Mafia Wars HOW TO: create an energy account, farm your account with top weapons *FREE GUIDE*

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This is a remake of the old “How to get a level 1000+ character FAST” guide. It includes a loot farmer character build and a fighter character build which are different paths of the same root strategy.

A lot of things changed after the first guide was created: poker game was reduced to uselessness, moscow was introduced, stamina was changed to cost one skill point and all characters are now forced to be maniacs. All these changes made the old guide pretty obsolete so now I’m sharing a new one. I realize the game will just be changed again but it’s fun to keep the devs on their toes.


– You need a level 299+ fearless character, a level 299+ mogul character and a character with over 15,000 jobs completed in your mafia so you can promote them in YOUR top mafia to get 11% more exp bonus on jobs, -11% energy cost on jobs and +15% more money from jobs. Just read through the add me forums’ posts to find these.

– To make the beginning part more bearable, I recommend having as many collections as possible vaulted and the required consumables acquired in advance.

– Find a low level inactive account for dumping stamina. RL friends that have installed MW but never play are perfect for this. This is only a temporary phase, if you are going down the fighter route just swallow your pride for a second.

– Since new characters are forced as maniacs, you can only be promoted as a Top Mafia Mastermind which is a 5% chance to get 50% more exp bonus when doing a job. If you also could somehow get yourself promoted as a wheelman, that wouldn’t be bad.

– Get 4 firebombs and 2 .45 revolvers before reaching level 13.

– For loot farmers, 4 cigarette boats and 5 prop planes

Phase 1

At all times in phase 1, every single skill point and GF point will go into increasing your energy skill.

In this phase you master New York jobs until Boss tier, do not use energy on already mastered jobs unless stated otherwise.

Levels 2-7

The exp required for these levels is underdemanding, you cannot get stuck here.

Levels 7-18

To get through 7-18 in one sitting you need most of the collections prevaulted and some luck, the exp requirements in these levels is extremely high. In this miniphase, always dump your stamina first and roll over as much exp as possible from previous levels. For example if you have 1 exp for a level up but 10 energy left, do a job (even if already mastered) that gives the most exp and costs 1-10 energy. When you reach level 13 you will unlock the job ‘Burn Down a Tenement’ in Enforcer tier. This job has very low money requirements: $80,000 to buy the 2 sedans but the payout is almost $400,000 per job done with 1.50 exp ratio. In other words, money is no longer an issue. The job also requires 4 firebombs and 2 .45 revolvers which is why you had them gifted to you since level 2.

Level 18+

When you reach 18, continuous levelling should always be possible if you just do jobs in the right order. You should have Street Thug and Associate mastered or almost mastered by level 18. By mastered I mean mastered THREE times. You will be juggling between soldier, enforcer and hitman constantly to get soldier mastered as the first 3 jobs are 1:1 ratio. By doing jobs in the right order I mean: do jobs that have ratio higher than YOUR ratio but still as close as possible to your ratio.

To calculate YOUR ratio, subtract your current exp from your exp required for next level and divide it by the amount of energy you have. For example:

I am level 50. My current exp is 15,725 and the required exp for next level is 16,257. I have 300 energy left.

(16257 – 15726) / 300 = 1.77

You can do jobs that have higher than 1.77 ratio. Most jobs you have to master in this phase have ratio of 1.00 – 1.85~

To calculate JOB ratio , simply divide the exp payout by the energy cost of a job. For example 35 energy cost, 71 exp payout:

71/35 = 2.03

Basically: if your ratio is much higher than the ratio of the job you are doing, you will not level up after you have spent all your energy. And if your ratio is much lower than than the ratio of the job you are doing, you will level up but you will waste a lot of energy.

So with this, go master New York by juggling between jobs until you have the Private Island (Underboss reward) and all previous tiers mastered fully three times. Do not touch Boss. After you have everything before Boss mastered in New York and you own 368 blackmail photos + 109 illegal transaction records, phase 2 begins.

