Bloons Super Monkey Walkthrough Shooter Flash Game

Bloons Super Monkey

Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck!

Control Super Monkey with the mouse. Hit ESC at any time during a wave to access the upgrades screen.

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Bloons Super Monkey Text Walkthrough

Below is a list of upgrades to be bought in sequence:

1. Buy Boomer ($200)
Toss out a boomerang for extra poppage.

2. Buy Faster Darts ($400)
Increases your throw rate greatly (+100% Extra Rate)

3. Buy Double Boomer ($800)
Throw two boomerangs each time.

4. Heavy Missile ($1500)
Dispense with the rangs and move onto explosives.

5. Twin Missiles ($1500)
Two missiles are explode tastic.

6. Twin Darts ($2500)
Throws two streams of darts.

7. Smart Missiles ($2500)
These missiles have degrees from Harvard, they seek out bloons.

8. Quad Missiles ($5000)
Each salvo unleashes four smart missiles.

9. Quad Darts ($6000)
Only a really super duper supermonkey can throw four darts at once.

10. Extra Speed ($5000)
Throws four darts with faster throw rate. (+50% Extra Rate)

11. Laser Vision ($8000)
Pop bloons just by looking at them.

12. Twin Darts ($6000)
Shoot lasers and two darts every shot

13. Triple Twin ($18000)
Multi directional ownage laser ownage

14. Death Ray Vision ($12000)
Solid unstoppable beam of bloon melting madness!

15. Plasma Tentacle ($500)
Seeks out and pops nearby bloons automatically and instantly.

16. Double Plasma ($1000)
Twice the fun.

17. Three Way Plasma ($1500)
Three for the price of three.

18. Quad Plasma ($2000)
Sometime more is more.

19. Super Plasma ($2500)
This is like liquid sun.

20. Twin Super. ($5000)
Each tentacle is stupidly powerful

21. Triple Super ($5000)
For those who don’t like to aim much.

22. Quad Super ($5000)
More popping power than you could ever need, want or afford.

23. Moab Maulers ($5000)
Twin guided missles that packed extra punch, especially to MOABS.

24. Quad MOAB ($10000)
4 x MOAB Maulers for extreme bloon wreckage.

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42 responses to “Bloons Super Monkey Walkthrough Shooter Flash Game”

  1. Lyndon says :

    I finished the game and got a score of 203267

  2. Owner says :

    lol i got 119254

  3. John says :

    i beat your stupid score andy i got 16841 points!

  4. Andy Chung says :

    Thanks for ur guild!! 😀 i beat the game and my score was 104315

  5. grosser says :

    Nalnil i’m suprised you got this much blops once you beaten this level.

  6. grosser says :

    Nainil it is actually that much pops on the very last wave. by the way you seem to follow this guide pretty well. so what is your highest score at the end?

  7. grosser says :

    ok here’s a awesome guide to get a high score:

    stage 1

    wave 1: boomers,faster darts or the tentacle if you’re lucky to get this high

    wave 2: buy the tentacle if you haven’t got it yet, then buy the double tentacles and then the double boomers

    wave 3: buy the twin darts(don’t worry if you haven’t got it in this wave)

    stage 2

    wave 1: buy the twin darts if you haven’t got it yet, save blops for the quad darts

    wave 2: buy the quad darts if you have enough blops for it then try getting the missile

    wave 3: buy the missile if you haven’t got it yet, buy twin missiles, smart missiles, or even quad missiles if you’re lucky

    stage 3

    wave 1: quad missiles if you haven’t got it, save blops for extra speeded quad darts

    wave 2: buy the extra speeded darts if you haven’t got it yet, try getting the laser vision

    wave 3: get the laser vision then the added two darts to it, then get the triple tentacles (quad tentacles are neccesary if you can get it within the wave)

    stage 4

    wave 1: try getting the triple twin if you can on this level, if you fail to get it, don’t worry

    wave 2: get the triple twin if you didn’t got it yet and then DON’T BUY ANYTHING ELSE AFTER THIS, saving blops will rise your final score,

    tip on each wave on stage 5: when you see spaceships with the rainbows as it’s body with browns on the side, go and shoot right on top of it, there will be a lag but don’t worry, after the lag is off, your pops will greatly rise, try doing it on each ships to aim for a epic score!

    when you finish this game you should end up with 250k to 280k now go try it out yourself and feel free to reply me about it, positive comments are accepted

  8. grosser says :

    hehehe can anyone beat ‘630747’ pops on stage 5 wave 3! i got super lucky!

  9. jacko says :

    why the heck i can’t get gold on stage 3, wave 3!?

  10. Jenny says :


  11. Jenny says :

    AAWW ( Didn’t follow directions) Failed 5-3… Needed like 38 more!

  12. balloon god says :

    i beat this game on the first try with all golds this game bores me because it is way to easy and a can not believe that you guys made a blog about this dumb game that is so easy

    • NaNoBoY__c==]====> says :

      yeah right you probably spent 4 hours trying to got one gold failed tried to kill your self got told you are adopted and are now munching on your B**** flakes and crying in a corner.
      have a good day. ,’_’,

  13. dnsz says :

    Okay first of all .. XD i just got 200k easy! let me tell you guys a secret do not upgrade triple laser once you go tthat you’ve beat it. dont get the upgrade the big one laser cause its sucks compared to the triple its almost as fast and it goes in 3 directions XD you can compare it to sun god.. just try it and see that you own the game now to get a high score…. 200k just follow this im going to drop it ___
    lvl1 bomerang200 lvl1 darts 400 (lvl1)(if can upgrade bomerangs to 2) then second lvl upgrade tangels lvl1 500 and when you get 1000 get tangels lvl 2 dont upgrade bomerangs go on till 2500(in order this to work get you concentration together and focus!) well hmm you should see you got stage one all gold stage 2 is easy upgrade to missles when you see the yellow arrows thats where it starts to get heavy here on go to 4darts bla blaa go onn you’ll see you need those lasers from here on focus on those lasers and your done haha! goodluckk mateys.

