Ayumilove Mafia Wars Marketplace Weapons, Armor, Vehicles Analysis

Never ever buy Mafia Wars marketplace BOOSTS!
They are a WASTE of reward points! Zynga tries to trick you!
Assuming you purchase the best attack and defense boost.
If a newbie attacks you, you just wasted 1 powerful defense boost.
Here is a strategy that pros would take, they create multiple
dummy accounts to hit your main character, even though their
dummy has lost, each attack removes 1 super defense boost
that you purchased from marketplace. Once your super defense
boost is gone, they use their main to attack you just by pure
weapon strength. From there, your account will get iced/snuffed.


Attack | Defense | Reward Points | Item | ATK Ratio | DEF Ratio
55 : 48 : 35 – Exploding Teddy Bear (1.57 : 1.37)




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