Ayumilove Hackerstory 2 Anti Idle Game

Play Online: Ayumilove Hackerstory 2 Anti Idle Game

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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.

15 responses to “Ayumilove Hackerstory 2 Anti Idle Game”

  1. XxxCris9xxX says :

    Awww Ayumilove can you PLEASE put Your hackerstory 2 up for download because i really wanna play ~ Cris Sub on my youtube channel XxxCris9xxX! ❤

  2. killer3692 says :

    hey this is awosomeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Khyrius says :

    hey, It was deleted on kongregate =/

  4. bob saget says :

    hey what song is this

  5. Mini says :

    It was deleted on kongregate

  6. Dylan says :

    ayumilove why when i click the game link then it return to the kongregrate main page please help i spent a whole 1 month trying to click it everyday 😦 so please help

  7. CygnusTommyX says :

    hey i try to play this on kongregate but it just goes back to the main screen can u pls tell me why

  8. FroznFire1 says :

    where can i play this game it looks really fun but i cant find it

  9. Dude says :

    On kongregate, it says on her profile:
    Hi guys, no maple flash games for now, concentrating on my projects while hanging out on Kong like usual to pass time when I’m bored. And please don’t spam the comments board with nuisance. Don’t worry. I’ll continue with hackerstory once I have done with my work. :).
    So that means she didn’t delete it forever.

  10. Ravendude777 says :

    Did she take it off the websites? whenever i go to link it just takes me to kongerate.com, insted of the thing on kongerate, and on another site it says, “Want more games? go to http://www.kongerate.com/accounts/ayumilove. Still, i just wanna play 😀

  11. bcool137 says :

    it was in beta :(all here stuff is gone except for v1, maybe she got hacked

  12. danasanr says :

    It was there, i missed it, and now its off? ?!?!?! ive been waiting to play that for like 2 years 😦

  13. Shadowzfire says :

    I don’t think she did it by any means, but if ayumi did it, she has her reasons. Lets leave it at that okay?

  14. avenger345 says :

    probably v2 is still being made?

  15. Aviv says :

    Hey Ayumilove i loved the hackerstoryV1 and I found out that is the Hackerstory 2 Anti Idle Game but I also found out that it have been removed why you did it?

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