AP, 10212 G
Loot: 4 Talisman, 6 Metal Gear, 3 Hand Bomb
Loot: 4 Magnet, 2 Light Feather, 2 Microcontroller, 1 Steel Plate

M2 (1/2) – 1 Thunderbird, 1 Light Clay, 1 Dark Clay
M2 (2/2) – 2 Magebird, 2 Dark Clay, 1 Light Clay
Reward: 11988 EXP, 2438 AP, 13524 G
Loot: 3 Light Feather, 3 Talisman, 2 Silk, 2 Magnet
Loot: 3 Brick, 3 Earthball, 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Solid Spike

M3 – 1 Sandworm, 2 Dark Clay
Reward: 48052 EXP, 3141 AP, 18725 G
Loot: 2 Brick, 1 Earthball, 2 Steel Plate, 1 Solid Spike
Loot: 1 Curly Horn

C1 – 1 Pizza, 2 Sundae, 3 Coconut

This map has 4 switches that allows you to open Ruins door.
There are 2 modes for a switch (Right/Left)

To open both doors:-
Left, Right
Right, Left
Kingdom Cat Ruins Door Switch Walkthrough

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 4 Tips:

To defeat Ancient Monolith, use Matt’s Iceberg.
For clayman, use Lance’s Air Strike.
Natalie can support party with regen, purify, barrier.

M1 (1/2) – 1 of each (Red/Blue/Light/Dark) Clay
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ancient Eye, 1 Ancient Monolith
Reward: 31352 EXP, 3482 AP, 19361 G
Loot: 3 Brick, 1 Steel Plate, 1 Light Feather, 3 Talisman
Loot: 1 Earthball, 2 Metal Gear, 1 Hand Bomb, 2 Magnet
Loot: 1 Light Rune, 1 Emerald

Light Golem have massive health. Lance’s Air Strike deals
most damage to them. Have Matt and Natalie to support,
once the party has all buff, have both of them using Ice
attack against it.

M2 (1/2) – 2 Leaf Eater, 1 Red Bee
M2 (2/2) – 2 Light Golem
Reward: 22828 EXP, 2868 AP, 13669 G
Loot: 1 Bug Wing, 2 Herb, 1 Light Rune, 1 Sad Statue

C1 – 1 Cake, 1 Bacon, 1 Beef
C2 – 1 Earthball
C3 – Heaven’s Gate *Equip*, 1 Mythril Plate, 1 Silver Shield
C4 – 7000 Gold, 1 Light Rune, 1 Gold Plate
C5 – 1 Flower, 1 Silver Shield, 10 Rainbow Gems
C6 – 7000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate, 1 Sad Statue

To access the rooms containing chests,
manipulate the 4 switches outside. 1 is left, 0 is right.

Switch combination for right room with chests C3, C4
Left, Right
Right, Right

Switch combination for middle room with chests C5, C6
Right, Right
Right, Left

Switch combination for left room (Ruins 5)
Left, Left,
Right, Left

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 5 Tips:

To access the other half room of Ruins 5, you need to
go through Ruins 6 and 9 before reaching there.
But the door in Ruins 6 is locked. To unlock it, change the
switch combinations to:-
Left, Right
Right, Left

(Ruins 5 Left Side)
To defeat 2 Ancient Monolith quickly:-
equip Matt with Blizzard (Sword) + use Iceberg Skill
equip Natalie with Arctic Wind (Staff) + use Thunderstorm Skill

M1 (1/2) – 2 Leaf Eater, 1 Red Bee
M1 (2/2) – 2 Ancient Monolith, 1 Light Clay
Reward: 42488 EXP, 4201 AP, 21088 G
Loot: 1 Bug Wing, 1 Red Potion, 1 Herb, 1 Jaw Bone
Loot: 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Light Feather, 1 Talisman, 1 Silk
Loot: 1 Emerald, 1 Light Rune

C1 – Thunder Core *Equip*, 1 RAM Chip, 5 Magnet
C2 – 1 Sad Statue, 10 Talisman, 1 Bacon

(Ruins 5 Right Side)
Poison Thunderbird, Dark Pulsar Holy Eye, Air Strike Elementals.
Optional: Ice the earth elementals.

M2 (1/3) – 2 Earth Elemental, 1 Thunderbird
M2 (2/3) – 1 Earth Elemental, 2 Ancient Eye
M2 (3/3) – 2 Ancient Eye, 1 Holy Eye
Reward: 28906 EXP, 4704 AP, 22254 G
Loot: 3 Magnet, 1 Light Feather, 1 Solid Spike, 1 Emerald
Loot: 5 Talisman, 4 Metal Gear, 4 Hand Bomb, 1 Geode

M3 (1/2) – 1 Leaf Eater, 1 Lava Eater, 1 Light Golem
M3 (2/2) – 2 Light Golem, 1 Holy Eye
Reward: 34244 EXP, 4559 AP, 20426 G
Loot: 1 Herb, 2 Jaw Bone, 1 Dragon Fin, 1 Magmaball
Loot: 1 Solid Spike, 1 Talisman, 1 Light Feather

C3 – 2 Watermelon, 2 Coconut, 12 Pumpkin
C4 – 2 Pineapple, 5 Icecream
C5 – 5 Cupcake, 20 Muffin, 1 Lollipop

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 7 Tips:

Q1 – (Yoko) 4 Ruby, 2 Red Potion
Reward: 1 Flame Skirt *Equip*, 1 Bacon, Missile *Key*

Q2 – (Kamina) 1 Titanium, 3 Steel Plate
Reward: Tera Drill *Skill* (Matt/Lance), 1 Bacon, 1 Chocolate

Q3 – (Simon) 1 Mythril Plate, 3 Steel Plate
Reward: Drill Bits *Equip*, 1 Cake, 1 Silver Shield

M1 – 1 of each (Dark, Light, Red) Clay, 1 Earth Elemental
Reward: 8082 EXP, 1721 AP, 8942 G
Loot: 2 Brick, 1 Earthball, 1 Light Feather, 1 Silk, 1 Geode
Loot: 1 Solid Spike

M2 (1/2) – 2 Dark Clay, 2 Red Clay
M2 (2/2) – 2 Ancient Eye, 1 Earth Elemental
Reward: 12998 EXP, 2466 AP, 12142 G
Loot: 4 Brick, 4 Earthball, 2 Steel Plate, 2 Talisman
Loot: 2 Magnet, 1 Solid Spike, 1 Emerald, 1 Metal Gear

M3 – 2 Earth Elemental
Reward: 6024 EXP, 1094 AP, 5520 G
Loot: 1 Geode

C1 – Genji Helmet *Equip*, 2 Sad Statue, 1 Light Rune
C2 – 5000 Gold, 2 Gold Plate, 1 Chocolate
C3 – Shadow Blaster *Equip*, 1 Light Rune, 1 Sad Statue

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 8 Tips:

MG – (Dishi) Mini Game : Ruin Raider

Q1 – (Ginger) 5 Sad Statue
Reward: 5 Gold Plate, 1 Battery, 1 Silver Shield

M3 – 1 Holy Eye, 1 Ancient Eye, 1 Dark Clay, 1 Light Clay
M3 (2/2) 2 Red Bee, 1 Purple Bee, 1 Yellow Bee
Reward: 14065 EXP, 2696 AP, 12077 G
Loot: 3 Talisman, 1 Metal Gear, 1 Hand Bomb, 1 Magnet
Loot: 2 Light Feather, 1 Brick, 3 Bug Wing, 1 Red Potion
Loot: 1 Purple Potion

C1 – 5000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate, 1 Beef
C2 – 1 Sad Statue, 1 Silver Shield

(Ruins 8 Right Side)

M1 (1/2) – 2 Red Bee, 1 Yellow Bee
M1 (2/2) – 1 Holy+Ancient Eye, 1 Red Clay, 1 Earth Elemental
Reward: 12417 EXP, 2079 AP, 9628 G
Loot: 3 Bug Wing, 1 Red Potion, 2 Talisman, 1 Light Feather
Loot: 1 Magnet, 1 Brick, 1 Earthball.

M2 (1/2) – 1 of each (Dark, Light, Red, Blue) Clay
M2 (2/2) – 2 of each (Dark, Light) Clay
Reward: 17654 EXP, 4268 AP, 22411 G
Loot: 5 Brick, 1 Earthball, 4 Light Feather, 3 Talisman, 1 Silk

C3 – 1 Mercury, 1 Choco Cornet, 5 Rainbow Gems
C4 – 1 Ruby, 1 Amethyst, 1 Emerald

Kitten Kingdom Ruins 9 Tips:

Spend some AP!
Lance: L1 Tera Drill, L4 Air Strike, L2-3 Bind, L2-3 Debilitate
Lance: L1-3 Crush
Natalie: L1 Meow Meow, L5 Regen, L2-5 Barrier, L5 Kyunn
Natalie: L2-3 Bless
Matt: L1-3 Reflex

To access to Kingdom Cat Ruins 9, you need to obtain
4 brown orbs. 2 Brown orbs are found in Ruins 5, the other
2 are found in Ruins 8. Once you loot them, place them onto
the 4 pillars in Ruins 6. Like this below:-

Kingdom Cat Ruins 9 Brown Crystal Walkthrough

In Ruins 9, there is only 1 monster, the boss.
The boss is in Kingdom Cat Ruins is called Protector.
Boost your party with:-
Natalie’s Regen, Barrier, Kyunn
Matt’s Protect, Reflex

Protector is weak against Thunder. Since Matt does not have
Thunder, might as well go for something neutral. Equip Matt
with a Blizzard Sword and attack the boss with Iceberg.
That would deal big damage to it. If Natalie has Kyunn Limit
Break, you could use that first to lower enemies defenses
and boosts your party attack. Most of the runes assisting
the Protector are weak against Bomb. Lance’s random splash
Air Strike will kill them. However, focus on defeating boss first.
Once you defeat the boss, you will be able to access the 12
chests. Two chests are well hidden from view. Go around the
entrance (where the boss is located) and you will find those
chests. One on each side (left/right)

M1 – Protector (Boss), 1 of each (Holy, Fire, Bolt, Rock) Rune
Reward: 129030 EXP, 16024 AP, 85534 G
Loot: 1 Talisman, 1 Pearl, 1 Earthball, 2 Metal Gear
Loot: 2 Microcontroller, 2 Steel Plate, 2 Gold Plate, 1 Light Rune

C1 – 5000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate, 1 Bacon
C2 – 20,000 Gold
C3 – 1 Pizza, 2 Hamburger
C4 – 1 Pearl, 1 Ruby, 1 Choco Cornet
C5 – 1 Titanium, 1 Amethyst
C6 – 1 Mercury, 1 Emerald
C7 – 1 Earthball
C8 – 1 Mage Hat *Equip*, 3 Talisman, 20 Ragged Cloth
C9 – 7000 Gold, 8 Steel Plate
C10 – 2 Gold Plate, 2 Rainbow Gems, 7 Bubble Stone
C11 – 1 Light Rune, 2 Rainbow Gems, 1 Choco Cornet
C12 – Camo Skirt *Equip*, 2 Earthball, 2 Herb

Kitten Kingdom Ruins Boss Battle Protector


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Volcano Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Volcano Map Walkthrough

Volcano 1 Tips:

This map has 1 hidden chest located in the tent.

Q1 – (Targold) 5 Silver Shield
Reward: 2 Titanium, 5 Gold Plate, 1 Magic Circle

Q2 – (Souru) 3 Star Powder
Reward: 3 Darkmatter, 3 Dark Rune, 2 Cake

Q3 – (Eldoran) 3 Magic Circle
Reward: 2 Mythril Plate, 5 Light Rune, 2 Beef

C1 – 1 Pizza, 2 Hamburger, 10 Watermelon //In the tent
C2 – 1 Mythril Plate, 3 Steel Plate
C3 – 10 Cupcake, 5 Sundae //Behind old man (Eldoran)

Volcano 2 Tips:

Most are weak against Poison, Lance’s Poison Gas works best.
Equip Matt with Black Fang for extra poison effect while using
Nettle Poison against the living monsters.

M1 (1/2) – Rock Eater, 1 Lava Eater, 2 Dark Bush
M1 (2/2) – 2 Red Slime, 2 Dark Bush, 1 Rock Eater
Reward: 26415 EXP, 6758 AP, 11441 G
Loot: 4 Herb, 2 Curly Horn, 3 Jaw Bone, 1 Dragon Fin
Loot: 1 Magmaball, 2 Solid Spike, 2 Red Potion, 1 Dragon Scales

M2 – 2 Dark Moth, 1 Dark Bush
M2 (2/2) – 2 Dark Moth, 1 Purple Bee, 1 Yellow Bee
Reward: 16756 EXP, 2385 AP, 9955 G
Loot: 5 Bug Wing, 4 Red Potion, 3 Purple Potion
Loot: 2 Herb, 1 Curly Horn, 2 Solid Spike

M3 (1/2) – 1 Dark Moth, 1 Red Bee, 1 Rock Eater
M3 (2/2) – 1 Giant Red Slime, 1 Dark Bush, 2 Red Slime
Reward: 42777 EXP, 8359 AP, 18655 G
Loot: 2 Bug Wing, 5 Red Potion, 2 Solid Spike, 1 Jaw Bone
Loot: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Herb, 1 Cupcake, 1 Magmaball, 1 Ruby

C1 – 1 Gold Plate, 8000 Gold
C2 – 1 Ruby, 1 Amethyst, 1 Emerald
C3 – 3 Solid Spike, 3 Curly Horn, 666 Gold

Volcano 3 Tips:

Notice the giant gate like the one in Kitten Kingdom Ruins?
That gate is hiding 4 chests with cool equipments!
However, before you can unlock that, you will need to
complete the map till you reach Volcano 9. Below is a video:-

Volcano Hidden Chests behind Giant Gate

A commenter has pointed out that you can grab those 4 orbs
from Kitten Kingdom Ruins, and use the warp zone in the
Glacier Valley (near Mammoth boss location) to teleport
to Kitten Kingdom Ruins Warp Zone (Near Protector boss location)

Spend some AP to upgrade party member skills:-
Natalie: L2-3 Flare, L1 Judgement, L1-4 Poison, L2-5 Healmore
Natalie: L1-3 StarShower, L2-3 Icestorm, L2-3 Revive
Lance: L1 Oblivion, L1 Nuke, L2-3 Tera Drill, L1-5 Medipack.
Lance: L1-3 Plasmacross, L1 Shockwave
Matt: L1 Quick Slash, L1 Revenge, L1 Wind Slash, L4 Drain
Matt: L1 Revenge, L1 Ragnarok, L1 Annihilate, L1-3 Seiken
Matt: L2-5 Ragnarok, L2-4 Cleaver, L2-3 Cataclysm

Q1 – (Sally) 3 Missile
Reward: 1 Star Powder, 1 Diamond, 1 Bacon

M1 – 2 Red Slime, 3 Dark Bush
Reward: 23430 EXP, 2956 AP, 6417 G
Loot: 3 Herb, 2 Curly Horn, 1 Red Potion

M2 (1/2) – 2 Magebird, 1 Rock Eater
M2 (2/2) – 2 Red Slime, 2 Ancient Monolith
Reward: 94250 EXP, 9082 AP, 42582 G
Loot: 2 Talisman, 2 Light Feather, 1 Jaw Bone, 1 Solid Spike
Loot: 1 Rainbow Gems, 1 Light Rune, 1 Emerald, 2 Red Potion

C1 – 5 Magmaball, 2 Light Rune, 1 Beef
C2 – 1 Ruby, 10 Rainbow Gems, 1 Bacon
C3 – Officer Hat *Equip*, 1 Darkmatter
C4 – Officer Coat *Equip*, 1 Diamond
C5 – 1 Beef, 1 Bacon, 1 Pizza
C6 – 1 Cake, 1 Chocolate, 1 Hamburger

Volcano 4 Tips:

In this map, there are 2 paths that leads to chest.
One is heading towards Volcano 9, the other is Volcano 5.

Matt can’t do much against skull ghost. All his attacks deals
zero damage. But he can help out with Coffee and Garlic.
Once it reaches the 2nd wave, Iceberg with Blizzard Sword
defeats the Fire Elemental in 2 turns. Poison Red Slime as usual.
Bomb works best against skull ghost, but not Tank skill!