Phase 2

Phase 2a: Farmer
Phase 2b: Fighter, first reply

Phase 2a

At all times in phase 2a, every single skill point and GF point will go into increasing your energy skill.

Skip Boss completely and go straight to Cuba. You are initially gonna skip El Cacique, so you are only gonna need 310 politico corruptos for now. Most people have tons of them just lying around, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get 310.

If you have all collections vaulted, as many achievements as possible at this point and all gf points spent into extra energy skill you should be able to go through Cuba without having to rely on ‘Settle a beef… permanently’.

Master El Soldado three times, you don’t need any extra cash from fights or business. Do not, at any point in this phase, buy business in Cuba. After mastering El Soldado, go to El Patron and buy equipment required to do the job ‘Pass On Some Intel To The FRG’. Spam this job until you have enough money to buy 18 wise guys and 6 barges, the job has a good ratio so you can click through 15 levels easily without adding new skill points while doing this. Go to El Cacique and buy equipment for the job ‘Arrange A New York Drug Shipment’. This job has very high exp and money payouts and you have almost a minimal bribery so now it’s time to spam this job until you have about a million pesos. After you have done this, you are set to master rest of the cuba. Please note that if you don’t have 501 mafia, you have to bank the money constantly. Alternatively you could just buy required equipment as soon as you reach any kind of meaningful amount of cash on hand. Remember that we are skipping El Cacique at this time so don’t buy any equipment there except for the first job.

After having everything mastered 3 times except El Cacique, head to Moscow. Since you have skipped the tiers that have very high cost for new skill points, your ratio should be high enough to do most moscow jobs without having to juggle between New York and Moscow. Don’t ask your mafia to help you with the help jobs, master them yourself as you will need the rubles, don’t have “time to dick around” and your ratio is at its best at this point. Master Moscow horizontally, always try to get the next episode open as early as possible. You will be farming a lot of money but always do it in the latest episode that is open as the money payouts are always higher in the later episodes. When you reach episode 6, do the jobs that drop moscow HEL until you have a billion or two. You will need to juggle between Settle a beef and the loot farming jobs in order to keep the continuous levelling up at this point. Having a Daily Chance collection vaulted before doing this is recommendable, you will find 3 times more loot. After you have enough money and loot, you will be level 500 or so. Phase 3a begins.

Phase 3a

You should have enough Moscow loot by now to trade for Boss and El cacique consumables. All the jobs in both of the tiers have very high ratio which is why there was no need to master them earlier to kill your ratio. Since your ratio is now close to 2 anyway at this point, you can still squeeze out some skill points from these tiers. Just spam a job until it’s 100% mastered and then move on to the next job. Rinse and repeat until you have Boss and El Cacique mastered three times.

After this you can either master moscow or just farm loot. If you have a Daily Chance collection vaulted, I recommend just farming loot. If you don’t, you have plenty of rubles at this point to master Moscow. With the extra skill points from Moscow, poker game is no longer needed to level past 1000. When you are at level 1000+ stop adding extra energy with GF points and save them for energy refills instead. The 4 extra energy skill every 28 levels don’t have any effect at that point.

Phase 2b

Do not add any more energy. Your energy should be 980-1200, depending on how many consumables you farmed yourself. Decide now how much stamina you want to have on your character, make sure it’s at least 100+ though.

At all times in phase 2b, every single skill point and GF point will go into increasing your stamina skill.

It’s time to master Boss. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to master boss and get that Golden Throne working for you as soon as possible. Even if you stopped increasing energy, you can still level continuously as long as you keep adding stamina and using it to win fights. After boss, start mastering Cuba. Do not buy business, it will only hold you back for now. You get tons of loot from fights at this phase, which can be traded for politicos. After mastering first 4 tiers you can buy business and forget about Cuba for a while.

After you have reached the desired stamina amount, phase 3b begins.

Phase 3b

Moscow: Master vertically and get businesses up as soon as possible. Don’t upgrade capacity past 1120, this gives you 14 hours 59 minutes before you start losing money.

