Creeper World Sim Training Walkthrough Speed Run

Creeper World Training Sim

Defend your base from the Creeper and fight your way to safety! Creeper World Introduces a whole new kind of enemy that flows across the terrain. Fight back with your blasters, mortars, drone attacks and more. Strategy/Defense games will never be the same!

Play Online : Creeper World Sim Training (Kongregate Badges)

Push the advancing Creeper back and activate all Rift totems
to transport Odin city to safety. Use the mouse to select a
structure at the bottom left and place it on the map.
Build collectors to provide energy and towers to fight the
Creeper. Make sure all structures are connected to the city.

Creeper World Sim Training The Cell Walkthrough 5 minutes

Creeper World Sim Training The Bowl Walkthrough 9 minutes

Creeper World Sim Training The Bowl Walkthrough 17 minutes


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2 responses to “Creeper World Sim Training Walkthrough Speed Run”

  1. ayumilove says :

    added the cell video (5 minute walkthrough)

  2. Emanuele Ciriachi says :

    Wow, just wow. Really creative use of Drones here – when you made the first two rather than actual blasters I was like, what the hell is he doing? Then you started building 9 by side 😉
    Very well executed.

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