M1 (1/2) – 2 Eyeball, 1 Rock Eater
M1 (2/2) 2 Eyeball, 2 Skull Ghost
Reward: 41526 EXP, 8705 AP, 31052 G
Loot: 4 Red Potion, 2 Dragon Scales, 3 Jaw Bone, 1 Solid Spike

M2 (1/2) – 2 Dark Bush, 1 Dark Golem
M2 (2/2) – 1 of each (White,Dark) Golem, (White,Dark) Bush
Reward: 75873 EXP, 7079 AP, 41809 G
Loot: 2 Sad Statue, 4 Herb, 2 Curly Horn, 1 Light Rune

M3 (1/2) – 3 Skull Ghost
M3 (2/2) – 2 Skull Ghost, 1 Fire Elemental, 1 Red Slime
Reward: 50946 EXP, 10456 AP, 43020 G
Loot: 5 Jaw Bone, 5 Curly Horn, 1 Magmaball
Loot: 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Red Potion

Volcano 5 Tips:

To resist dark powers, have your party member equip these:
Lance: Mage Hat, Army Jacket, Shadow Blaster
Natalie: Pope Hat, Ninja Skirt, Demon Tail
Matt: Captain Hat, Casual Shirt, Rune Blade

Don’t poison the Skull Ghost. The game description is wrong.
He isn’t weak to poison! If you cast poison on Skull Ghost,
he will regenerate health from poison! Have Natalie to equip
a wand that able to syphon that Skull Ghost from casting
instant death. The second wave is a pain in the butt.
Cosmic Monolith casts evade and a skill that kills both of
your party member instantly unless they equip with dark
resistance armor. The best way to kill the Cosmic Monolith
is to do a combo! All party member must have Limit Break
charged up! Start with Natalie, Matt then Lance.
Natalie:- Kyunn (reduces enemy stat, improve party stat)
Matt:- Ragnarok (deals lots of damage to Monolith)
Lance:- Oblivion (Monolith is weak against Bomb)

Spend some AP into those Limit Break skills!
Once you cast all 3 in combo, Cosmic Monolith dies instantly.
Cosmic Monolith is best for leveling as the developer tipped.

M1 (1/2) – 1 Skull Ghost, 2 Eyeball
M1 (2/2) – 2 Dark Bush, 1 Cosmic Monolith
Reward: 110381 EXP, 9172 AP, 49978 G
Loot: 2 Red Potion, 1 Jaw Bone, 3 Curly Horn, 2 Herb
Loot: 1 Dark Rune, 1 Darkmatter

M2 (1/2) – 2 Skull Ghost, 1 Magebird
M2 (2/2) – 2 Skull Ghost, 2 Swift Bird
Reward: 39625 EXP, 8781 AP, 37025 G
Loot: 1 Talisman, 4 Jaw Bone, 3 Solid Spike, 1 Curly Horn

C1 – Ninja Skirt *Equip*, 1 Lollipop, 2 Choco Cornet
C2 – Life Shaver *Equip*, 1 Chocolate, 1 Cake
C3 – 15,000 Gold, 1 Magic Circle
C4 – 10,000 Gold, 1 Gummy Bear
C5 – 10,000 Gold, 1 Yoghurt, 1 Choco Cornet
C6 – 12 Steel Plate, 2 Choco Cornet
C7 – 10 Green Potion, 5 Purple Potion

Volcano 6 Tips:

To defeat those Fire Elementals (non-weak to bombs)
equip Matt with Blizzard (ice element sword). This will
give an extra boost to iceberg skill. The red slime can be
killed by poison from Natalie. Lance can Shockwave (Wind)
against Fire Elemental or help out poisoning Red Slime.

For Drill Bots, plenty of bombs does the trick, be sure to
buff up your party member in the first wave else your
party member gets blown up by 2 Fire Bit.

M1 (1/2) – 3 Drill Bot
M1 (2/2) – 3 Drill Bot, 2 Fire Bit
Reward: 41586 EXP, 5608 AP, 21754 G
Loot: 6 Metal Gear, 4 Microcontroller, 5 Steel Plate
Loot: 4 Magnet, 1 RAM Chip, 2 Earthball

M2 (1/2) – 2 Fire Elemental, 2 Dark Bush, 1 Red Slime
Reward: 29904 EXP, 3829 AP, 17582 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 1 Curly Horn, 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Magmaball

C1 – 12,000 Gold, 2 Choco Cornet
C2 – 1 Magic Circle, 1 Yoghurt, 1 Hamburger

Volcano 7 Tips:

M1 (1/2) – 2 Eyeball, 1 Drill Bot
M1 (2/2) – 2 Eyeball, 1 Beholder
Reward: 116687 EXP, 6494 AP, 40747 G
Loot: 2 Red Potion, 1 Metal Gear, 2 Dragon Scales

M2 (1/2) – 2 Drill Bot, 1 Skull Ghost
M2 (2/2) – 2 Drill Bot, 1 Dark Golem
Reward: 63412 EXP, 8050 AP, 37582 G
Loot: 4 Metal Gear, 3 Microcontroller, 1 Jaw Bone
Loot: 2 Steel Plate, 1 Magnet

M3 – 2 Dark Bush, 1 Beholder
Reward: 119368 EXP, 4788 AP, 31903 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 1 Curly Horn, 1 Red Potion

M4 (1/2) – 2 Magebird, 2 Red Slime, 1 Drill Bot
M4 (2/2) – 2 Fire Elemental, 1 Red Slime
Reward: 68315 EXP, 9043 AP, 39796 G
Loot: 2 Red Potion, 1 Metal Gear, 1 Micrcontroller
Loot: 2 Talisman, 2 Magmaball, 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Ruby

C1 – 1 Darkmatter, 1 Cake
C2 – Obsidian *Equip*, 20 Old Wood, 1 Dark Rune
C3 – 1 Mercury, 1 Mythril Plate
C4 – 1 Diamond, 1 Bacon

Volcano 8 Tips:

M1 (1/2) – 1 Drill Bot, Red Bush, Red Slime, Dark Bush,
M1 (1/2) – 1 Fire Elemental
M1 (2/2) – 1 Gunslinger, 1 Swordslinger, 1 Drill Bot
Reward: 71679 EXP, 11609 AP, 49688 G
Loot: 1 Herb, 1 Curly Horn, 4 Metal Gear, 4 Microcontroller
Loot: 1 Magnet, 1 Magmaball, 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Steel Plate

M2 (1/2) – 3 Red Slime, 2 Yellow Slime
M2 (2/2) – 1 Giant Red Slime, 1 Fire Elemental, 1 Dark Bush
Reward: 63326 EXP, 9922 AP, 41539 G
Loot: 4 Red Potion, 2 Magnet, 1 Herb, 1 Curly Horn
Loot: 1 Cupcake, 1 Magmaball, 1 Ruby, 1 Dragon Scales

M3 (1/2) – 2 Swift Bird, 2 Dark Moth, 1 Purple Bee
M3 (2/2) – 2 Fire Elemental, 1 Dark Bush
Reward: 64143 EXP, 8954 AP, 41380 G
Loot: 3 Bug Wing, 1 Purple Potion, 2 Solid Spike
Loot: 1 Herb, 1 Curly Horn, 2 Magmaball, 1 Dragon Scales
Loot: 1 Ruby

C1 – 10,000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate, 10 Metal Gear
C2 – 2 RAM Chip, 20 Microcontroller, 10 Magnet
C3 – 5 Magmaball, 10 Brick
C4 – 5 Ice Crystal, 20 Bubble Stone

Volcano 9 Tips:

The 3 Dragon Head is one of the difficult boss to defeat.
The first dragon is the healer, its the easy to kill with Matt
hitting it with Earth Element Attacks. Gaia Axe and Cataclysm
defeat this dragon in few turns. Second dragon is a fire type,
water element is its weakness. Switch Matt’s sword to Blizzard
and Iceberg that fellow dragon. The last dragon is a dark type.
It’s very hard to kill because it keeps casting 1 hit kill move.
To sustain that heavy damage, equip Lance and Natalie dark
resistance equipments. For Matt, there isn’t one for him.
One way to kill the last dragon is to hit him with neutral element
skill, such as Ice, Earth. That thunder sword doesn’t do
much damage. Best for Lance is to just spam Air Strike.
The other two buff the party.

Bring along lots of pizza, coffee, and other health/magic potion.
My battle against the dragons took approximately 20 pizza.
30 Coffee. A very long battle… Just to let you know, you can
cast Revive (Natalie Skill) on a party member who isn’t dead.
If you know the boss is going to do his 1 hit kill move, that
revive skill will instantly revive the person from death.

M1 – 2 Dark Bush, 3 Drill Bot
Reward: 34708 EXP, 4563 AP, 17089 G
Loot: 2 Herb, 3 Metal Gear, 1 Magnet, 1 Steel Plate
Loot: 1 Microcontroller

C1 – 5 Dragon Scales, 15 Dragon Fin
C2 – 15,000 Gold
C3 – 10 Sea Shell, 1 Emerald
C4 – 1 Amethyst, 5 Geode
C5 – 1 Darkmatter, 2 Dark Rune, 1 Hamburger
C6 – 10 Solid Spike, 10 Talisman, 10 Light Feather
C7 – 1 Diamond, 1 Yoghurt, 1 Pizza
C8 – 30,000 Gold, 2 Gold Plate

M2 – 1 Abyss, 1 Czara, 1 Blaze
Reward: 456194 EXP, 72658 AP, 370300 G
Loot: 4 Earthball, 3 Ruby, 7 Dragon Scales, 4 Talisman
Loot: 4 Light Feather, 5 Brick, 1 Dark Rune, 1 Steel Plate
Loot: Darkmatter, 1 Solid Spike

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough Three Head Dragon Boss (Epic Mode)

This three dragon boss battle is done on Epic Mode.
Equip your party member as recommended below:-
Matt: Viking Helmet, Ninja Cloak, Blizzard
Natalie: Pope Hat, Cat Costume, Death Bringer.
Lance: Officer Hat, Army Jacket, God Hand

Matt will be the primary attacker, the others will be supporting.
The reason why Blizzard is equipped on Matt is one of the
dragon (Blaze) is ice weak. Blizzard deals extra ice damage.
Soul Eater wasn’t used because the black dragon (Abyss) is
strong against dark. Heaven’s Gate wasn’t used because the
white dragon is strong against holy. With Viking Helmet and
Ninja Cloak, this boost Matt attacking efficiency by a lot.
On top of that, berserk mode gives additional punch to every
damage that Matt throws on to the dragons. If you watch the
video above, notice how fast Matt knocks down each dragon?

If you kill Abyss (dark dragon) last, he will summon Skull Ghost,
which is immune to weapon attack. This means Matt the primary
attacker will be useless! If you kill Blaze (red dragon) last, he will
summon 2 Fire Bit, that suicide themselves by exploding into your
party member. Killing the white dragon (Czara) last, it will only
summon 2 Magebird, which are easily defeatable using syphon
skill or syphon unleash. I went with the last like the video above.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Space Map

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Space Map Walkthrough

Space 1 Tips:

You can bypass them by walking on the right side.
Notice the yellow stars in the space background?
That indicates the chest location.

M1 – 1 Zombie Dragon, 1 Dark Golem
Reward: 222499 EXP, 30313 AP, 160655 G
Loot: 1 Solid Spike

C1 – 1 Darkmatter, 1 Gummy Bear, 1 Choco Cornet
C2 – 5 Dark Rune, 1 Beef, 1 Chocolate

Space 2 Tips:

You can bypass them by walking on the right side.
Notice the red stars in the space background?
That indicates the chest location.

M1 – 2 Cosmic Monolith
Reward: 309474 EXP, 18420 AP, 113940 G
Loot: 2 Dark Rune, 1 Darkmatter

M2 – 2 Zombie Dragon

C1 – Nurse Hat *Equip*, 1 Mercury, 15 Steel Plate
C2 – 2 Mythril Plate, 5 Gold Plate, 1 Lolliipop

Strategy to Defeat Cosmic Monolith in Epic Mode

Cosmic Monolith casts a very deadly dark element magic that
can instant kill anyone. However, if your party members are
equipped with dark resistance armors, this can save your life!
Also, Natalie’s Barrier Party Buff reduces enemy magic damage
by 70%. This allows you to survive two blasts from two Dark

Below is the recommended equipments:
Matt: Viking Helmet, Ninja Cloak, Dragon Killer
Natalie: Pope Hat, Pope Dress, Obsidian
Lance: Officer Hat, Officer Coat, Shadow Blaster

Matt will be the primary attacker. His sword “Dragon Killer” is Thunder. Cosmic Monolith weakness are Thunder and Bomb.
The sword alone does tons of damage against these mighty
stones. Natalie and Lance will be the supportive party members.
Lance reduces the Monolith’s weapon defense through
Debilitate skill. Once it reaches -50% enemy weapon defense,
he could help spam some Air Strikes to knock out any surviving
Monolith. Natalie will be the healer. Cosmic Monolith will cast the
deadly magic attack again every 2 normal attack turns.

Space 3 Tips:

The boss Akron is here. Defeat him 😀
Remember to spend your permanent stat consumeables
as recommended above. Also upgrade your equipments to
Level 5, I am sure that you have plenty of gold coins
and resources earned from many battles.
Recommended Equipment for Final Akron Boss Battle:-
Matt – Viking Helmet, Pirate Gear, Soul Eater.
Natalie – Pope Hat, Ninja Skirt, Death Bringer
Lance – Officer Hat, Officer Coat, Shadow Blaster.

M1 – Akron, 2 Rune Claw, Evil Worm, Evil Tail
Summons: Cosmic Monolith, Dark Clay
Reward: Win the game! Replay the game with current stats.

Matt will be the primary attacker while Natalie and Lance
be the supporter. Natalie can use healmore, barrier, regen,
purify, revive, flare and toxic (when boss is weak against it).
Lance can Crush, Dispel, Poison Gas (when boss is weak
against it), Air Strike (if boss not immune to it), debilitate,
give Matt a beer, and provide everyone pizza, garlic.
If both Natalie and Lance dies, your game will simply auto-play.
Meaning, you can’t control the berserked Matt :O

Once you complete the game, you will have option to
restart the game with full equip or full skill or etc. Up to you
to decide 😀 But you can only restart the game on the same
mode. If you are on Normal Mode, you can’t switch it to
Epic Mode. You will need to make a new game for new mode.

Strategy to Defeat Arkon in Epic Mode

Strategy to Defeat Arkon in Normal Mode


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Gold Medal Room Chests

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Gold Medal Hidden Map Walkthrough

Vegetable Forest

You need 10 medals to enter Vegetable Forest Hidden Map.

C1 – 1 Lollipop, 1 Gummy Bear, 1 Choco Cornet
C2 – Cat Costume *Equip*, 1 Silk
C3 – Swift Brand *Equip*, 2 Fine Fur
C4 – 1 Chocolate, 1 Cake, 1 Yoghurt
C5 – 1 Flower, 1000 Gold
C6 – Syphon *Skill*, 1 Beef, 1 Bacon

Rock Lake

You need 20 medals to enter Rock Lake Hidden Map.

C1 – Nimbus *Equip*, 2 Yoghurt, Viking Helmet *Equip*
C2 – Pilot Goggles *Equip*, 2 Choco Cornet, 1 Speaker
C3 – Dispel *Skill*, 2 Steel Plate, 4 Rainbow Gems
C4 – God Hand *Equip*, 3 Jaw Bone, 1 Curly Horn

Glacier Valley

You need 30 medals to enter Glacier Valley Hidden Map.

C1 – 1 Yoghurt, 1 Choco Cornet, 10,000 Gold
C2 – Red Vulcan *Equip*, Fuzzy Hat *Equip*, 5 Silk
C3 – 1 Missile, 1 Chocolate
C4 – Ninja Cloak *Equip*, 1 Cake, 1 Bacon
C5 – Sword Breaker *Equip*, 12 Steel Plate, 1 Beef

Kitten Kingdom Ruins

You need 40 medals to enter Kitten Kingdom Ruins Hidden Map.

C1 – Dark Tooth *Equip*, 5 Sad Statue, 5 Light Rune
C2 – Skull Hairclip *Equip*, 1 Lollipop, 1 Gummy Bear
C3 – 2 Cake, 2 Choco Cornet, 2 Yoghurt
C4 – Destroyer *Equip*, 2 Gold Plate, 30,000 Gold


You need 60 medals to enter Volcano Hidden Map.

C1 – 10 Amethyst, 10 Ruby, 10 Emerald
C2 – 100,000 Gold, 20 Gold Plate, 5 Mythril Plate
C3 – 5 Darkmatter, 30 Cake, 30 Chocolate
C4 – 5 Diamond, 5 Titanium, 5 Mercury
C5 – 30 Bacon, 30 Beef, 30 Choco Cornet
C6 – 5 Gummy Bear, 5 Lollipop, 30 Yoghurt


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Skill Build

Double ** asterisks indicates enemy weakness.

L1 – Flameshot (15 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L1 – Plasma (15 AP)
L1 – Flameburst (150 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L1 – Plasmawave (150 AP) *Pumpkin Boss (Vegetable Forest)*

L1 – Fire (15 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L1 – Thunder (15 AP)
L1 – Fireball (150 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L1 – Thunderbolt (150 AP) *Pumpkin Boss (Vegetable Forest)*

L1 – Nettle (15 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L2 – Nettle (30 AP)
L1 – Fume (100 AP) *Monster (Vegetable Forest)*
L1 – Tundra (100 AP)
L1 – Quake (150 AP) *Pumpkin Boss (Vegetable Forest)*


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Skill Details

Bonus Skills

When a quest rewards you a skill, you can only select 1 of
the party member listed that is capable to learn the skill.
Once one of the party member learnt it, the other party
who is a potential candidate to learn that skill will not be able
to learn it! So you need to make a wise decision on who
will master those skills.

