Isoball 2 Walkthrough Complete Level 1 to 50 with Picture Guide

Isoball 2

Sequel to the popular isometric tile based puzzle game. Guide the ball to the hole using the available pieces in 50 new levels and 10 sandboxes. Featuring new pieces, a revised score system and a sleek new look. Instructions: A simple animated tutorial is provided within the game.

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Many thanks to Sonoka – Marcus for a Wonderful Picturethrough 😀

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97 responses to “Isoball 2 Walkthrough Complete Level 1 to 50 with Picture Guide”

  1. KELENI says :

    THIS IS COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shirley says :

    Daisy :
    you have to put the turn things at the very first place you can, right before the transport things. then it should work.

    ATTN: LEVEL 35 People Needing Help!! THIS WORKS!! 😉 YAY!!

    So I thought I’d save u all the scrolling down the page forever to find the answer! lol

  3. Shirley says :

    I’m on Isoball 2 Level 35 and I thought I had it figured out – but the ball would not climb the last small ramp into the hole. And I checked on your walkthrough to confirm – and I used the same configuration you have shown … and I have tried it like literally 8-10 times! lol And the ball never manages to climb that last ramp.

    First, I wanted to let you know about this snafu, and secondly wondered if you have an alternate solution I could try. I have already tried moving the tall ramp to different locations on the bridge that follows the transporter – and even tried the small ramp in different locations on the other bridge and NOTHING works!!

    I am very frustrated and hope you can help – as I cannot go farther in the game until I get this one … and I am about to get a new sandbox! lol

    Hope someone can help me – I’d sure appreciate it!!

    Thanks much …

  4. Colin says :

    the pics dont show you where to get the peices so on lvl. 5 i dont know where the big block is so can some body HHHHHHHEELPMMMMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Price says :

    can somebody help me with level16

  6. nelson says :

    im stuck on 19 What should I do??

  7. shannon says :

    I love the picture guide it got me really far 😎

  8. yusuf says :

    ben 73 de takıldım gerçi 1 kereye mahsus geçtim fakat tekrar gecemiyorum zate 74 ü gecmek imkasız sanırım 75 tur var fakat bu oyu bitmek bilmiyor bu linkten 72. tura gidebilirsiniz gecebilicek arkadaslar varsa cözümü paylaşırlarsa sevinirim

  9. Zoey says :

    .. level 30 isn’t work.. HEEEEEEELP! x_x

    • talha says :

      ill tell you i know ur getting problem from the end i know it how to do it at the end first place a small slide then place the bridge then erase the small slide then place a big slide then it will work

  10. LuM i says :

    level 50

  11. Shay says :

    I have level 25 completed but he ball hovers over the hole and will not dorp in. How does it work? I did the ramp both way and it still hovers over the hole.

    • lsw says :

      Hi, Shay.
      Did you ever get an answer to your question on level 25. I’m having the exact same result.

  12. sasha says :

    how do you do level 16 ive done it before but forgotten

  13. Rachel says :

    level 49 there must be a way, ????

    • Dollneedle says :

      Erase the bridge when the ball has passed, then just hold it between the parts where the new holes are, no need to place it just hold it, and the ball will slide over and continue.

  14. Gabe says :

    how do you get past lvl 14? If the ball drops it getts smashed. Plzz help,

  15. Grayson says :

    Grayson :
    what about level 33?


  16. Kayla says :

    Level 33 ?

  17. coco says :

    could someone pls explain level 33? The picture doest wrk 😦

    • Utkrisht says :

      attach the first bridge to your side of the teleportal then attach the second bridge to the right of the first bridge thied to the back of second and then place the slope finally attach the last bridge to the slope and place final slope and place all the indicator arrows as in pic level finished

  18. alexa says :


  19. tiki says :

    how do i complete level 17?

  20. Al says :

    the level 35 will not let the ball go in the hole can someone help me?????

  21. Maura says :

    Nvm, I was bored because I wasn’t eating my peach (oops!)

  22. Maura says :

    Kinda boring after the 20th level of this game… I prefer only go to level 20 then stop cuz im bored now! ( Is on unfinished level of 21)

  23. Maura says :

    Tip: Do NOT go to any other walkthrough. This is the best one. It has pictures to show u. U dont have to pause and repause just to get each level done when theres so many! And u dont have to ask how to do it. Just click da pics above and it will show u.

  24. Maura says :

    O wait never mind. it’s level 13. Its not different!

  25. Maura says :

    How do u beat level 12? Its showing up in a different way. Ball starts from left wall, and the finish is at the bottom beside the right corner. Please, if u know what I am talking about, PLEASE help me!

  26. Jon says :

    I feel cool now. 😛

  27. Jon says :

    Ameme, you have to erase a 1 height brick, put it where the 2 height brick will be, connect a bridge to it, connect it to a brick, delete the 1 height brick, THEN put in the 2 height brick. I hope you understand what i just said.

  28. Jon says :

    Jordon, AG is my only gaming site in which I beat isoball 2 on.

