CasualCollective Desktop Defender Facebook Walkthrough Guide

Below are video guides on how to farm facebook desktop defender coins quickly to buy all the upgrades for your towers and all card boosters. The best farming map is Flood Mode in
Extreme Mode (where the score points is x4)

Desktop Defender Farming $150 Coins in 1 minute

You need to earn at least 4800 score (top right corner)
to be safe! Your total score (x4 in extreme mode) should be
19050 to earn the maximum $150 coins per play. You do
not need to complete the whole game course as its a waste of
time unless you’re not farming for coins to purchase booster/card.

This can be applied using your bots!
Instruct your ai-bot to build according to this layout and the sequence of upgrades and activating cards! With bot, you don’t need to grind all day. This method allows you to earn $7,500 coins per hour. Set up 2 bots to earn $15,000 coins per hour 😀

You need 4 cards/boosters :-
Fast Forward x1
Fast Forward x2
Fast Forward x3

or you could substitute with…
Fast Forward x1
Fast Forward x2
Bomb (kills 10 strongest enemies)
Blast (Removes 75% health from all enemies)

You need to use 4 types of towers:-
Laser, Swarmer, Frost, Pellet

Once you have upgraded all laser, swarmer and frost tower at maximum,
sell the swarmer towers after the Fast Boss appears! or just get killed by the flying enemies. You do not need to complete the whole Flood Course! Just get at least 19050 score to earn the maximum $150 coins per play.

Desktop Defender Farming $150 Coins in 2 minute

So, if you do not have expensive cards to start with,
you can go for this cheap package, but it takes approximately
less than 2 minutes.

You need 2 cards/boosters:-
Fast Forward x1
Fast Forward x2

You need 4 types of towers:-
Basher, Swarmer, Frost, Pellet.

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    Cool tutorials^^

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