A simple guide is, if you want a party member to focus on
attacking, the extra skills can be allocated to the party
member who focus on a more supportive role.
For my recommendation, I have Lance and Natalie play
supportive role, while Matt takes attacker role.

Berserk (Max L2)
Option: Matt/Natalie (Recommends: Natalie)
Obtain from: Heinkel (Vegetable Forest 8) //Old Man
If targeted on an ally, you will lose control of him/her.
However, it will improve the person’s attack and defense!
Applicable on foes too. The berserk will use basic attack.

Dispel (Max L3)
Option: Natalie / Matt (Recommends: Natalie)
Obtain from: Rock Lake Secret Area (20 Medals to enter)
Cancels all enemy buffs. Great asset in boss, monolith battles.

Flare (Max L3)
Option: Natalie / Lance (Recommends: Lance)
Learnt from the guy at the cave near the lake.
Decreases enemy accuracy.

Meow Meow (Max L3)
Option: Natalie / Lance / Matt (Recommends: Natalie)
Obtain from: Meow Meow (Vegetable Forest Town, nearby Inn)
If given to Natalie, it will be her only physical attack.
Damage does not depend on stats but level.

Power Metal (Max L5)
Option: Matt / Lance (Recommends: Lance)
Obtain from: Johnny (Vegetable Forest Town Center) //Rocker
Magic that hit all foes and heals all party member.
Element: 100% Wind

Syphon (Max L3)
Option: Natalie / Lance (Recommends: Lance)
Obtain from: Vegetable Forest Secret Area (10 medals to enter)
Prevents enemies from using magical skill such as Magebird.

Tera Drill (Max L3)
Option: Lance / Matt (Recommends: Lance)
Obtain from: Simon (Kitten Kingdom Ruins 7) //a guy with a drill
Deals massive damage to foes that has buffed up defenses.
Use this before applying Dispel. Deals 25% Earth Element damage.
Best not to use on monsters that has earth as strength.

Guardian (Max L5)
Option: Matt/Lance/Natalie (Recommends: Lance)
Obtain from: Celeste (Glacier Valley 4) // a girl with Pope dress
Buff an ally defense, magic defense and evade.

Lance Skills

Description: Basic Fire Damage (Hit 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 45 | MP: 4 | 75% Fire (15 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 55 | MP: 6 | 75% Fire (30 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 65 | MP: 8 | 75% Fire (45 AP)

Description: Basic Thunder Damage (Hit 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 40 | MP: 4 | 75% Thunder (15 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 50 | MP: 6 | 75% Thunder (30 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 60 | MP: 8 | 75% Thunder (45 AP)

Description: Advanced Fire Magic (Hit all enemies)
Pre-requisite: Flameshot
Level: 1 | Power: 45 | MP: 10 | 75% Fire (150 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 55 | MP: 14 | 75% Fire (300 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 65 | MP: 18 | 75% Fire (450 AP)

Description: Advanced Thunder Damage (Hit All Enemies)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 40 | MP: 10 | 75% Thunder (150 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 50 | MP: 14 | 75% Thunder (300 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 60 | MP: 18 | 75% Thunder (450 AP)

Natalie Skills

Description: Basic Fire Damage (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 30 | MP: 4 | 100% Fire (15 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 40 | MP: 6 | 100% Fire (30 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 50 | MP: 8 | 100% Fire (45 AP)

Description: Basic Thunder Damage (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 30 | MP: 4 | 100% Thunder (15 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 40 | MP: 6 | 100% Thunder (30 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 50 | MP: 8 | 100% Thunder (45 AP)

Description: Advanced Fire Magic (Hit 1 enemy)
Pre-requisite: Fire
Level: 1 | Power: 60 | MP: 8 | 100% Fire (150 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 80 | MP: 12 | 100% Fire (300 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 100 | MP: 16 | 100% Fire (450 AP)

Description: Basic Thunder Damage (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: Thunder
Level: 1 | Power: 60 | MP: 8 | 100% Thunder (150 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 80 | MP: 12 | 100% Thunder (300 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 100 | MP: 16 | 100% Thunder (450 AP)

Matt Skills

Description: Basic Poison Damage (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 30 | MP: 5 | 50% Poison (15 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 45 | MP: 7 | 50% Poison (30 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 60 | MP: 9 | 50% Poison (45 AP)

Description: Advanced Fire Attack (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 40 | MP: 7 | 50% Fire (100 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 55 | MP: 9 | 50% Fire (200 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 70 | MP: 11 | 50% Fire (300 AP)

Description: Advanced Ice Attack (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 50 | MP: 7 | 50% Ice (100 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 70 | MP: 9 | 50% Ice (200 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 90 | MP: 11 | 50% Ice (300 AP)

Description: Advanced Earth Attack (Target 1 Enemy)
Pre-requisite: None
Level: 1 | Power: 60 | MP: 9 | 50% Earth (150 AP)
Level: 2 | Power: 80 | MP: 12 | 50% Earth (300 AP)
Level: 3 | Power: 100 | MP: 15 | 50% Earth (450 AP)


Epic Battle Fantasy Item

Forest Town Equip Shop
05,000 – Dragon Killer
22,000 – Soul Eater
07,000 – Flameheart
12,000 – Seraphim
06,000 – Ark Angel
14,000 – Chainsaw
03,000 – Gas Mask
00,500 – Cat Ears
04,000 – Cow Horns
11,000 – Breastplate

Forest Town Food Shop
00,030 – Kiwi (+300 HP)
00,150 – Pumpkin (+1500 HP)
00,480 – Coconut (+5000 HP)
01,000 – Watermelon (+10000 HP)
03,000 – Pineapple (+3000 HP ALL)
00,120 – Muffin (+50 MP)
00,600 – Icecream (+200 MP)
01,400 – Cupcake (+500 MP)
03,000 – Sundae (+1000 MP)
00,300 – Softdrink (Boost Accuracy)
00,300 – Beer (Boost Attack)
00,300 – Milk (Boost Magic Attack)
01,000 – Coffee (Revive fallen ally)
00,010 – Garlic (Heal status defect)
10,000 – Hamburger (100% HP MP)
40,000 – Pizza (100% HP MP ALL)

Forest Town Misc Shop
00,400 – Handbomb
00,500 – Stunner
00,560 – Metal Gear
00,720 – Magnet
00,050 – Microcontroller
22,000 – RAM Chip
00,300 – Shuriken
00,040 – Brick
00,030 – Herb
00,300 – Old Wood
00,150 – Mushroom
00,440 – Cactus
00,250 – Sea Shell
00,080 – Ragged Cloth
03,000 – Silk
00,950 – Fine Fur
03,700 – Sad Statue
00,060 – Bug Wing
00,090 – Tentacle
04,000 – Dragon Scales
00,600 – Dragon Fin
02,100 – Curly Horn
03,500 – Solid Spike
00,500 – Jaw Bone
00,850 – Bubble Stone
01,200 – Ice Crystal
01,900 – Magmaball
00,070 – Earthball
00,700 – Light Feather
00,800 – Green Potion
00,250 – Red Potion
02,300 – Purple Potion
00,770 – Talisman
07,600 – Light Rune
18,000 – Dark Rune
00,800 – Steel Plate
12,000 – Gold Plate
59,000 – Mythril Plate
78,500 – Titanium
52,000 – Mercury
00,860 – Rainbow Gems
06,660 – Geode
09,990 – Ruby
08,880 – Emerald
07,770 – Amethyst
33,000 – Pearl
92,000 – Darkmatter
98,000 – Diamond


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Medals

Epic Battle Fantasy3 Medals Walkthrough

Savior: Defeat final boss
Hero: Beat game on Hard or Epic
Legend: Beat game on Epic
Equip Fan: Get 40 pieces of equipment
Equip Dealer: Get 60 pieces of equipment
Equip Master: Get 80 pieces of equipment
Shopper: Buy everything in the equipment shop
Squire: Defeat the Robot Pumpkin
Swordsman: Defeat the Giant Squid
Warrior: Defeat the Wooly Mammoth
Knight: Defeat Protector
Lord: Defeat the 3-Headed Pyrohydra
Brute: Deal 1k damage
Ruffian: Deal 3k damage
Savage: Deal 10k damage
Barbarian: Deal 30k damage
Slayer: Deal 100k damage
Level Builder: Level 10
Power Leveler: Level 20
Level Grinder: Level 30
Helper: 10 sidequests
Tasker: 20 sidequests
Quester: All sidequests
Treasure Hunter: All Town chests
Forest Treasure: All Vegetable Forest chests
Pirate Treasure: All Rock Lake chests
Frozen Treasure: All Glacier Valley chests
Ancient Treasure: All Kitten Ruins chests
Burnt Treasure: All Volcano Peak chests
Beast Tamer: Scan 25 foes
Beast Hunter: Scan 50 foes
Beast Scholar: Scan all foes
Hoarder: 10k gold
Banker: 50k gold
Nouveau Riche: 250k gold
Greedy Cat: 100 points first minigame
Fat Cat: 140 first minigame
Narwhal Rider: 100 second minigame
Narwhal Surfer: 150 second minigame
Card Flipper: Under 90 third minigame
Card Wizard: Under 65 third minigame
Skeleton proof: 160 points fourth minigame
Skeleton Killer: 230 points fourth minigame
Rock Dodger: 130 points fifth minigame
Untouchable: 190 points fifth minigame
Fatty: Eat a hamburger
Slime Splatter: Splat 100 slimes in the preloader
Berserker: Use Bersek in battle
Doomsday: Cast Doomsday in battle by using a dark rune
Nuke: Use Nuke in battle.
Genesis: Use Genesis in battle
Ragnarok: Use Ragnarok in battle
Learner: Learn a new skill
Blacksmith: Fully upgrade any weapon
Pervert: Click Nat’s bosom
Cat Tamer: Summon Meow Meow (Use Meow Meow Skill)
Narwhal Tamer: Wear Pirate Gear level 5, get hit with it on, randomly summons Narwhal
Pig Molestor: Hold down spacebar behind a pig
Artist: Unlock the full concept art gallery, see the final page
Creditor: Check the credits page


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Quest Location

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough Quests

NPC Quest Location (1st Row)
Rusty – Vegetable Forest Town (South West) *Nearby Misc Shop*
Konata – Vegetable Forest Town (Center)
Johnny – Vegetable Forest Town (Center)
Calum – Vegetable Forest Town (Center)
Meow Meow – Vegetable Forest Town (East) *Nearby Food Shop*
Mattie – Vegetable Forest Town (South West) *Nearby cows*
Ronald – Vegetable Forest Town (South East) *Nearby Grave*
Carl – Vegetable Forest Town (East) *Inside the Inn*
Jim – Vegetable Forest Town (Center)
Jenny – Vegetable Forest 3 *Nearby Vegetable Forest Secret Area*

NPC Quest Location (2nd Row)
Yui – Vegetable Forest 3 *Nearby Vegetable Forest Secret Area*
Heinkel – Vegetable Forest 8 *Just before the Pumpkin Boss Map*
Ralph – Rock Lake 1 *Partly hidden on the left side*
Kimberly – Rock Lake 2 *She is naked (partly censored)*
Joseph – Rock Lake 3
Bartolo – Rock Lake 5
Krystal – Rock Lake 9 *Nearby the Warp Zone*
Alana – Glacier Valley 1 *Talk to the person twice to get quest*
Blondie – Glacier Valley 1
Vicky – Glacier Valley 2

NPC Quest Location (3rd Row)
Celeste – Glacier Valley 4
Hajime – Glacier Valley 4
Simon – Kitten Kingdom Ruins 7
Yoko – Kitten Kingdom Ruins 7
Ginger – Kitten Kingdom Ruins 8
Targold – Volcano 1 *Beside the red camp*
Eldoran – Volcano 1 *Nearby the red camp*
Sally – Volcano 3 *Nearby the giant door room with 4 pillars*
Souru – Volcano 1 *Between Targold and Eldoran*


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Mini Game Location

Mini Game: Food Catcher (Vegetable Forest 9 – Sir Ken)
Mini Game: Narwhal Surfer (Rock Lake 7 – James)
Mini Game: Cards in the Snow (Glacier Valley 8 – Joanne)
Mini Game: Ruin Raider (Kitten Kingdom Ruin 8 – Dishi)
Mini Game: Rock Runner (Volcano 9 – Curly)

Min Game Controls:-
Move Left (Left Arrow)
Move Right (Right Arrow)
Jump (Up Arrow)
Attack (Down Arrow)
Aerial Attack (Up Down Arrow)
Range Attack (Down Up Arrow)


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Monster Bestiary

Epic Battle Fantasy3 Bestiary Walkthrough

01. Green Slime : Forest
02. Giant Green Slime: Forest
03. Blue Slime: Beach, Glacier Valley
04. Giant Blue Slime: Beach medal area, Glacier Valley
05. Red Slime: Volcano
06. Giant Red Slime: Volcano
07. Yellow Slime: Beach medal area, Kitty Ruins, Volcano
08. Furry Slime: Forest
09. Blue Jelly: Beach
10. Purple Jelly: Beach
11. Red Jelly: Beach
12. Garden Snail: Forest
13. Spiral Crab: Beach
14. Spike Crab: Beach
15. Green Bush: Forest, Forest medal area
16. Red Bush: Forest, Forest medal room, Volcano, Volcano medal room
17. Dark Bush: Volcano, Volcano medal room
18. White Bush: Forest medal room, Glacier Valley
19. Leaf Eater: Forest, Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal room
20. Glacier Eater: Glacier Valley, Kitty Ruins medal room
21. Lava Eater: Volcano, Kitty Ruins medal room
22. Rock Eater: Volcano
23. Swift Crow: Forest, Volcano
24. Mage Bird: Beach, Kitty Ruins
25. Thunderbird: Kitty Ruins
26. Haunted Tree: Forest, Beach
27. Yellow Bee: Forest, Beach, Kitty Ruins
28. Purple Bee: Forest, Beach, Kitty Ruins, Volcano,
29. Red Bee: Beach, Kitty Ruins
30. Dark Moth: Volcano
31. Kitten Soldier: Forest, Beach
32. Kitten Fort: Beach
33. Trojan Horse: Forest, Beach
34. Shark Igloo: Glacier Valley
35. Eyeball: Beach
36. Beholder: Volcano
37. Red Clay: Beach, Kitty Ruins
38. Blue Clay: Beach, Kitty Ruins
39. Light Clay: Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal room
40. Dark Clay: Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal room
41. Frozen Eye: Beach medal room, Glacier Valley
42. Holy Eye: Glacier Valley, Kitty Ruins
43. Ancient Eye: Kitty Ruins
44. Gunslinger: Kitty Ruins
45. Swordslinger: Kitty Ruins
46. Ice Bit: Glacier Valley, Kitty Ruins medal room
47. Fire Bit: Kitty Ruins medal room, Volcano
48. Ice Elemental: Glacier Valley
49. Earth Elemental: Forest medal room, Kitty Ruins
50. Fire Elemental: Volcano
51. Light Golem: Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal room, Volcano, Volcano medal room
52: Dark Golem: Volcano, Volcano medal room
53. Sandworm: Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal area
54. Drill Bot: Volcano
55. Skull Ghost: Volcano
56. Viking Monolith: Glacier Valley, Kitty Ruins medal room, Volcano medal room
57. Ancient Monolith: Kitty Ruins, Kitty Ruins medal room, Volcano, Volcano medal room
58. Cosmic Monolith: Volcano, The Void, Volcano medal room
59. Zombie Dragon: The Void
60. Jack(Boss): Forest
61. Giant Squid(Boss): Beach
62. Squid Arm: Beach
63. Tundra Mammoth(Boss): Glacier Valley
64: Protector(Boss): Kitty Ruins
65. Rock Rune: Kitty Ruins
66. Fire Rune: Kitty Ruins
67. Bolt Rune: Kitty Ruins
68. Holy Rune: Kitty Ruins
69. Abyss(Boss): Volcano
70. Blaze(Boss): Volcano
71. Czars(Boss): Volcano
72. Rune Claw: The Void
73. Evil Worm: The Void, Volcano medal room
74. Evil Tail: The Void, Volcano medal room
75. Akron(Boss): The Void

W means Weakness. (Weak against an element)
S means Strength. (Strong against an element)
(…) in W means its non-immune. (monster’s allergy?)
(…) in S means its immune to that element.

