RPG Quest System Diary

How to make a rpg quest system?

What needs to be considered before making a rpg quest system?

What type of quest should you make?
Single Chain Quest or Multi Chain Quest?

Single Chain Quest are quest that are done once.
Multi Chain Quest is a sequence of mini quest which takes off
one after the other.

Quest Available Requirements

What type of requirements to enable a particular quest
to be available to the player? There are some I have in mind:
– Reputation (Good Deeds / Bad Deeds)
– Relationship (Strong bonds / Hated)
– Resources (Rich / Poor / Have Estates)
– Skill (Hired as freelancer / hitman)

(1) Building Your Reputation:

There are 3 types of reputation you can build:

Good Reputation :

If player is being kind and helpful, he earns the public
respects and his kindness is spread among the villagers.
The mayor who is in charge of the town might hear about
your good deeds, and he would be happy to have you
helping him managing the town.

This grants you certain privileges such as constructing the
town buildings (library, market, town square, graveyard,
garden, orchard, farm, school, etc)

You could be hired by the mayor and while helping, you earn
some money which you can spend to buy estates or expanding
the economy of the town as a businessman. Lots of flexibility!

Bad Reputation :

If player does many crimes and sins, he will be scorned by the
public (unless player did it without getting caught red handed).
But there is always a possibility of getting caught by guards.

Doing crimes in broad day light such as stealing goods,
other thieves would see you as one of them. This allows you
to befriend them easily and network you to other thieves.
They would test you first before accepting you in their group.
Once you have proven yourself, you will be provided
with risky jobs to do but hefty rewards and vice versa.

You can conquer territories and ask locals to pay you for
“protection fee”. What it means is, you cause havoc to their
premises, and they pay you for not doing so.

However, there are occasions where other mafia invades your
territory in order to expand their influence and forces the
locals to pay them instead. So you need force them out to
earn your weekly money reward. Sounds interesting yeah?

Area Reputation :

Area reputation means in some area
where you have a high reputation, in some other areas,
people might not know you at all, so you need to gain their
respect at that area as well, unless the towns people who
traveled there talk about your good deeds.

(2) The player should have a relationship:
(Strong Relationship) : If the player frequents to the black
market and trade rare/unique items with trader, the trader
would be less reluctant to offer the player with more luxurious
or item that can’t be found in common market in town.
(Weak Relationship) : If the player used to be a police/cop,
then the thief will be less reluctant to provide you with
the information you need and extra information/tips to allow
you to complete your mission/quest quickly. The thief you
encounter might had a bad experience with police, he would
be less reluctant to help you out even you bribe him.

(3) The player should gain a certain resources:
(Rich in Money) : If the player is rich, he will be more known
to the rich-community (rich social people) and he gain access
to talk to businessmen to give him more business, or perhaps
find a way to collaborate with them to make a new business.
(Specific Resources) : If the player owns a gem mine, few
gem craftsmen will provide you a quest to gather a specific
colored gem so they could make a certain jewelery from it.

(4) The player should have certain skill :
(Specific Skill) : If the player was a farmer, he would have
lots of farming knowledge, thus other town people
might come by and provide you with quest such as to grow
a specific crop to meet their needs (rice/wheat/peas/etc)


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