  14. Bloonsfan100 says :

    I…this….ugg…..I followed directions but i lost!!!!!!! STUPID WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O 😡

  15. Callum says :

    i died on stage 4 wave 1 😦

  16. Kevin says :

    I beat the game with a score of 123 894. This guide is awesome

  17. Aaronj1 says :

    This walkthrough is DECENT. It will get you through the game but it won’t get you any kind of high score. The problem is it emphasizes the missiles too early on. You will notice how well you’re doing the first few levels and think, “Great!”. But soon you’ll realize that this walkthrough is only helping you get the final laser before the game actually ends, which is (the laser) hard to get. But that laser only does so much the last level or TWO to raise the already weak score you have.

    Two things:

    1. Get the quick darts before any boomerang. You can usually do so by the middle of the second level. If you work it well enough, you can have it before then AND have the boomerang by the beginning of the second level

    Last. Personally, I’d focus on the tentacles a little more. I achieved my score of 92,000+ progressing with those before the missiles. I only achieved 82,000 with this walkthrough.

    Like I said. If you want the major killer laser, follow this walkthrough. I never get it, so I’ll admit it was nice. But if you want a high score, you’re looking somewhere completely else.

  18. scott says :

    you dont need any maobs

  19. Mr. Epic fail says :

    i never upgrade to death ray. i just upgrade everything else and if i have enough then i get it.

  20. dyldawg says :

    thanks so much for the upgrade guide..could NOT beat the game with my older strategies..finally did. only got to step 18..but it was enough to win and get a 124749 🙂

  21. HANGING SILVER says :


  22. mickieD4 says :

    aww, i was following these directions until 5-3, i had to pop 14000 and only got 13870!!! boohoo 😦

  23. Nainil says :

    Hey there, thanks to the upgrade cost listing, I managed to finish the game.
    I upgraded everything to full, except MOAB Maulers.

    Here are a few tips:

    1. For the Darts upgrade stream, only upgrade till QuadDarts+Extra Speed until you can afford DIRECTLY until Triple Twin minimum. (In other words, keep the QuadDarts+Extra Speed upgrade until you have the $32000 minimum required for the direct upgrade)

    2. For the Boomerangs/Bombs upgrade stream, only upgrade till the Quad Seeking Missiles upgrade. The MOAB upgrade is completely useless because you’re aiming to keep the MOABs around till you hit your target bloons.

    3. For the Tentacle upgrade stream, only upgrade till the first QuadPlasma Tentacle until you can afford the Quad Super directly. (In other words, keep the Quad Plasma Tentacles until you can afford the $20000 needed for the direct upgrade to Quad Super.

    This is how I managed to beat the game. These upgrades are easily achievable at the beginning levels, and can pop a whole lot of bloons. I got Gold achievements in the last 5 levels of the game through this. (World 4-2 onwards).

  24. Bloons addict says :

    Bloons fan, isn’t level 5-3’s goal is to pop 14000 bloons. Because What you’re saying about the goal is level 5-2. That’s where I lost too, when I didn’t destroy the BFB.

  25. twizzler says :

    THIS GUIDE SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jo says :

    You didnt mention how to turn into a SunGod monkey or and explode the whole screen bomb or a freeze ballon. I did all of these but I just cant figure out how I did them. It has something to do with the blue dots.

    • bob says :

      No it doesn’t those are powerups, they’re hard to see because of all the bloons, but there is a bomb that floats around, hitting it blows up everything on screen, there is an icecream that freezes everything, and i dunno what the sungod one looks like.

      The blue dots increase your upgrade points.

    • Wizy62 (on clubpenguin) says :

      you just have to get a certain amount of power blops (blue dots) within a certain amount of time to get power ups like sungod or freeze balloon

  27. Kirby Rider says :

    Hi, Ayumi! It’s me, KR! Remember from that post on BTD4?

  28. Alecssander says :

    Great walkthrough, the only error is that twin missiles is 2000 and not 1500, just fix that, and it’ll be perfect 😉

  29. Magmick says :

    just stay on the moab, emits loads of blue balls and kills red bloons at the same time

  30. Lucifron says :

    I cant pass 4-1 so i just have to shoot the red baloons and not kill the MOABS?

    • Bloons Fan says :

      I’ve Reached level 5-3 and failed. The goal for the level 5-3 is to pop 11000 bloons.

      • Turtle-gots-skillzz says :

        with that level you should have really good upgrades and be passing each level at least on silver. It helps if you don’t buy the tentacle things and make sure your getting both darts and the missiles (boomerangs). I recommend getting the boomer first and then getting faster darts then whatever you like..try get the solid beam and quad MOAB Maulers when you reach the last level. You should be trying to attack both the MOAB and its bloons
        always try to get the big clump of Blops if possible rather then shooting more..More money the better 😀

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