Vegetable Forest Monster

Green Slime
W – Fire, Ice, Thunder (Doom, Death)
S – Water, Poison, Earth
Green Bush
W – Fire, Poison, Earth (Berserk)
S – Water (Blind)
Red Bush
W – Fire, Earth, Wind (Berserk)
S – Water (Blind)
Garden Snail
W – Ice, Poison, Earth, Bomb (Poison)
S – Thunder, Wind, Water, Fire
Giant Green Slime, Green Slime
W – Fire, Ice, Thunder (Doom, Death)
S – Water, Poison, Earth
Swift Crow
W – Thunder, Ice, Wind, Stun (AccuracyDown, Stun)
S – Earth
Haunted Tree
W – Fire, Thunder, Earth
S – Water, Poison (Death)
Leaf Eater (Turtle)
W – Earth, Ice, Bomb, Fire, Berserk
S – Water, Thunder, Wind, Poison, AccuracyDown
Kitten Soldier
W – Water, Fire, Poison, Thunder, Poison
S – Stun
Yellow Bee
W – Thunder, Holy, Bomb, Wind
S – Earth, Poison
Purple Bee (Purple Butterfly)
W – Dark, Thunder, Bomb, Wind (Syphon)
S – Earth, Holy, Poison (Death, Doom)
Trojan Horse
W – Earth, Fire, Bomb (Syphon)
S – Thunder, Wind (Poison, Stun)
White Bush
W – Dark, Fire, Poison, Earth (Berserk)
S – Ice, Wind
Jack Pumpkin
W – Bomb, Thunder, Earth
S – Wind, Poison, Fire (Poison, Stun, Death, Berserk)

Rock Lake Monster

Blue Slime
W – Thunder Bomb, Doom, Death, Stun
S – Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth
Blue Jelly
W – Thunder, Ice, Syphon
S – Water, Fire, Wind,
Red Jelly
W – Fire, Ice, Thunder
S – Water, Poison, Wind, Stun
Purple Jelly
W – Ice, Earth, Syphon
S – Water, Thunder, Fire,
Blue Clay
W – Bomb, Fire
S – Poison, Wind, Earth, Water, Thunder
Red Clay
W – Water, Ice, Bomb
S – Fire, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Poison
Spiral Crab
W – Earth, Poison, Thunder
S – Water, Fire, Wind
Mage Bird
W – Dark, Thunder, Wind, Stun, AccuracyDown
S – Earth, Holy
Kitten Fort
W – Earth, Fire, Bomb, Poison
S – Wind
Floating Eye
W – Poison, Thunder
S – Fire, Earth
Red Bee
W – Holy, Thunder, Ice, Wind
S – Earth
Spike Crab
W – Earth, Holy, Bomb.
S – Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind.
Giant Squid (Boss)
W – Thunder, Ice
S – Water, Fire, Stun, Death, Berserk
Giant Squid Arm
W – Thunder, Ice, Syphon, Stun
S – Water, Fire, Death, Berserk

Glacier Valley Monster

Giant Blue Slime
W – Fire, Doom
S – Ice, Water, Wind,
Glacier Eater
W – Earth, Fire, Bomb, Berserk
S – Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind
Ice Bit
W – Bomb, Fire
S – Water, Ice, Wind, Poison, Stun
Frozen Eye
W – Fire, Bomb, Earth
S – Water, Ice, Wind, Poison
Shark Igloo
W – Earth, Fire, Poison, Bomb
S – Ice, Water, Wind
Viking Monolith
W – Earth, Bomb.
S – Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind.
Ice Elemental
W – Fire, Bomb, Earth
S – Water, Ice, Wind, Poison
Lava Eater
W – Water, Earth, Ice, Bomb, Berserk
S – Fire, Thunder, Wind
Fire Bit
W – Water, Bomb, Ice + (Syphon)
S – Fire, Poison, Earth + (Stun, Poison)
Holy Eye
W – Dark
S – Holy, Poison
Tundra Mammoth (Boss)
W – Fire, Dark, Poison
S – Ice, Water, Wind, Stun, Death, Berserk, Syphon

Kingdom Cat Ruins Monster

Swordslinger, Gunslinger
W – Water, Bomb, Thunder
S – Poison, Earth + (Poison)
Yellow Slime
W – Poison, Doom, Death
S – Thunder, Stun
W – Water, Wind, Poison (Accuracy Down)
S – Thunder, Earth,
Ancient Eye
W – Bomb, Thunder
S – Poison, Earth + (Poison)
Light Clay
W – Water, Holy, Bomb
S – Earth, Dark, Fire, Thunder, Poison (Poison)
Dark Clay
W – Dark, Water, Bomb
S – Earth, Holy, Fire, Thunder, Poison (Poison)
W – Holy, Ice (Berserk)
S – Earth (Syphon, Stun, Death)
Ancient Monolith
W – Water, Ice, Bomb
S – Fire, Thunder, Wind, Poison, Earth
S – +(Poison, Death, Stun, Syphon)
Light Golem
W – Water, Dark, Bomb, Ice
S – Earth, Holy, Fire, Thunder, Poison
S – (Poison, Berserk, Stun, Death)
Bolt Rune
W – Water, Bomb
S – Thunder, Poison (Poison, Berserk)
Holy Rune
W – Water, Dark, Bomb
S – Poison + (Poison, Berserk)
Rock Rune
W – Water, Wind
S – Earth, Thunder, Poison (Poison, Berserk)
Fire Rune
W – Water, Ice, Wind
S – Fire, Poison, Bomb (Poison)
Protector (Boss)
W – Water, Bomb, Thunder
S – Poison, Earth, Fire, Holy
S – +(Poison, Stun, Syphon, Death, Berserk)

Volcano Monster

Dark Bush
W – Holy, Poison (Poison)
S – Dark
Red Slime
W – Water, Poison, Holy
S – Fire, Earth
Rock Eater
W – Water, Holy, Bomb (Berserk)
S – Earth, Dark, Fire, Thunder, Wind
Dark Moth
W – Holy, Fire, Thunder, Wind
S – Earth, Dark
Red Giant Slime
W – Water, Holy, Poison (Doom)
S – Fire, Earth
Cosmic Monolith
W – Bomb, Thunder
S – Dark, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Poison, Earth, Holy
S – (Poison, Death, Stun, Syphon)
Fire Elemental
W – Water, Wind, Ice (Berserk)
S – Fire, Earth, Bomb (Stun, Syphon)
Dark Golem
W – Water, Holy, Bomb, Ice
S – Earth, Dark, Fire, Thunder, Poison
S – (Poison, Berserk, Stun, Death)
Drill Bot
W – Bomb, Thunder
S – Poison, Earth (Poison, Berserk)
W – Poison, Thunder (Berserk)
S – Fire, Earth (Stun, Syphon, Death)
Czara (Red Hydra Head)
W – Dark, Earth
S – Fire, Holy (Stun, Death, Syphon, Berserk)
Blaze (Red Hydra Head)
W – Water, Ice, Wind
S – Fire, Bomb (Stun, Death, Poison, Syphon)
Abyss (Red Hydra Head)
W – Holy, Thunder
S – Fire, Poison, Dark (Stun, Death, Syphon)

Space Monster

Rune Claw
W – None
S – (Poison, Accuracy Down, Stun, Syphon, Death)

Arkon Immunity (For All Color Gems)
Immune to: Stun, Syphon, Berserk, Doom
Akron (Cyan Gem / Blueish Green Gem)
W – Fire, Earth
S – Water, Ice, Wind
Akron (Red Gem)
W – Water, Wind, Ice
S – Fire, Bomb
Arkon (Gray Gem)
W – Holy, Thunder
S – Dark, Poison, Earth
Arkon (White Silver Gem)
W – Dark, Poison
S – Water, Holy
Arkon (Yellow Gem)
W – Earth
S – Thunder, Holy
Arkon (Brown Gem)
W – Wind, Bomb
S – Poison, Earth

Evil Worm
W – Earth, Holy, Fire
S – (Stun, Syphon, Death)
Evil Tail
W – Earth, Holy, Thunder
S – (Syphon, Stun, Death)


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Info

WA – Weapon Attack
MA – Magic Attack
WD – Weapon Defense
MD – Magic Defense
HP – Health / Hit Points
MP – Magic / Mana Points
ACC – Accuracy
EVA – Evade / Evasion
L – Level

// (L2…L5) indicate materials needed to forge the item.
L2 –
L3 –
L4 –
L5 –


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Gun

Super Snipe
High accuracy sniper rifle. Boost Snipe.
(Specialty at L5) Chance of instantly killing target.
Element: 50% Wind
Resistance: 100% Stun, 100% Accuracy Down
Details : 20% WA, 20% MA, 25% ACC, 10% EVA

L2 – 2 Microcontroller
L3 – 10 Microcontroller
L4 – 7 Steel Plate, 3 Softdrink, 1 RAM Chip
L5 – 1 Myhtril Plate, 1 Red Potion, 1 RAM Chip

Shadow Blaster
Element: None
Boosts Dark power.
L5 Specialty: May cast Darkblast
Resistance: 50% Dark, 50% Death
Details: 20% MP, 40% WA, 60% MA, -5% EVA

L2 – 2 Microcontroller
L3 – 3 Metal Gear
L4 – 15 Metal Gear, 1 Dark Rune
L5 – 4 RAM Chip, 2 Microcontroller, 2 Metal Gear

Red Vulcan
Element: 50% Fire
Boost Fire Skills.
L5 Specialty: May cast Flameshot.
L4 Specialty: Counters with Flameshot.
Resistance: 30% Fire, -30% Water, 60% Freeze
Details: 40% WA, 45% MA, 5% MD,

L2 – 1 Red Potion
L3 – 1 Magmaball, 2 Brick
L4 – 3 Magmaball, 5 Ruby, 3 Brick
L5 – 7 Ruby, 2 Red Potion, 10 Brick

Thunder Core
Element: 50% Thunder
Electric Gun. Boost Thunder skills.
L4 Specialty: Counters with Plasma.
L5 Specialty: May cast Plasma.
Resistance: 50% Thunder, -30% Earth
Details: 20% MP, 50% WA, 60% MA

L2 – 1 Magnet
L3 – 2 Magnet, 3 Microcontroller
L4 – 3 Magnet, 1 Gold Plate
L5 – 1 Magnet, 5 Gold Plate, 2 RAM Chip

Deep Blue
Element: 50% Water.
Water based gunblade.
L4 Specialty: Counters with Attack.
L5 Specialty: May cast Flood.
Resistance: 30% Fire, -30% Thunder, 50% Water
Details: 70% WA, 40% MA

L2 – 2 Sea Shell
L3 – 3 Steel Plate
L4 – 18 Steel Plate
L5 – 20 Bubble Stone, 1 Mythril Plate, 10 Sea Shell

Element: 50% Poison
Poisons foes.
Resistance: 50% Poison, 30% Earth
Details: 50% WA, 30% MA, 10% ACC

L2 – 3 Garlic
L3 – 2 Mushroom, 3 Herb
L4 – 3 Green Potion, 5 Cactus, 2 Emerald
L5 – 7 Emerald, 10 Cactus, 5 Mushroom

Heavy Claw
Element: 50% Bomb
Really heavy weapon. Lowers foes defense.
Resistance: 30% Fire, -20% Thunder, 30% Bomb
Details: 25% HP, 60% WA, 20% WD, -20% EVA

L2 – 3 Brick
L3 – 3 Steel Plate, 1 Metal Gear
L4 – 15 Steel Plate, 2 Metal Gear
L5 – 12 Steel Plate, 10 Metal Gear, 1 Titanium

Ark Angel
Element: 50% Holy
Drains MP from foes. Boosts Tornado.
Resistance: 50% Wind, 50% Holy
Details: 10% HP, 20% MP, 20% MA, 10% MD, 10% EVA

L2 – 1 Talisman
L3 – 5 Talisman
L4 – 5 Light Rune
L5 – 4 Light Rune, 2 Light Feather, 1 Pearl

God Hand
Element: 50% Bomb
Drains HP from foes.
Resistance: 50% Holy, 100% Death, 100% Doom

L2 – 3 Brick
L3 – 1 Curly Horn, 1 Jaw Bone
L4 – 12 Solid Spike, 10 Sea Shell, 5 Steel Plate
L5 – 2 Pearl, 10 Brick, 2 Metal Gear

Chain Saw
Element: None
Ultra high attack power.
L4 Specialty: Counters with Attack.
Resistance: -50% Syphon, -50% Stun
Details: 100% WA, -10% MA, -20% MD, 10% ACC

L2 – 2 Metal Gear
L3 – 4 Steel Plate
L4 – 20 Steel Plate
L5 – 1 Diamond, 10 Metal Gear, 2 Microcontroller

Element: None
Lowers foe magic attack.
Resistance: 80% Dispel
Details: 40% WA + MA

L2 – 2 Jaw Bone
L3 – 4 Curly Horn
L4 – 8 Solid Spike
L5 – 10 Solid Spike, 10 Curly Horn, 10 Jaw Bone

Steel Shark
Element: None
Boosts Magic Power. May Syphon foes.
Resistance: 50% Water, 100% Syphon
Details: 25% MP, 10% WD, 70% MA, 10% MD, -5% ACC + EVA

L2 – 1 Metal Gear
L3 – 3 Steel Plate
L4 – 12 Steel Plate, 5 Magnet, 3 Talisman
L5 – 1 Metal Gear, 1 Titanium, 2 Microcontroller


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Staff

Crystal Staff
Element: None
Balanced Staff.
L4 Specialty: Counters with Lucky Star
Resistance: 30% Fire, 30% Thunder, 30% Ice
Details: 20% MP, 60% MA,

L2 – 1 Rainbow Gems
L3 – 2 Rainbow Gems, 2 Sea Shell
L4 – 12 Rainbow Gems, 2 Geode
L5 – 3 Amethyst, 3 Emerald, 3 Ruby

Element: 50% Holy
Boosts holy skills.
L4 Specialty: Casts shine with standard attack.
Resistance: 50% Holy
Details: 10% MP, 50% MA, 10% MD, 5% EVA

L2 – 1 Light Feather
L3 – 7 Cupcake
L4 – 6 Light Rune
L5 – 4 Light Rune, 1 Pearl

Element: 50% Fire
Boost fire skills.
L3 Specialty: Casts fireball.
Resistance: 50% Fire, -20% Water, 100% Freeze
Details: 10% MP, 50% MA, 10% ACC

L2 – 1 Magmaball
L3 – 3 Magmaball
L4 – 3 Ruby
L5 – 5 Ruby, 15 Magmaball

Thunder Spear
Element: 50% Thunder
Resistance: 50% Thunder, 30% Wind, -20% Earth

L2 – 1 Magnet
L3 – 2 Gold Plate
L4 – 5 Magnet, 2 Gold Plate
L5 – 1 Mythril Plate

Arctic Wind
Element: 50% Ice
Boost ice skills. May stun foes.
L4 Specialty: Casts Iceshard.
Resistance: -20% Fire, 50% Ice, 30% Water
Details: 10% HP, 10% WD, 50% MA

L2 – 2 Bubble Stone
L3 – 2 Ice Crystal, 1 Sea Shell
L4 – 15 Ice Crystal, 10 Bubble Stone
L5 – 5 Ice Crystal, 20 Bubble Stone, 1 Mercury

Element: 50% Poison
Boost Toxic.
L2 Specialty: Casts vines with standard attack.
Resistance: -20% Fire, 50% Earth, 50% Poison
Details: 50% MA

L2 – 5 Herb
L3 – 1 Bug Wing, 1 Geode, 1 Old Wood
L4 – 10 Bug Wing, 2 Geode, 10 Green Potion
L5 – 3 Emerald, 5 Cactus, 5 Geode

Element: 50% Water
Water based staff. Boost bubble powers.
L3 Specialty: Casts Flood with standard attack.
Resistance: -20% Thunder, 50% Ice, 50% Water
Details: 10% HP, 50% MA

L2 – 2 Bubble Stone
L3 – 3 Light Feather
L4 – 20 Bubble Stone, 8 Sea Shell
L5 – 1 Mercury, 10 Bubble Stone

Boost Dark Skills. Lowers foes magic defense.
Counters with Attack.
Element: 50% Dark
Resistance: 50% Dark

L2 – 10 Earthball
L3 – 2 Magmaball, 2 Brick
L4 – 2 Ruby, 2 Brick
L5 – 5 Dark Rune, 6 Magmaball

Dream Catcher
Element: None
Syphon foes.
Resistance: 50% Syphon, 100% Dispel
Details: 20% MP, 40% MA, 10% MD, 10% ACC + EVA

L2 – 2 Old Wood
L3 – 5 Bug Wing
L4 – 5 Light Feather, 2 Talisman, 1 Emerald
L5 – 30 Talisman, 2 Ruby, 1 Emerald

Demon Tail
Element: None
Drains MP from foes.
Resistance: 100% Syphon
Details: 25% MP, 40% WA, 20% MA

L2 – 1 Talisman
L3 – 2 Dragon Fin
L4 – 5 Dragon Fin, 1 Dragon Scales, 1 Ruby
L5 – 7 Dragon Scales, 6 Ruby