  29. Jon says :

    I’ve beaten the entire game thanks to this. Why can’t you guys? That’s what confuses me.

  30. Samantha says :

    WOW! that was really useful but I can through it without the walkthrough…

  31. ona says :

    how do you do 41?

  32. ona says :

    i cannnnnnnot get 33 to work ! i dont get how to do the very first bridge, i put the small block, but when i go to take it away. The bridge wont stay, HELP.

  33. Dylan says :

    someone please explain level 33 to me .. the picture is incorrect D:

  34. Brenna says :

    level 29 wont work…i cant get th 1st bridge 2 go there

  35. Ameme says :

    what up with level 29! its not lettin me add a bridge lower on the 2 cubes than so i can put a conveyer belt on top to be level with the surfaces of the cubes. if any1 knows wat im talkin bout, HELP ME!!! (Plz!) 😀

  36. Ameme says :

    what up with level 29, its not lettin me add a bridge lower than so i can put the conveyer belt on top. if any1 understood that…HELP ME!!!! {Plz! :o}

  37. Hello says :

    hey i think i figured out lvl 30 u gots to build what the pic says until u get to the last 2 bridges u put the first 1 on then u have to get a short block from any part of the course then u set it on the bridge then u put the second bridge down then u put the tredmil thing or whatever on the second bridge , delete the short block and put it back wherever u got it from then START

  38. Hello says :

    LVL 30 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help me the last 2 bridges i cant figure out the last one

  39. justin says :

    whithout the picture guide I couldn’t finish the game

  40. Kp says :

    33 is NOT the same! I looked over the picture and I can’t get the stupid bridge to attach across, it’s not working. Someone said this earlier and it was said it’s the same. There’s 4 blocks and I don’t know what to do. 😦

    • Kp says :

      i think i figured it out, never mind. that’s trippy when stuff is behind other stuff like that. it’s very confusing

  41. me says :

    level 30 doesnt work either.the 2nd bridge wont attach to the other bridge!!! HELP ME PLAESE!!!!!!!

    • Laura says :

      if you put the conveyor belt on top of the 1st bridge then attach the 2nd bridge to the conveyor beld then delete the conveyor belt the 2nd bridge will stay

  42. me says :

    okay. so i got 29 figured out and went to level 30 and at the top of the hill it just stops. i cant get the bridge attached to the right spot. HELP ME PLEASE!!!

  43. me says :

    level 29 doesnt work. you cant get the bridge to attach to the big block. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!

  44. me says :

    level 29 doesnt work. you cant get the bridge to attack to the big block. help me please!!!!!!

  45. Sam says :

    great job on actually beating the game unlike half the people on this page i bet(including meof cource)=P thanks a lot.

  46. chris says :

    i dont get level 30

    • karla says :

      i dont get it either!! please some body help. it like goes right to the end but then on the last 2 brigde things it stops going up the hill

  47. jake says :

    uhh… 35 does not work. the ball wont go in

    • Daisy says :

      you have to put the turn things at the very first place you can, right before the transport things. then it should work.

  48. some guy says :

    how did you do 29 with the first bridge! its impossible!

    • kelsey says :

      ok on this you have to take the one little block and put it on the oppisite side of where your trying to put the bridge. then put down the bridge. Next take a big block and put it on the other side then take the little block and put it back where it goes . hope that helps now somebody help with 30 ?> (: thNKS

  49. bart says :

    i finished it in 2 and a half hours it was easy and i only started using these cheats when i got to level 18 so haha jerks….. byebye

  50. Ashley says :

    my bridge thingy doesn’t work when i click on it =(

  51. becca says :

    Level 33 is different now! theres four initial blocks set up :s

    • Wanda says :

      The picture still works for Level 33. You can’t see the 4th initial block because of the view of the blocks.

  52. Tacy says :

    Eu não estou conseguindo colocar a primeira ponte no level 29, alguem pode me ajudar ??

    • karla says :

      você pode colocar um bloco pouco ao lado, em seguida, um grande bloco do outro lado, em seguida, levar o pequeno bloco e colocá-lo onde ele precisa ir. espero que isto ajude!

  53. Mike says :

    How do you do level 49

    • russell07 says :

      You have to put a line of the small blocks along the back, with the down ramp under the ball and the left turn at the other end. Once you start the ball, you need to quickly delete the ramp and place it after the left turn before the ball gets there!

    • Steve says :

      You have to use the hotkeys, Esc, 1, 2, 3, etc

  54. sara says :

    how do you place the bridge in level 29

    • panda romero says :

      you put the small block where the big block should go. Then connect the bridge to the small block. After you do that delete the small block and put the big one in it’s place. hope that helps!

  55. Vinay says :

    Danx for sharing!!

  56. zokney01 says :

    This game has a bug, which makes more easy to complete the maps

  57. iz@k says :

    i hate this game its so quickly

  58. Drew says :

    How do you place the last bridge on level 30?

  59. shantanu says :

    how did u place the 1st bridge in level 29

  60. Annie says :

    Thanks for the picture guide. It helped a lot! =]

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