Cuba: After first 4 tiers, farming money is required. Dump your cash on business and forget about Cuba (other than collecting pesos from business and reinvesting). While waiting on Cuba business to make enough money, focus on Moscow.

Decide what kind of fighter you want to be. If you want to ride hitlist at all, now is the best time to increase defense and health as they have most exp value after energy and stamina, attack having ZERO exp value. Even after you stop increasing stamina, you can do up to 50 continuous levels while increasing defense and health. For an experienced player this phase could start after 6 hours of creation of a new account. Outside credit cards, you can’t get 250 combat skill points any faster than that.

After your continuous levelling stops, you should have 180+ health (do not go past 250 health) and 150+ defense. Since you can now level many times a day while increasing combat skills (sort of best of the both worlds), it only takes a few days until your defense is enough to ride hitlist for profits, given 501 mafia and good gear. By the time your initial energy is only enough to get you 50%~ of the level, start using GF points on energy refills and do not use the +4 skill points offer any more. Energy refill gets you +5 skill points, money and mastery (= special items and more skill points) that you couldn’t have gained otherwise. Only for 10 gf points. And contrary to the popular belief, these gains are not temporary but permanent as they are not magically rolled back after an hour.

Even if you decide to go the “2x+2x” route it’s best to add defense before attack due to the zero exp value of attack. You will gain more skill points in the end when you add new skills in a planned order. Having 1000 defense and 200-250 health is good for riding hitlist, and shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks. After that you can add attack. After a few months you will have reached 2x+2x, with the difference to a normal fighter strategy that you are about 4 times stronger. It should also be remembered that relative skill doesn’t matter, only absolute skill. You are not only fighting against players of your level, anytime anyone can attack you no matter what level, especially on hitlist. So even before you have reached 2x+2x you will be extremely strong in terms of absolute skill considering the time and money (zero) invested.
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    My pain started long ago. It “went away” with a cortisone injection but came back a few years ago. That’s what i want to say here.

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    you see, this is why amat is hated, not because they USED to win, because of people like you, you really believe you are better than the next,look at all the post from amat people, very few of them ever saw co or sh play.
    you guys are not the best program in the valley and havent even been in the top 3 for over a
    decade environment? you call your post the proper way to talk.
    (all) of yolu guys talk down to people,amat 73, joe amat all of em, they try to take the political approach, but they and you all come across the same way, so enjoy it, you guys stay in your own world, then you guys are the best.
    by the way, you see the thread last week, high school football top 100 and others to watch, go look at it !!!
    im from los altos, you know the top team in the valley for about 6 years,
    the difference, i admitt were down and not very good, try it sometime, be honest with yourself, then get back to me, let me know how it feels.

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    There is no way facebook could let these cheats working.letting these cheats in to the games looses their website integrity.some people would keep on trying looking ways to make it easy to manage mafia wars or farmville, but come to think of this,the only best cheat software ever made for facebook was Cheat Engine 5.5, and it worked couple of years back.Im sure someone has idea making it into next version

  4. hussain says :

    hi, im a lvl 600+ maniac. with 501++ mafia. is there any way that i can change my account to a energy account?. if so, plz tell me how.

    • hussain says :

      hussain :
      hi, im a lvl 600+ maniac. with 501++ mafia. is there any way that i can change my account to a energy account?. if so, plz tell me how.

  5. ramil briones says :

    ei, ayumi thanx for this pointers. it helps me a lot since im just new playing mafia..ive never been hooked by an internet game..when a friend introduced me to mafiya, at first it was just ok but when he keeps killing me and loosing me at war. then thats the time i totally got craze about rap it up, i had a problem re my mafiya at cuba..i cant do a job, maybe i was hacked or something..pls explain about this..i had a business but everytime i sold will be gone it wont add at my pot money..why? thats why dont have money to use for my jobs in cuba..and also im expecting to have money in cuba because in my stats i won 51 fights there, of course thers a money in there..i hope u can help at level 128 mafia size 412..pls pls
    thank you in advance

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