Element: None
High accuracy staff. Resists many debuff.
Resistance: 100% Syphon, 100% Death
Details: 10% WD, 20% MA, 10% MD, 30% ACC, 15% EVA

L2 – 2 Old Wood
L3 – 2 Steel Plate
L4 – 9 Solid Spike, 2 Old Wood
L5 – 4 Dark Rune

Death Bringer
Element: 50% Dark
Dooms foes. Boost Doomsday.
Resistance: -20% Holy, 80% Death, 100% Doom
Details: -10% WD, 40% MA, -10% MD

L2 – 1 Jaw Bone
L3 – 2 Jaw Bone, 5 Garlic
L4 – 3 Curly Horn, 1 Sad Statue
L5 -15 Solid Spike, 3 Dark Rune

Dark Tooth
Counters with Pulse.
Element: 50% Dark
Resistance: Holy -20%, Syphon 100%

L2 – 2 Talisman
L3 – 1 Solid Spike
L4 – 2 Dark Rune
L5 – 1 Dark Matter


Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Sword

Heaven’s Gate
Element: 50% Holy
Boost Seiken. May lower target’s accuracy.
Counters with Attack. May cast Shine.
Resistance: 50% Holy. 100% Dispel.
Details: 50% WA + MA, 5% ACC + EVA

Sol Spear
Element: 75% Fire.
Boost Fire Attacks. May cast Fume.
L5 Specialty: May cast Fume.
Resistance: 60% Fire, 50% Ice, 100% Freeze
Details: 15% MP, 40% WA, 65% MA, 10% ACC + EVA

L2 – 2 Old Wood
L3 – 1 Magmaball
L4 – 1 Gold Plate, 5 Old Wood
L5 – 5 Gold Plate, 7 Magmaball

Boost Ice Attacks. May cast Tundra.
Element: 75% Ice
Resistance: -20% Fire, 60% Ice, 60% Water
Details: 10% HP, 80% WA, 40% MA, -10% ACC + EVA

L2 – 1 Ice Crystal
L3 – 2 Bubble Stone, 2 Icecream
L4 – 5 Steel Plate, 3 Ice Crystal, 2 Geode
L5 – 20 Ice Crystal, 20 Bubble Stone, 1 Mythril Plate

Gaia Axe
Element: 50% Earth.
Boost Earth Attacks. May cast Quake.
Resistance: -20% Wind, 60% Earth. 40% Poison
Details: 10% HP + WD, -10% MP + MA + EVA, 55% WA

Dragon Killer
Element: 50% Thunder.
May stun foes. May cast Thunderbolt.
Resistance: 50% Thunder. 50% Stun
Details: 10% MP, 60% WA, 20% MA, 15% ACC, 5% EVA

Swift Brand
Element: 50% Wind
Boost Wind Slash.
Resistance: 60% Wind, 30% Earth, 100% Doom
Details: 30% WA + MA + ACC + EVA

L2 – 1 Light Feather
L3 – 3 Light Feather
L4 – 5 Steel Plate, 3 Geode
L5 – 1 Mythril Plate, 2 Light Feather, 5 Geode

Black Fang
Boost Nettle. Counters with Attack. Poison Foes.
Element: 50% Poison.
Resistance: 30% Earth. Poison 60%. Dark 30%

Boost Revenge. Counters with Revenge.
Resistance: 100% Stun

Sword Breaker
Element: 50% Dark
Lowers target’s attack.
Resistance: 60% Dark
Details: 40% WA, 20% WD, 10% MD + EVA

Blood Blade
Element: 25% Poison
Drains HP from target. Boost Drain.
Resistance: 40% Poison
Details: 5% HP + EVA, 20% WA + MA, 10% MD

Rune Blade
Drains MP from target. May syphon target.
Element: 25% Holy
Resistance: 50% Dark, 100% Death, 100% Doom

Soul Eater
Element: 25% Dark
Pure Attack Power. Counters with Attack.
Resistance: -20% Holy
Details: 120% WA, -30% WD + MD, -20% MA

Life Shaver
Element: None
Dooms target. Boost Fright, Screamer and The Dead.
Resistance: -20% Holy

L2 – 1 Jaw Bone
L3 – 3 Jaw Bone, 1 Curly Horn
L4 – 4 Curly Horn, 2 Sad Statue
L5 – 1 Dark Rune, 6 Solid Spike

Element: 25% Wind
Guitar that boosts magic attack.
Resistance: -20% Thunder
Details: 15% MP, 30% WA, 70% MA, -10% ACC

L2 – 3 Microcontroller
L3 – 1 Magnet, 3 Stunner
L4 – 4 Metal Gear, 1 RAM Chip, 2 Steel Plate
L5 – 5 Metal Gear, 3 RAM Chip, 2 Magnet

Hats Female

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Female Hat

Nurse Hat
Boosts Heal and Healmore.
Resistance: 100% Syphon
Details: 20% WD + MD

L2 – 1 Light Feather
L3 – 1 Silk
L4 – 3 Silk
L5 – 10 Silk, 1 Feather

Pope Hat
Resistance: 50% Holy, 50% Dark
Details: 10% MP, 15% WD, 25% MD

Star Hairclip
Boosts Lucky Star and Star Shower.
Resistance: 100% Magic Attack/Defense Down
Details: 10% MP + WD + MA + MD, 5% ACC + EVA

Red Ribbon
Boost Fire Rain.
Resistance: 50% Fire
Details: 10% HP + MA, 15% WD, 20% MD

Thunder Bauble
Resistance: 50% Thunder
Details: 20% MP + MD, 15% WD

Ice Shards
Boosts Ice Spike.
Resistance: 50% Ice
Details: 15% WD, 20% MD, 10% EVA

Pink Flower
Flower resistant to earth and poison.
Resistance: -20% Fire, 30% Earth, 60% Poison
Details: 10% WD, 25% MD, 5% EVA

Skull Hairclip
Sniper’s hairclip.
Resistance: 100% Accuracy Down, 100% Evade Down.
Details: 10% WD + MD, 30% ACC, 10% EVA

Cat Ears
Kawaii cat ears.
Resistance: 100% Stun, 50% Death
Details: 10% WD + MD, 15% ACC, 20% EVA

Cow Horns
Cow horns accessory.
Resistance: 70% Wind, 100% Syphon
Details: 25% HP, 20% WD, 20% MD

Drill Bits
Defensive hairclip. Boosts rockslide.
Resistance: -20% Thunder
Details: 10% HP, 30% WD, 20% MD

Skull Hairclip
Resistance: 100% Accuracy Down, 100% Evade Down

L2 – 1 Jaw Bone
L3 – 1 Curly Horn
L4 – 3 Curly Horn , 4 Solid Spike
L5 – 10 Solid Spike, 7 Jaw Bone

Hats Male

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Male Hat

Leather Hat
Basic Hat.
Resistance: 50% Stun
Details: 10% HP, 5% MP + EVA, 15% WD + MD

Fuzzy Hat
Keep warm in winter.
Resistance: -20% Fire, 50% Ice, 25% Wind
Details: 5% HP +EVA, 10% MP + MA, 15% WD + MD

Mage Hat
Magic boosting hat.
Resistance: 50% Syphon, 50% Death
Details: 30% MP, 10% WD, 15% MA, 25% MD

Captain Hat
Water resistant pirate hat. Boost Hand Bomb power.
Resistance: 50% Water
Details: 5% HP + MP + EVA, 20% WD, 10% MD

Ninja Hood
Resistance: 100% Attack+Accuracy+Evade Down
Details: 5% WD, 10% MD, 15% ACC, 15% EVA

Knight Helmet
A knight’s helmet. Summons NoLegs to fight.
Resistance: -10% Fire, -10% Thunder
Details: 5% HP, 30% WD, 15% MD, -5% EVA

Genji Helmet
A powerful samurai’s helmet.
Resistance: 50% Earth
Details: 10% WA, 25% WD, 5% MD, -5% ACC

Viking Helmet
Inflicts berserk status on the wearer.
Resistance: 50% Accuracy Down, 50% Defense Down

L2 – 1 Fine Fur
L3 – 4 Fine Fur
L4 – 8 Fine Fur, 3 Curly Horn
L5 – 10 Fine Fur, 4 Dragon Scales

Pilot Goggles
Goggles for high accuracy. Boost stun time from stunner.
Resistance: 100% Accuracy Down

L2 – 2 Microcontroller
L3 – 2 Magnet
L4 – 3 Magnet, 2 Silk
L5 – 6 Dragon Scales

Soldier Helmet
Standard Soldier Helmet. Randomly summons Medipacks.
Resistance: 50% Bomb
Details: 25% WD, 20% MD

Officer Hat
Vintage Hat from WW2. Randomly summons backup machine guns.
Resistance: 50% Dark

L2 – 3 Ragged Cloth
L3 – 1 Silk
L4 – 3 Silk
L5 – 5 Stunner, 2 Dark Rune

Gas Mask
Protects from status defects. Randomly summons poison gas.
Resistance: 100% Poison, 100% Stun
Details: 20% WD, -10% ACC + EVA

Armor Female

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Female Armor

Red Dress
Balanced dress.
L4 Specialty: Buff magic attack when hit by powerful attack.
Resistance: 30% Fire, 30% Thunder, 30% Ice
Details: 20% WD, 10% MA, 25% MD, 5% ACC, 5% EVA

L2 – 1 Red Potion
L3 – 1 Purple Potion
L4 – 2 Ruby, 3 Purple Potion
L5 – 4 Ruby, 1 Purple Potion, 3 Red Potion

Whitemage Dress
A white mage’s traditional clothing.
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Slime Bunny.
Resistance: 50% Holy, 100% Freeze.
Details: 10% HP, 10% MP, 20% MA, 20% MD

L2 – 1 Light Feather
L3 – 1 Silk, 1 Icecream
L4 – 2 Light Rune, 5 Cupcake
L5 – 1 Light Rune, 1 Pearl, 2 Sundae

Pope Dress
Sacred clothes of pope.
L4 Specialty: Buff magic defense when hit by powerful attack.
Resistance: 50% Dark, 50% Holy, 100% Doom
Details: 20% MP, 20%WD, 25% MD

L2 – 2 Talisman
L3 – 4 Light Feather, 1 Muffin
L4 – 1 Rainbow Gems, 3 Gold Plate
L5 – 2 Rainbow Gems, 1 Light Feather, 1 Pearl

Green Dress
Earth resistant clothes.
L4 Specialty: Randomly casts Ivy.
Resistance: 50% Earth, 50% Poison, 50% Death
Details: 10% HP, 25% WD, 25% MD

L2 – 2 Herb, 2 Kiwi
L3 – 5 Herb, 1 Green Potion, 1 Geode
L4 – 2 Emerald, 3 Cactus
L5 – 3 Emerald, 8 Watermelon, 3 Geode

Flame Skirt
Flame resistant clothes.
Resistance: 50% Fire, -20% Water, 100% Berserk
Details: 20% WD, 10% MA, 15% MD, 10% ACC, 10% EVA

L2 – 1 Magmaball
L3 – 3 Magmaball, 1 Red Potion
L4 – 1 Ruby
L5 – 8 Magmaball, 5 Ragged Cloth

Viking Dress
Winter clothes.
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Mammoth.
Resistance: 50% Ice, 30% Wind, 50% Freeze
Details: 25% WD, 10% MD

L2 – 1 Fine Fur
L3 – 3 Fine Fur, 1 Sea Shell
L4 – 1 Silk, 1 Solid Spike
L5 – 2 Silk, 13 Solid Spike, 2 Fine Fur

Heavy knight armor with high defense.
Resistance: -10% Fire, -10% Thunder, 100% Dispel
Details: 20% HP, 50% WD, 40% MD, -10% ACC + EVA

L2 – 1 Steel Plate
L3 – 3 Steel Plate
L4 – 6 Steel Plate, 2 Coconut
L5 – 1 Steel Plate, 1 Titanium

Camo Skirt
Female army clothes?
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Medipacks.
Resistance: 70% Bomb
Details: 20% WD, 10% MA, 10% MD, 10% EVA

L2 – 2 Microcontroller
L3 – 4 Green Potion
L4 – 2 Emerald, 2 Coconut
L5 – 2 RAM Chip, 1 Geode, 3 Microcontroller

Ninja Skirt
Sleek Ninja gear. Boost power of thrown Shuriken.
L4 Specialty: Buff evade when hit by powerful attack.
Resistance: 50% Dark, 50% Stun
Details: 10% WD, 10% MD, 15% ACC, 25% EVA

L2 – 2 Bug Wing
L3 – 10 Shuriken
L4 – 15 Light Feather, 3 Silk
L5 – 5 Light Feather, 2 Dark Rune

Cat Costume
L4 Specialty: Randomly summons NoLegs.
Resistance: 100% Syphon, 100% Stun, 100% Death
Details: 5% WD, 10% MA, 20% MD, 10% ACC, 15% EVA

L2 – 1 Fine Fur
L3 – 4 Fine Fur
L4 – 4 Sad Statue
L5 – 10 Sad Statue, 5 Fine Fur, 4 Silk

Cow Costume
L4 Specialty: Buffs defense when hit by a powerful attack.
Resistance: 100% Dispel
Details: 30% HP, 10% MP, 20% WD, 20% MD

L2 – 2 Milk
L3 – 6 Milk
L4 – 5 Milk, 5 Silk
L5 – 2 Milk, 1 Mercury, 2 Coconut

Armor Male

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Equipment Male Armor

Leather Armor
Balanced armor.
Resistance: 30% Thunder, 100% Stun
Details: 10% HP + MP, 30% WD + MD, 10% ACC + EVA

L2 – 3 Ragged Cloth
L3 – 12 Ragged Cloth
L4 – 3 Ragged Cloth, 3 Silk
L5 – 4 Silk, 1 Gold Plate, 10 Dragon Scales

Red Jacket
A red mage’s jacket.
L4 Specialty: Buffs magic attack when hit by a powerful attack.
Resistance: 60% Fire, 100% Magic (Attack + Defense) Down
Details: 30% MP, 10% WD, 20% MA, 40% MD, 5% ACC + EVA

L2 – 2 Talisman
L3 – 1 Light Rune, 3 Garlic
L4 – 4 Light Rune, 1 Sundae
L5 – 3 Ruby, 10 Talisman

Casual Shirt
Casual clothes. Doubles the effect of healing.
L4 Specialty: Buffs magic defense when hit by a powerful attack.
Resistance: 100% Syphon, 100% Berserk, 100% Dispel
Details: 20% WD, 20% MD, 10% EVA

L2 – 2 Muffin
L3 – 1 Pineapple
L4 – 2 Hamburger
L5 – 1 Pizza, 1 Coconut

Pirate Gear
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Narwhal.
Resistance: 80% Water
Details: 10% HP, 10% WA, 20% WD, 20% MD, 5% ACC + EVA

L2 – 2 Tentacles
L3 – 3 Softdrink, 3 Sea Shell
L4 – 2 Softdrink, 8 Tentacles, 5 Solid Spike
L5 – 10 Bubble Stone, 8 Curly Horns, 5 Solid Spike

Ninja Cloak
Nimble Ninja Gear. Boosts power of thrown Shuriken.
L4 Specialty: Buffs evade when hit by a powerful attack.
Resistance: 50% Dark, 100% (Accuracy+Evade) Down
Details: 15% WA, 10% WD, 10% MD, 15% ACC, 25% EVA

L2 – 3 Shuriken
L3 – 12 Shuriken
L4 – 10 Light Feather
L5 – 1 Mythril Plate

Knight Armor
Heavy knight armor with high defense but many weaknesses.
Resistance: -10% Fire, -10% Thunder
Details: 20% HP, 60% WD, 30% MD, -10% ACC, -20% EVA

L2 – 3 Brick
L3 – 2 Steel Plate
L4 – 10 Steel Plate
L5 – 1 Titanium

Genji Armor
Found at Glacier Valley 4 (Q1)
Powerful samurai armor.
L4 Specialty: Buffs attack when hit by a powerful attack.
Resistance: 50% Earth
Details: 20% WA, 40% WD, 20% MD, -10% EVA

L2 – 1 Dragon Fin
L3 – 1 Dragon Scales
L4 – 2 Gold Plate
L5 – 3 Gold Plate

Viking Fur
Found at Glacier Valley 6 (C3)
Viking clothing resistant to harsh weather.
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Mammoth.
Resistance: 60% Ice, 60% Wind, 50% Freeze
Details: 10% WA, 25% WD, 25% MD

L2 – 2 Fine Fur
L3 – 5 Fine Fur
L4 – 2 Silk, 2 Sea Shell
L5 – 3 Fine Fur, 1 Mythril Plate

Army Jacket
Lance default equipment.
Standard Army Jacket
L5 Specialty: Randomly summons Air Strikes.
Resistance: 50% Bomb
Details: 10% HP, 20% WD, 20% MD

L2 – 2 Microcontroller
L3 – 1 Magnet, 1 Steel Plate
L4 – 3 Magnet, 2 Silk
L5 – 3 RAM Chip

Officer Coat
Found at Volcano 3 (C4)
Resistance: 50% Dark.
Randomly summons Tank backup.

L2 – 2 Hand Bomb
L3 – 8 Stunner
L4 – 22 Hand Bomb, 4 Silk
L5 – 3 Dark Rune, 5 Stunner

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Cheat

Buying adds gold
96 02 00 08 04 4e 96 02 00 08 05 1c 0b
96 02 00 08 04 4e 96 02 00 08 05 1c 0a

Damage Adds Health
96 08 00 04 01 08 14 04 01 08 14 4e 96 04 00 04 03 08 bf 4e 0b
96 08 00 04 01 08 14 04 01 08 14 4e 96 04 00 04 03 08 bf 4e 0a

One Hit Kills
96 08 00 04 01 08 48 04 01 08 48 4e 96 04 00 04 03 08 64 4e 0b
96 08 00 04 01 08 48 04 01 08 48 4e 96 05 00 07 00 00 00 00 0c

Matt Starts New Games With 9999 HP:
C8 00 00 00 07 09 > 0F 27 00 00 07 09

Natalie Starts New Games With 9999 HP:
A0 00 00 00 07 09 > 0F 27 00 00 07 09

Lance Starts New Games With 9999 HP:
B4 00 00 00 07 09 > 0F 27 00 00 07 09

Tips to manually save game to your desktop:-
If you have trouble having your save file lost after
clearing your internet browser cache, you can manually
save it in your desktop (or any other folder) by doing this.
Go to the location (below) in your hard disk.

For Online Version:-
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM_CHARACTERS]\chat.kongregate.com\gamez009613\live\Epic_Battle_Fantasy_3_secure.swf

For Offline Version: (If you save on desktop)
C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[RANDOM_CHARACTERS]\localhost\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Desktop

Copy that whole folder and save it to your desktop.
Now you can safely clear internet cache files that
hogs your hard disk without removing your hard effort save files.
After clearing your internet cache, copy your backup save files
into the same place, and load up your game!

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257 responses to “Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough”

  1. epic supreme says :

    Please help us where and mini game: [

  2. NaLu4ever says :

    How can I get the nurse hat?

  3. Zeno De Lunar Chalavier says :

    cash3135 :
    How can you get all 60 medals if there are two foes that are only in that medal room. Isn’t one of the medals scan all enemies?

    yes it’s to scan all enemies, but all enemies exists outside the medal room, you might want to take on akron first, since Rune Claws, Evil Tails, and Evil Worms only exist there outside the medal room.

  4. Zeno De Lunar Chalavier says :

    I found another way to defeat Akron, all you need is equip Matt with a Ninja Cloak, Swordbreaker (Rune Blade is fine too, but I recommend Swordbreaker), and any hats (I recommend Gas Mask, as it protects from poison), Natz with Pope Hat, Pope Dress (Ninja Skirt is also a fine choice, but PD is better in my opinion), and Obsidian, and Lance with Officer Hat, Officer Coat, and Shadow Blaster(No alternates for him), make sure to max them out.
    Now, when the battle starts, kill off the Rune Claws until at least one or all of them is/are replaced by a Cosmic Monolith, then just do what Natalie says, shoot and stab them like you always do, if needed, change Matt’s sword (the battle will be a little harder but the damage done should be better (I only change the sword to use Cleaver or occasionally Legend) to be on the safe side, cast Regen once in a while, or if you’re doomed, just let the doomed character die and revive him/her or cast revive on him and just battle like usual, use limit breaks whenever available, bring some pizza, you might need it, and most important of all, focus on attacking Akron (Except if other enemies starts to get annoying, I usually kills off Skull Ghosts whenever they appear first) since all the other enemies will disappear after his defeat.
    Make sure you max out all skills (should be impossible to not, but….) especially limit breaks, except Black Hole and Annihilate, since most of enemies are resistant to it (Although Rune Claws, Evil Worms, and Evil Tails doesn’t seems to be resistant to it, despite the bestiary saying otherwise [it still got DEATH status and died in an instant after I used Black Hole for some reason])

  5. kana says :

    There’s nothing I can do my poison.

  6. Zeno says :

    Ummm, I beaten Akron, and started a new game+ without the + Feature, saved, quit, and enters again the next day. Guess what? I’M IN FRONT OF AKRON AT LV0 WITH ONLY EQUIPS, SKILLS, AND ITEMS THAT I GOT WHEN I FIRST STARTED THE GAME!!!!

  7. rarity says :

    I see you don’t have Kitten ruins 6 listed in your walkthrough. Try as I might, I can’t figure out how to open the right-hand gate to get to the last orb/cat/npc’s in screen8… HELP!

  8. snoep says :

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to understand so much approximately this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you could do with some % to force the message house a little bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  9. Andrei says :

    i have 2 question that id like to be replyed :
    1 Where do i find the officer things
    2 Where do i find thenurse hat

    • thejes says :

      officer things are found in the volcano and the nurse hat is found in a hidden treasure chest in space.

  10. video grabber software says :

    Normally I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great post.

  11. Vulsvang says :

    Ok, im playing this on Kongregate. Its been said you need to ahve all 60 medals to get Death to go away.

    I am stuck trying to get Scan All Foes. If two of the enemies are in the volcano treasure room, and ONLY in that treasure room, then it is impossible to get all 60 medals and impossible to get INTO that treasure room.

    Can anyone help with this?

  12. hi says :

    hey does anyone have any tips for how to get the skeleton killer medal?
    i cant get anywhere close to 230 points

  13. Jake A. Lias says :

    OK, I have a serious question. Is there a way to get Matt to target the boss when he has Viking Helmet equipped? It’s annoying to have him attacking comparatively weak enemies that the boss can respawn faster than he can kill, when he could just kill the boss itself.

    • Justin Lewis says :

      no when you have the viking helmet on u cant target actually the viking helm is the dumbest item to use use the knights, gas mask, or one of the 2 military helms there random summons help alot depending on your play style

  14. Duy Nguyen says :

    Are U write it or what?

  15. kaze-noi says :

    how we can do 100k damage to enemy??

  16. mike says :

    were can i find a guide on all chests get back to me as soon as you can

  17. John says :

    Please when and where do u enter cheat codes

    • Jake A. Lias says :

      There are no cheat codes. )= However, you can play a hacked version at arcadeprehacks.com

      • Jake A. Lias says :

        Now that I think about it, though, you might be able to “cheat” by downloading the game and changing the data. For example, you could alter Matt’s basic attack so that it’s base power was 9,000. With that much power, you could probably one shot Akron. (-:

  18. greg says :

    hey the rusty dude gave me 4 jaw bones!

  19. 2Epic says :

    just realized that when monsters are defeated, the loots are randomized slightly

  20. Fortus says :

    there is one more quest in the kitten kingdoms

  21. soong says :

    Where can I find the 214th chest? Some guys found total 214 chests (highscore), but I found only 213 chest and the walkthrough shows only 213 chests.

    • 2Epic says :

      there is a chest at glacier valley 1 at the bottom right corner, or there is a hidden chest at ruins 3 behind the dead tree

  22. Me says :

    I can’t find the army clothes (or hat) or the pope hat.

    • ryuujin46153 says :

      I assume you’re asking about the Officer Coat and Hat, because the army clothing/jacket is Lance’s default outfit. You must gather the Crimson Orbs that you used to open the gate at Kitten Kingdom Ruins and place it on the pillars in Volcano 3 to open the gate there. Taking the orbs will close the gate at Kitten Kingdom Ruins, but you should be fine if you’ve accessed the portal in Ruins 9, where you fight/fought Protector. Just backtrack to Glacier Valley and enter the portal there.

      Volcano 3: You must defeat the Ancient Monolith blocking the path to the pillars on the right side, but you should be able to beat it if you follow the walkthrough. Opening the gate will reveal four chests, two of those containing the Officer Coat and Hat.

      Natalie’s Pope Hat is a quest item. Talk to Celeste (the priestess with glasses) in Glacier Vally 4 and she will ask you to gather 1 Pearl, 3 Light Runes and 5 Sad Statues. You can buy all those at the shop in Vegetable Forest Town at a hefty price, but if you don’t want to waste money, just browse the walkthrough to find which monster/s drop these items.

  23. ryuujin46153 says :

    Here’s what I did against Cosmic Monolith from Volcano 5:

    Matt – Ninja Hood (L5), Ninja Cloak (L5), Rune Blade (L5)
    Natalie – Pope Hat (L5), Pope Dress (L5), Sentinel (L5), Regen (L5)
    Lance – Officer Hat (L5), Officer Coat (L5), Shadow Blaster (L5)

    Matt – Dark + Doom + Death + AtkDown = 100%, AccDown + EvaDown = 200%
    Natalie – Dark + Holy + Syphon + Doom + Death + AccDown = 100%
    Lance – Dark = 130%, Death = 50%

    Matt – Ragnarok (MAX), Legend (MAX)
    Natalie – Kyun (MAX), Judgment (MAX), Thunderstorm MAX)
    Lance – Syphon (MAX), Oblivion (MAX), Air Strike (MAX)

    It’s important to forge all equipment to level 5 to get their bonus effects. You’ll be surprised how invincible your team is once you fight Cosmic Monolith. To deal with the first wave of monsters, order Lance to cast Syphon (hopefully you made him learn the skill) to disable the magic attacks of the Skull Ghosts. Then order Natalie to cast Judgment to kill them off, then Thunderstorm + Airstrike the Eye/s. Matt will be pretty much useless on the offensive in this round, but that’s okay. If you have any buff skill, order Matt to cast it so not to waste his turn.

    When Cosmic Monolith appears, chances are at least one of your party members have already used their turn. It is up to you to cast their Limit Breaks at any point, BUT it is important that Natalie uses Kyun first to lower Cosmic Monolith’s evasion a little bit, or else Matt’s and/or Lance’s Limit Breaks will miss horrifically. Never mind the posse, they will always die from Limit Break damage.

    Now here’s where the magic starts. If you equipped your party with the equipment I recommended, they will take 0 damage from Cosmic Monolith, and Lance will even heal from it’s attacks! You can always Syphon it if you want, but it’s pretty much useless. Remember that Cosmic Monolith’s evasion is really high, so you may want to hit him as many times as you want each turn. This is where Matt’s Legend skill will come in handy. If you maxed this skill, Matt will hit monolith at least 60% of the time. Have Natalie cast debuffs or Thunderstorm, and order Lance to attack with Air Strike. If you’re lucky, the Air Strike will drop the black bomb, dealing 20+K damage.

    • ryuujin46153 says :

      I forgot to mention a little detail…

      If you equipped Matt with the Rune Blade (maxed), he will recover MP every time he uses Legend. Sweet!

  24. Megapat says :

    OK im dying because of card flipper there is no way i can do it in under 60 seconds

    any suggestions ?

    • 2Epic says :

      take a screenie and paste it on your paint, look at your paint quickly and look, thats what i did 😀

  25. Zephrylis says :

    My method of defeating The Protector (Ruins Boss), any difficulty:
    – Equip Matt with Viking Helmet, Genji armor, Dragon Killer
    – Equip Natalie with Star Hairclip, Cat Costume, Crystal Staff
    – Equip Lance with Officer Hat, Green Jacket, Thunder Core (All level 5, preferably)

    Ist round, Matt charges up his own offence with Temper, switch turns to Lance who throws Nat some Milk, Nat bombs all the Runes with her Star Shower spell.

    2nd round, Matt goes berserk and kills The Protector. If the Runes aren’t dead, bomb with Nat’s Star Shower again while Lance Debilitates.
    My fights with that boss hardly goes into the third round, but if so, make sure to summon the Bunny and buff evade!

    BTW Ayumilove, the Skull Hairclip was repeated twice in your equipment details above. Thanks for an awesome walkthrough.

    • Zephrylis says :

      Green Jacket haha. I meant Army Jacket.

    • Dazell says :

      How do you get the Officer Hat, found in the Volcano, in the Ruins?

      • Zephrylis says :

        Woah, did the walkthrough above disappear while I was away?

      • Zephrylis says :

        Neways, if you haven’t found the Officer Hat yet, then Lance’s default army helmet will do. He plays a support role in that battle, Matt is the primary attacker.

  26. Robert Geczi says :

    I didn’t read all the other posts, but I just wanted to say that for the Ruins 9 Protector (Boss), I didn’t use most of the buffs the writer of the article mentioned. I just used Kyunn, and the other two’s Limit Breaks (forgot which one I used for each), and hit the boss with the lightening/Ice combinations that the writer wrote about.

    That’s it.

  27. Great Northern says :

    I’ve been searching in google for some items and occasionally found this ayumilove.wordpress.com web site. Thanks for sharing this info. I find it very cognitive as I have been analysing a lot lately on practical matters such as you talk about..

  28. Mance says :

    sorry i sent 2

  29. Mance says :

    can someone help?
    i cant move death i need all 60 medals and i cant get the one where you scan all enemies because i didn’t scan the other 2 runes on the kitty kitty runes, is there any way i can re-battle bosses or something like that?

    • Bill says :

      Only way I know of is to do a New Game+ after beating Akron and then going back to the Protector and scanning the runes. It should be easier to get to the ruins because you still have all your stuff.

  30. Mance says :

    Hey can anyone help me? i am trying to complete all medals but i couldn’t scan all of the runes that were in the protector’s boss battle. is there any way i could re-scan them? please help.

  31. Bill says :

    How do you tell the difference between a physical and a magical attack?

    • Jake A. Lias says :

      Matt: His physical attacks are his Bushidos, and his magic attacks are his Specials I’m pretty sure all his limit breaks are physical.

      Natalie: ALL of her attacks, except for her normal attack, are magic.

      Lance: His attacks are all magic, except for Snipe, Double Shot, Unload, Crush, and Oblivion. I’m pretty sure that’s right.

      As for the enemies, it’s very difficult to tell. Some good rules of thumb are:

      1. Their attack animation. If there is a similar animation in one of your characters’ attacks, then the two attacks are probably the same type. Also, if they actually touch you, the attack was probably physical.

      2. The effect. If the attack had any effect other than debuffing and damage, it was probably magic. Also, if the attack was insanely powerful, it was probably magic (i.e. Akron’s charged darkness attack, though that is an extreme example). Finally, I think attacks that damage multiple characters tend to be magic.

      3. Buffs. If the enemy buffs itself in only attack or only magic attack, that means that the attacks it uses are of that type.

      4. Trial and error. If you have some time on your hands, you can try buffing only the defense of your team, taking a hit from a certain attack, then taking another hit with only magic defense buffed. This tells you definitely which type the attack is, assuming you can keep other variables to a minimum (such as buffs on the enemies).

      5. Stats. if you look at your enemies stats (just hover your mouse over the little question mark that pops up when you are targeting an attack), and attack his significantly higher than magic attack, or vice versa, then most or all of the attacks from that enemy will be of that type.

      If anyone else has anything to add, or happens to find a flaw in one of the rules that I entered, please reply! (=

    • thejes says :

      someone in glacier valley tells that magic attacks are with some moving.all of natalies attacks are magical(attack and meow meow are physical).all of matts bushidos are physical and fright,screamer and power metal are magical,also ragnarok is magical.lance and his attacks are all magical,if they have a element

  32. Intreseted reader says :

    You forgot to include the Skull Ghost in your Volcano tab

  33. 1793 says :

    So how can we get the Ninja Skirt for Natalie?

  34. chocolatebunny says :

    how do you get Slayer? i know it’s 100k points, but how can it be achieved? i have checked 3 very extensive guides already and cannot find any hints…

    • Passing through says :

      I followed the suggestions of upping Matt’s attack as much as possible, then fitted him with the gear mentioned for the Akron battle. Everybody had their limit breaks going in, so I first used Kyunn right away, followed by Matt’s most powerful limit break, Cleaver, then Lance’s Nuke after making sure Akron wouldn’t absorb it.

      The only time I broke the 100K mark was with Matt’s attack and it wasn’t a critical hit either. A little luck based since Akron changes up his strengths and weaknesses, so you can keep replaying the fight till you get it.

    • Passing through says :

      Or try Kyunn, then Lance’s defense lowering backup (forgot the name), then Cleaver, to hedge your bets a bit more.

    • Guest says :

      Go to first area, equp lance with best magical buff gear, cast bless then nuke you can easly go for 100k+ dmg without crit.

  35. Passing through says :

    Very helpful walkthrough. Used it mostly to find the treasures.

    Just an observation though; for the last fight (Akron) I kept losing as I followed your equip suggestions since Lance and Natalie would catch berserk and no one would heal anything. I changed their equip to protect against berserk (Casual shirt and the Flame Skirt) and left Matt as he was originally. I managed to win the fight and get the Hard badge on Kongregate.

    This was all done on Normal, with everything maxed out and level 30.

  36. Vallie Tolbent says :

    I think this internet site contains some rattling good info for everyone : D.

  37. Levi says :

    how do you play the game once you’ve downloaded it?

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  39. Cosmofan1000 says :

    How do I ENTER cheats? I won’t yet, but still, how?

  40. Leroy1994 says :

    Hey i downloaded the offline version but i can’t play it just a white page:( please help

  41. Chewy says :

    I downloaded the offline version of the game… but how do you work it?

  42. Sjcodan says :

    Ummm… You don’t get the nurse hat in space. you might wanna fix that

    • FAIL says :

      Ummm… Yes you do…

      • iSmartMan says :

        Really? I think that different sites have different versions, because I opened every chest on the Armorgames version and never found the nurse hat, but on Kongregate I found it in a Vegetable Forest chest. Could someone provide confirmation on this?

  43. Ahmad Afiq says :

    Hey ayumilove. Thanks for posting walkthroughs. I mostly use ‘equipments recommended’ to fight bosses. I am now grinding to lvl 30 to fight Akron.

  44. Janine Bantuan says :

    Where do I find Natz’s Drill Bits,?? I opened all the treasures in Kitten Kingdom but, I really cant’t find it… Why is my other data has it but my other data had no Drill Bits,??

    • Cosmofan1000 says :

      That’s because in Kitten Kingdom, the Drill Bits are a quest reward. When you see the 3 quest-givers, if you do the one the right’s quest, you get Drill Bits.

  45. Zakuro says :

    Is there anyway to teleport to the town before Glacier Valley? I don’t see a crystal anywhere.

    • Emma says :

      Theres a crystal on the island near the giant squid boss. Look carefully – its on the right side of the island.

  46. Emma says :

    My arrow keys aren’t working well for this game so the players walk around by themselves. It’s really annoying. Help,someone?

  47. gxy says :

    oh darn, i give up. fighting the boss is too hard, he easily takes down every1 in 1 turn with his cannons. i dunno how the guy in the video did it, i used all my stat consumables, upgraded everything to lvl 5 but, do like half of his dmg, and the guy in the vid was so lucky:(

  48. KnutKanone says :

    Awesome work!

    But u missed the cat in NPC Quest Location (3rd Row). I only count 9 quests instead of 10 🙂

  49. TheIdioticIdiot says :

    The Ancient Monoliths blocking those two pillars that needs to have those red balls in the volcano 3 are really hard to take out in epic mode (I mean, seriously… I barely survive their massive beams, and then they heal like 50k hp every turn…)… I am stuck on that, I don’t want to go ahead until I beat it, unless it’s better… though I will most likely get badly owned by the Cosmic Monolith…
    Any tips as to how to beat them?

    • Rithin says :

      I dunno why don’t you try using Natalie’s Holy Limit Break so if you die you will come back and try to get all of your skills maxed out so you can just charge up all of their limit breaks and then hit em where it hurts!Buffing is not recommended since the laser will just kill you if you want to use Natalie’s limit break first,you highly need coffee it is cheap and if Natalie is down (which happened to me when abyss killed me) so technically you need Limit Breaks and don’t think the boss is easy he is 10 times harder!Another Tip:Go to all past secret areas

      • TheIdioticIdiot says :

        I don’t feel like wasting a limit break on it, but i will if needed to…
        also, i don’t have all skills maxxed because i don’t like grinding (as in going back to earlier dungeon, and do all the monsters again for AP, EXP, and money)

      • Zeno De Lunar Chalavier says :

        One thing, you can always cast revive on an already alive character rather than using genesis

    • Rithin says :

      If you don’t like limit breaks then you must use hacks!*Laughs* just kidding if you want one character to survive have your dark resistance at 100 or more if then you will be healed by the attack or take 0-10 damage and if you want better results go finish off the easy enemies like the black bush,yellow monolith,etc. and you will be in level 30 if you aren’t in it already it is incredibly useful (I’m level 32) so it is more useful the only bad luck is Matt but his Ninja Costume helps and so does Lance’s Commander outfit and of course Natalie’s Pope outfit so yeah you could do that oh and when you finish the game (Akron is so easy) you can play it again with all of your items,levels,gold,etc. it’s boring but yeah you can earn more medals you can do the process over and over again oh and buff yourself as much as you can and then buff Natalie’s accuracy and attack the Cosmic Monolith with the multi-lightning strike and with lance’s bombs it is very useful!Oh and P.S. epic mode is hard so you have a good reason to not win also if this was Epic Battle Fantasy 2 you have no life *laughs*.

    • manu says :

      First of all,you need matt and natalie’s limit break, have resistance to dispel and buff your magic defense,defend against giant lazors if you want. Equip matt’s blizzard, the use natalie’s limit break FIRST then make lance give matt some beer BEFORE using cleaver.You will take down one monolith with two/three strikes from cleaver and the rest should hit the other monolith.

      With this you’ll kill them in no time.

      • Hydrox6 says :

        You’re all missing something here: Syphon. the most useful skill when figthing monoliths is syphon.

    • Tawoskel says :

      Dark resistance/Magic resistance
      and use thunder weapons.
      Unleash stuns them with a 1/2 or 1/3 chance

  50. Emma says :

    But maybe that was because I was doing it on Easy mode.

  51. wit says :

    I’m missing the water skills…where the hell are they? I’ve done every quest I can find.

    • Emma says :

      There are no water skills. Equip Nat with Nimbus or Lance with Deep Blue.

    • Rithin says :

      You can use the bubbles misc item but that is your only magic so Deep Blue,Pirate Costume,and Nimbus are really useful if you’re fighting against fire Characters oh and you don’t need Water that much Ice is a replacement for that so get Matt’s Tundra to level 5 and get his Ice sword since that will deal 20,000 damage if you’re at level 30 or 29 but if you’re lower than it’s still good though!

  52. Victor says :

    How do we get the Officer equip?

  53. Legoburn says :

    Someone’s probably already noticed this, but Matt can endlessly use any physical Bushido if he has the Rune Blade equipped.

    • Hydrox6 says :

      yeah, but the power’s not as great as if he used, say soul eater or blizzard, so it’s not used a lot, despite infinite attacks. and i think some bosses are immune to mp draining.

  54. matt maker says :

    ac :you don’t show ruins 5

    ftw type in suck it

  55. matt maker says :

    wheres the night helmet

  56. ac says :

    how to get to left side of ruin 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. ac says :

    you don’t show ruins 5

  58. huids says :

    To get cheat engine 5.6, type it in on google or something.

  59. Emma says :

    Wow… I defeated the dragon with no pizzas!

    • Hydrox6 says :

      same. they were annoying though.

    • Duy Nguyen says :

      I defeated the dragon without limit break skill and food

    • Jun says :

      I beat the game on normal without using a single pizza but I did use one hamburger to get “fatty” It’s really not that hard Now that I think about I don’t think I used any sundaes, milk, beer, soft drinks or pineapples

  60. huids says :

    Guys, get cheat engine 5.6. Then select array of bytes. Then type in the codes. First row is search. Second row is change to.

  61. Emma says :

    ayumilove, how do you do the cheats?

  62. Emma says :

    I defeated the 3 headed dragon really quickly by charging up my limit break then using it on the dragon. Then I did cataclysm a couple of times to defeat Czars. Then I cast Regen and healmore some times. Then airstrike and shockwave and iceberg to defeat Blaze. By that time your limit break should be charged up again. Use it and seiken, thunderbolt and plasmacross to defeat Abyss. Hope this helped.

  63. Hi says :

    Is there a way to defeat the three headed dragon without using up 20 pizzas and 30 coffees?

    • Rithin says :

      Well totally!I played it on easy mode but I use epic mode methods so do this:First you will need to have a fully charged limit break and have some buffs on yourself and some weakening buffs on your enemies so just use Natalie’s limit break (Kyun) and then use Matt’s Ragnorak (If you have it) then use Lance’s Oblivion and after that they will be highly damaged it’s best to leave the healing dragon for last since he summons weak servants so have Matt’s Blizzard sword and Ninja Costume and have Lance’s Officer costume along with Super Snipe and Natalie’s Pope Costume and Seraphim Staff to kill Blaze and Abyss easily and so only Czara is left and now you can finish him of with Matt,Natalie,and Lance!

    • Tawoskel says :

      My strategy (Epic, 6 coffees,garlics and cupcakes used)
      First, have your limits maxed and get dark resistance:
      1: cut Czar’s head off:
      Matt: Swordbreaker, Officer Hat, (Genji Armor) (limit:Cleaver)
      Natz: Obsidian, Pope hat, green dress (limit: Kyun)
      Lance: Shadow blaster, Mage hat, Officer coat (Limit: Oblivion)

      2: Blaze and change some stuff, this part will be the hardest one: (only when you’re safe)
      Matt: Blizzard, ninja cloak (limit:cleaver)
      Natz: pope dress, arctic wind (you can skip) (limit:kyun)
      Lance: Deep blue (you can skip too) (limit:ion)

      3: Abyss:
      Matt:Rune blade, genji helmet (limit: cleaver again)
      Natz: Thunder spear,pope dress if you didnt change (limit: Genesis or kyun)
      Lance: thunder core, officer hat (when Matt has changed) (Limit: Oblivion)
      and keep the minions under syphon

  64. Hi says :

    Can anyone tell me how to do the cheats? Thanks.

  65. me says :

    i cant get the chest c3 in glacier valley 2

  66. gregg says :

    How do you enter the cheats

  67. F-P Boutet says :

    Hum… I am not getting something: To get to the Volcano treasure room, you need all 60 medals. one of those medals is “Beast Scholar: Scan all foes”, but 2 of those foes are in that treasure room!?!?

  68. Creati says :

    Hey hey I can’t seem to get the last 2 brown orbs (one from ruin 5 and the other one from 8) because at ruins 6 all 3 entrances are blocked, mind to help me?

  69. Lyph says :

    Any tips on getting a time under 65 seconds in the card flipping )3rd) minigame? It’s the only achievement I’m missing for the 60 medal room…

    • F-P Boutet says :

      I used PrintScreen and then pasted it on a Paint file and kept it aside from the actual game… I ended making it in under 30 secs! hahahaha

  70. pat says :

    OMG!!! How dyou get like, 200000 health for matt at dragon?

  71. Yuki Mashiro says :

    ayumi love – san , I don’t have the officer coat and officer hat , viking helmet , ninja skirt
    I’m currently at the final boss, akron
    Where can I get those equipments ?

  72. Annie says :

    Does anyone know the best combination to defeat the Cosmic Monolith? I’ve tried like 5 million times, and I can’t do it. Please tell me the different weapons, or skills I need. And If you don’t have them automatically by the time you reach Volcano Land, where are they? Thanks

    • Hi says :

      To defeat the Cosmic Monolith fill up the red bar then use Natalie’s Kyunn then Matt’s Ragnorak then Lance’s Oblivion.

    • Hydrox6 says :

      Matt needs ninja top, genji helm or viking helm, and dragon killer.
      Natalie needs pope dress, pope hat, and either a dark-resistant staff or dark tooth.
      Lance needs officer hat and coat (found behind the big gate in volcano 3(take the orbs from kitten kingdom then put them back later)) and shadow blaster.

      Matt should use legend (unless you’re using viking helm, in which case he’ll auto attack at turn 2), Natalie should use syphon until at least one of them is syphoned (when battling 2+), and then use thunderbolt. Lance should just use airstrike on them.

    • Tawoskel says :

      Equip with dark resistant items(+ magic resistance buffs) and thunder weapons,
      and use unleash to stun
      (those monoliths are not completely resistant to stun)

  73. joseph says :

    please can someone tell me how to do cheats

  74. lastthai says :

    Can I change difficulty after complete the game

    I see something about difficult when the game end

  75. Metal hero says :

    I reached level 30 and used all stat building items but my HPs go to 12k tops…
    How to reach 20k or more like I’ve seen in the video???


    • Emma says :

      In the video it was the second time they played it so they chose unlimited levels. You can’t get 20,000 hp.

  76. adrian1 says :

    Dont EVER cast a berserking ability at a monolith or else it will use it’s lazer beam over and over without recharging.

  77. Jen says :

    How do I get magic circles?
    I need them to finish my last sidequest, and I only have one out of three…

  78. Gunz says :

    Hey guys, where can I fond the Sad Statue thingy??
    I can only find 3, and I need 2 more for a quest, bottom left on the quest window…
    Somebody help me pleaseee!!! >_<

  79. Shine40 says :

    LOL!!!! I collected the orbs, went to the glacier valley crystal and used it to go to the kitten kingdom crystal and put the orbs there! No need get the volcano rock!!!

  80. Aden says :

    I’m at the part that i have to find the brown orbs. I found 3 and i know the nest one is in ruin 8 but how do i get it i just cant go in there to get the other orb please help.

  81. ayumilove says :

    WS :

    Where do I get another battery? I’ve ctrl+f’d a couple times and I can’t find it.

    I’m at the boss in the volcano, I have all the treasure medels for every area until the volcano (so I didn’t miss a chest), and I’ve completed almost all other quests besides the second battery one and the last 5 (many of which you need the battery for, so you get the missile).


    Q4 – (Konata) 1 RAM Chip, 10 Microcontroller
    Reward: 3 Choco Cornet, 3 Yoghurt, 1 Battery

    Q1 – (Heinkel) 10 Herb, 3 Mushroom, 1 Green Potion
    Reward: Berserk Skill (For Matt/Natalie), 1 Battery

    Glacier Valley 2
    C3 – 1 Battery, 1 Ice Crystal, 3 Icecream

    Glacier Valley 6
    C4 – 1 Battery, 5 Magnet, 2 Steel Plate

    Glacier Valley 9
    C2 – 1 Battery, 7000 Gold, 1 Gold Plate

    Kingdom Cat Ruins 8
    Q1 – (Ginger) 5 Sad Statue
    Reward: 5 Gold Plate, 1 Battery, 1 Silver Shield

  82. ayumilove says :

    ThatDude :

    Oh, I found it. It’s in the 30 Medals Chest Room. Ayumi, you need to fix the typo. It says “Ninja Clock”.

    oops sorry about that, correcting the spelling now 🙂

  83. Lục Nhi says :

    My recommendations:
    A) Bonus Skills.
    – Berserk: Natalie. Reason: the more times Natalie casts Berserk on Matt, the stronger he is.
    – Dispel: Natalie. Reason: follow the tactical sequence Matt Drill, Natalie Dispel, Lance Syphon.
    – Flare: Lance. Reason: Natalie is always busy with healing.
    – Meow Meow: Natalie. Reason: read Official Walkthrough.
    – Power Metal: Matt. Reason: read Official Walkthrough.
    – Syphon: Lance. Reason: Lance casts Syphon, depends on the situation, Matt or Natalie will cast his/her shield.
    – Tera Drill: Matt. Reason: this is an ATTACK skill.
    – Guardian: Lance. Reason: Matt and Natalie already has shield.

    B) 3 Heads Dragon
    * Equipments (all level 5):
    – Matt: Gas Mask, Ninja Cloak, Rune Blade.
    – Natalie: Pope Hat, Pope Dress, Nirvana.
    – Lance: Officer Hat, Red Jacket, God Hand.
    * Strategy:
    – Poison Blaze and Czara to highest level you can. Dispel when Czara buffs. Don’t apply Lance Poison Gas.
    – Use Cleaver when there is only Abyss left, Ragnarok for the rest. Use Oblivion after Blaze’s death, before that Ion.
    – Remember to apply good sequence of behaviour in different situation. I recommend to kill Blaze first as it can heal 30k+.

    C) Arkon
    Engage and Quit until Arkon’s weak like what you desire.
    I recommend to keep the setup as with 3 heads dragon.

    D) Minigame
    – 4th game: Kill 6 skeletons when they’re moving on one direction since after the resurrect they keep sliding on the same direction.
    – 5th game: When you’re at the very last left of the screen, the falling objects won’t hit you.

    E) Fast recovery
    Instead of moving around until all characters recover, you can actively equip them with specific draining weapons. Engage, 2 charater attacks, retreat, repeat. I like that! 😛

  84. Jake says :

    Can someone help me concerning the Treasure Chests? I’m going through all the locations trying to find all the potions, according to your maps I have them all in Rock Lake and Glacier Valley but it’s not giving me the medals. What am I missing?


  85. EpicFantasyFanatic says :

    I cant get it to load past the light golem in kitty ruins, any help?

  86. WS says :

    Where do I get another battery? I’ve ctrl+f’d a couple times and I can’t find it.

    I’m at the boss in the volcano, I have all the treasure medels for every area until the volcano (so I didn’t miss a chest), and I’ve completed almost all other quests besides the second battery one and the last 5 (many of which you need the battery for, so you get the missile).


  87. nooby says :

    I have 4 shield got the 4th last quest but i dunno how to get another 1….

  88. gorillaman says :

    Cosmic Monoliths are helpless while syphoned. They’re resistant to it but not immune, unleash w/ rune blade can get it done.

    • dude says :

      ah thank you very much, they are really syphonable. But u need craploads of luck to get this effect applied on them. But many many tries later I killed those damned lvl 50 Monoliths in the 60Medals room!
      30 of each Bufffood except accuracy and evade.

    • Tawoskel says :

      It’s the same for stun (I prefer it because they have thunder weakness)

      • sylph says :

        Stun doesn’t last as long as syphon though. Natalie can use her reed staff to siphon for 5 turns with a single hit. When fighting the 3 monoliths in the trophy room, I don’t think you’d be able to acheive enough stun before they kill your party – it’s hard enough to sylphon them all with matt’s syphon sword, natalie’s syphon staff, and lance doing syphon spells.

  89. LDuck says :

    Wow! Amazing walkthrough! My go to one.
    I was looking for the chocolate on the stat boosting items and can’t seem to find it.

  90. Charmander says :

    i have 51 achievements but the death is still in my way of the treasure room in volcano level. how do you move his ass? i thought you only needed 50 achievements

  91. Madison McClure says :

    On hydra boss, both the healer and the middle dragon are not immune to poison (it heals the 3rd so watch out). Level 9 poison takes out their health pretty consistently.

  92. Alex says :

    Hey 1st up tnx for the walktrough and 2nd can you please make a video walktrough on Kitten Kingdom Ruins (i just cant get all 4 orbs) i really need it!
    Tnx again and cya later :):)

    • ayumilove says :


      Zoom into the Kitty Kingdom Ruins, do you notice 2 brown orbs on both left and right side of the center of the boss map? Go to those pillar, and hit spacebar to collect them (similarly to collecting items in chest)

  93. katane95 says :

    avenger’s upgrades
    L2-1 steel plate
    L3- 4 steel plate
    L4- 1 titanium
    L5- 15 steel plate, 2 gold plate

  94. ber says :

    This is awesome thanks a bunch for making this, and also for the people who helped to improve it. Can’t imagine how much effort went into compiling all of this. o_o its almost as epic as the game itself.

  95. Contagion says :

    I can’t find the Ninja Cloak. It’s not listed above other than to equip it.

  96. Jack says :

    I have finished the game thanks to your awesome walkthrough…

    Just for posterity, my team at the last battle :
    – Matt : Ninja hood, Ninja cloak, Heaven’s Gate
    Legend and Cleaver did a great job. Akron was weak against holy all the battle
    – Natalie : Pope hat, Ninja skirt, Crystal Staff
    Regen and Hellmore continuously… the counterstrike Lucky Star was often welcome
    – Lance : Officer hat, Officer Coat, Thunder Core
    Plamacross, Tank and Oblivion made a good baking against the Akron’s minions

    It’s a great RPG for a flashgame
    And thanks to all for tips…

  97. dude says :

    Hi Ayumi. Great walkthrough!
    One appeal I still have. Could you add a vid or smth, how to beat the three lvl 40 Monoliths in the 60Medals Area? I dont see anyway to kill them. They instagib me in every gear :/
    Would be great!
    Thx a lot, and greetz

    • Hi says :

      You don’t need to defeat them. Just retreat and grab the tresure.

      • Emma says :

        I mean treasure.:)

      • sylph says :

        You can do it without playing the game through a second time. Just get your entire party immune to dark, have no ‘counter’ skills in your party, but take a few ‘summon’ armours (summon tank is a good one). Also take weapons that ‘syphon’ when unleashed (ark angel, demon tail, life shaver).
        Now, when fighting the 2 bushes, don’t fight back until your entire party has a halo over their heads (nidalee’s revive spell), full magic resistance, and regeneration. At this point, keep re-casting those revives to keep the halos fresh, until eventually your tank summons will automatically kill the last of the 2 bushes.
        By letting automatic tank attacks finish the bushes, your entire party will get to act before the three monoliths can cast theit evil spells. Use the syphon spell, and use unleash attacks, desperately trying to syphon at least one of the two dangerous monoliths (light and stone). Provided you succeed, you can then continue to syphon until the light and stone monoliths have at least 15 stacks on their syphon icons, at which point you can proceed to syphon the dark monolith (so that it cn’t heal the others).
        Once you have 10 stacks of syphon on all 3 monoliths, take them apart.

    • RobinHood70 says :

      Haven’t tried it, but playing the game through a few times with the option to keep your stats and equipment would probably work. Even on the second play-through, your evade and defenses from all the stat items will make most of the game seem like child’s play. Probably by the third or fourth time, even those monoliths would be a breeze. Or, as Emma says, you can just flee and ignore them.

  98. JBirdman says :

    Hey Ayumilove, just so you know, there is a missing part..

    Glacier Valley 7 Tips

    Get Matt a new skill L1 Cataclysm, L1 Iceberg
    Get Natalie a new skill L1 IceStorm, L4 Regen, L1 Flare, L1 Shine
    Get Lance a new skill L

    It doesn’t say what skill(s) Lance should get at that point.

  99. Sunn says :

    the dragon wasn’t so hard! it took only 20 minutes and I didn’t even use 1 pizza! (because it was so expensive..but I used 2 hamburgers though) Matt’s saiken really helps.

  100. symm says :

    for the slayer achievement i just put matt in the genji armor+helm Lv5 and equipped soul eater Lv5 engaged combat with the little green bushes right outside the town, used tactics, changed turn to nat used beer on matt,switched turns again to lance and used debilitate and then used unleash with matt and got it. easily obtained.

    • 2fast4U says :

      i did it by fighting Akron, wait until his defence and magic defence to 70% and element changed to ice(or wutever the cyan was), then use lv3 temper on lance and then use tera drill, it did 107486 damage w/crit and before battle everyone was lv33, thats how i did it

  101. Go says :

    Where did the .sol files go?

  102. btjz says :

    Easy way to get slayer medal.Use damage adds health cheat them have more hp than your max e.g 5609/3451 then use revenge and you should do NaN damage giving you the slayer medal

    • jarikk says :

      god to know and all, unless you don’t know how to use the cheats. how do you anyways? I can’t figure that out

      • Chris says :

        yeah me too, i dno’t get it. i tried it, but it didn’t work. are u supposed to use spaces? hyphens? is it two different ones, or are the two rows connected? plz reply

  103. ayumilove says :

    Added 2 videos:
    Strategy to Defeat Cosmic Monolith in Epic Mode
    Strategy to Defeat Arkon in Epic Mode

    Added one more mini game:
    Narwhale Surfer provided by James NPC in Rock Lake 7

  104. JBirdman says :

    You are missing a mini game in the Mini Game Location section..

    Narwhale Surf (Rock Lake 8 – James)


  105. dawn says :

    how can we use the cheats??

  106. boom says :

    ok guys i really need your help where i can get OFFICER HAT ADN ARMOUR please help me 🙂 and i need some more cat statues for my cat armour….also whhat about NINJA skirt for natalie but priority is that OFFICER ARMOUR where is it

  107. Destyx Ajax Cato says :

    This walkthrough, is so far the absolute most amazing walkthrough that I know of, and I’m amazed at how much attention span you have to have taken the time to make this. The few mistakes, I probably would’ve made to.

  108. El Mariachi says :

    I need some advice on how to reach the 100k damage on a foe, it’s the only medal left to make death move and grab the treasures. Any suggestions?

    • Taima says :

      what I did, is I went back to the first battle (the two green bushes), equipped the sword that boosts Nettle, then used that skill. Popped him for about 137K of damage.

    • ayumilove says :

      The easiest way to deal over 100k damage is to:
      1. charge Lance’s Limit Break
      2. charge Natalie’s Limit Break

      Return to Vegetable Forest where you encounter
      your first monster (Green Bushes, fire weak)

      Use Natalie’s Kyunn Limit Break, followed by
      Matt to providing Milk to Lance (increases magic attack by 70%)
      Finally, use Lance’s Nuke. This easily deals over 100k damage.

      Since my Lance had all the magic attack permanent stat
      consumeable, and equipped with all magic attack equipments,
      he dishes over 300k damage easily.

      With critical, he does 800k damage ( near to a million damage 😀 )

  109. JBirdman says :

    This is going to sound perverted, but I don’t seem able to get the Pervert medal. 😛

    When/where exactly should I be clicking on Natalie’s bosom? 😮

  110. Denis says :

    Where can we find the drain sword? I can’t do anything without MP, ’cause I suck, and That sword would help mundo.

    • ayumilove says :


      The sword that drains MP is called “Rune Blade” which can be found in Glacier valley 8 C2 (use ctrl+F) if you can’t find it. The walkthrough is pretty lengthy

  111. boom says :

    where ican find more of cat sad statues ??? i need them to upgrade my cat armour

    • TARDIS says :

      If it drops from an enemy then it can be found in the misc shop, unless it’s a restorative item.
      This is pretty much the safest way to get the rarest items – dark runes and dark matters are either bought in the shops or drop from those ****ing Cosmic Monoliths.

  112. Ishu Bagaria says :

    I just entered the volacano and I can’t decide what to equip Nat and Lance with.

    Should I equip Nat with Nimbus water staff (level 5) and do normal attacks causing floods, or should I equip her with Arctic Wing ice staff (Level 5) and use Iceshard/Icestorm but it has negative fire resistance and not all monsters are weak to ice (red slime). Or should I give her Nimbus and use starshower/meow meow?

    With Lance, I just use poison gas as instructed so I can’t decide what gun I should make him wear. He’s currently equipped with L5 Destroyer (50% poison) but that doesn’t help with the poison gas skill.

    • Nikee95 says :

      In the Volcano section of this page, It says what equipment to use. Also what spells to use.
      Its important. For example, In Volcano 9 (the “9” is the room) It will say what equipment to use for Hydra. Following a video. Which shows combos and spells on what to use. all Equipments must be fully.. um.. The highest level.
      N = Pope Hat, Cat costume, Death Bringer
      M = Viking Helmet, Ninja Cloak, Blizzard
      L = Officer Hat, Army Jacket, God hand

      … Looks like I told YOU the walk through for Hydra.

  113. Taima says :

    Not sure if it’s just me or if the link is screwey, but I am not seeing the whole walkthrough. I can get to the Akron video, but it only shows half of the video screen and its blank besides that until the comments. Am I the only one with this issue?

  114. LivndeadX says :

    Hey ayumi when i go into my C drive i cant find my document and settings and i dont have any other drives help? D:

  115. Thatperson says :

    The flowers are scattered in the walkthrough and I cant find them all.
    list them plz?

    • ayumilove says :

      Flowers Found in:-
      1. Vegetable Forest Secret Area medal room
      2. Forest Town West from Rusty (NPC Quest)
      3. Forest Town SOuth East (Abandon House Chest)//requires old key to unlock
      4. Rock Lake 2 Chest
      5. Kitten Kingdom Ruins 4 Chest

  116. Ishu Bagaria says :

    While writing the guide for glacier valley 7, you missed out what skills to be taught to Lance. Its just written “teach Lance L” and the part after that is missing.

  117. Chris says :

    Hi there,

    cool stuff with the walkthrough but i can´t find the 3rd missle to get the star powder.
    Could someone help me?

    • ayumilove says :


      omg, the walkthrough is just above of you!
      use CTRL+F to find the missile!

      1st missile = yoko npc
      2nd missle = calum npc
      3rd missile = glacier valley secret area medal room.

      It’s all written above….

  118. LivndeadX says :

    LivndeadX :
    i only have ebfslot5.sol

  119. marzacc says :

    at the last part u stated that thr are cheats but how to use tem

  120. Maktaka says :

    How do elements in skills and weapons stack? For example, I use the Sol Spear (75% fire) and cast Tremor (50% earth). What element is the resulting attack? Does the ability ignore the element of weapon, or does the element of the weapon affect the remaining 50% of Tremor’s damage?

    • ayumilove says :


      I think its like this,
      when you use an equipment with 75% fire,
      and the monster is fire weak,
      you gain an additional bonus of 75% damage.

      If your sword does a basic 200 damage,
      it adds 200 x 0.75 = 150 extra
      Total net damage would be 350.

      Of course, that net damage will be reduced
      by monster defenses. And further reduce if
      it has defense buff up.

  121. n1w1f00 says :

    where do I put the cheats ..??!

  122. LivndeadX says :

    How do u get ur save file to work on the offline epic battle 3??

    • ayumilove says :


      download the offline version.
      launch a new game and save into a slot (slot 1,2,3,..7) etc
      Then search through your c: drive for .sol EBFslot1.sol
      Once you get that location of that sol,
      place my save game into that folder.
      Quit your current game, and click continue to load the new save file

  123. LivndeadX says :

    How do u get ur save file to work on the offline epic battle 3?

  124. ZW says :

    Guy :what does it take to satisfy you people! Be glad he even made half a walkthrough! You poeple could never make something this detailed, he included just about everything in the game. So what if it has a few mistakes, if you know there are mistakes, good for you! Now stay quiet and let everybody else enjoy this persons work.

    It is called constructive criticism and feedback to make this guide as complete and accurate as possible, thats all.. It will be to the benefit to the people that refer to this walkthrough.. Anyway, I am sincerely grateful for the effort Ayumi has put in to making this guide and for that thank you, AyumiLove.

  125. Jon says :

    There are some treasures in space as the official walkthrough mentioned; in the yellow and red stars (not the big one). One of them contains a Nurse Hat for Natalie, which when level 5 gives 20% defence and magic defence, 100% syphon resistance and boosts the power of Heal and Healmore.

  126. Guy says :

    what does it take to satisfy you people! Be glad he even made half a walkthrough! You poeple could never make something this detailed, he included just about everything in the game. So what if it has a few mistakes, if you know there are mistakes, good for you! Now stay quiet and let everybody else enjoy this persons work.

  127. 2fast4U says :

    Flare is only available to Natalie and Lance
    Meow Meow is available to all
    Tera drill is only available to Matt and Lance

  128. Aita says :

    You say you have to get to Volcano 9 to get behind the gate, and this is incorrect. You can backtrack from the Protector’s crystal, take out the four gems, backtrack further to the Mammoth’s Crystal, then port back to the protector’s crystal and walk north.

    hope it helped

    • Destyx Ajax Cato says :

      You cannot backtrack that way. You need to get to Volcano 9 to activate the crystal, because once you remove the four Crimson gem’s, the gate in the Desert area will drop, blocking you from moving north that way. Which is why you need to use the crystal in Glacier Valley to port into volcano 9 to backtrack through it to get to the gate. It’s impossible otherwise.

  129. TARDIS says :

    I’m curious as to what all the references are… DO you think you could add a list to it detailing that?

  130. Destyx Ajax Cato says :

    And I’m pretty sure there’s quite a few more armors then that.

  131. Destyx Ajax Cato says :

    You are missing a beast from the Glacier Valley list.
    Viking monolith:
    W – Earth, Bomb.
    S – Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind.

    Another from the rock Lake.
    Spike Crab:
    W – Earth, Holy, Bomb.
    S – Water, Fire, Thunder, Wind.

    I don’t think that there’s a DRILL BOT in Vegetable Forest.

    And you put BOLT RUNE, twice, in the Kingdom Cat Ruins.

  132. darkvolt says :

    wow, I was about to make a half-ass attempt of a guide on this, thanks for making a better one =D! I think i’m going to start epic mode now :3

  133. someone over thar says :

    Needs the volcano and black hole map. I can supply info on all fully upgraded skills and items.

  134. burax says :

    pls complate all walkthrough im on ruin i need complate there pls help

  135. 2fast4U says :

    good, but i want the whole walkthrough that i can get the hard badge for beating the game(of course) and im stuck on the volcano and i also wanna know where are the chests are located in the ruins cuz i couldnt get all of em and ill post all the skills i have later, note: if ur stuck on the protector(ruin boss), upgrade bomb/thunder resistant armors, it helps alot and u can make the resistance go over 100%, if its over 100%, the attack of that element HEALS u

    • ayumilove says :

      thanks, I would need help on the skills 😀
      Making the map picture would take some time.

      • 2fast4U says :

        Normal skills:
        Quick slash
        Wind slash
        Limit Breaks:

        Normal skills:
        Lucky star
        Star shower
        Limit breaks:
        Black hole

        Normal skills:
        Double shot
        Bullet hell
        Plasma wave
        Air strike
        Poison gas
        Limit breaks:

        Other skills:
        Meow meow
        Tera drill

        PS:this part may be incompelete

  136. irmanf says :

    where i can get an offline version ? i’ll download it, so i can play on my harddrive all day…

    • Guest says :

      1)Go to firefox
      2)Type about:cache?device=disk
      3)Press ctrl+f then find http://cache.armorgames.com/files/games/epic-battle-fantasy–6897.swf
      4)click on link
      5)find something like that:C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\jxc5g9mn.default\Cache\40F0017Ed01
      6)open folder and rename 40F0017Ed01 to 40F0017Ed01.swf file weight is 24,1 МБ
      7)To play just drop file to you browser or download macromedia flash player

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