Finding My Heart Walkthrough – Obtain Max 5 coins

About Finding My Heart

You were kicked on the street by your girlfriend for playing too much video games. You gotta set things right with her if you ever want to play your games again!

Learn to express different emotions to get back with your girlfriend in this interactive romantic adventure. You can learn one communication skill from every character you meet in the game, but you have to use skills you already know in the correct order. If you succeed, one more skill is added to your arsenal. Once you learn everything you can, try to get back to your girlfriend and use all this knowledge to convince her to get together again. Let love win again! Enjoy!

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One achievement & 5 points to earn!
Learn to Love Challenge – Game Completed
Gamer at Heart Badge (easy – 5 points) Win back your true love

Finding My Heart Walkthrough

How to collect all coins?
1: In the tulips, first screen.
2: Click the bird, second screen.
3: Click trash bag in third screen.
4: Click newspaper in third screen.
5: On the pool table in the bar.

How to get emotions?
1: Talking, gained in intro.
2: Listening, talk to bartender.
3: Love, listen to girl in the park.
4: Crying, talk to girl in the bar, then use love, then use listen.
5: Anger, listen to hobo, then cry.
6: Singing, talk to man in park, say love, wait for him to sing to the girl, then go over to him and listen.

How to get your girl back?
1: Sing.
2: Talk.
3: Cry.
4: Love.
5: Anger.
6: Listen.

Where is the shop?
Wait until the game finishes,
and click the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Finding My Heart Complete Walkthrough
1. Visit the bar and TALK to bartender. You get HEAR.
2. Visit the park and click HEAR on the girl. You get LOVE.
3. TALK to the guy with the guitar and then click LOVE.
*He will go to the girl and sing*
4. Now click hear on him and you will get SING.
5. Visit bar and click on the girl. First TALK then LOVE.
*She will shiver*
6. Then press HEAR and you will get SAD.
7. Exit the bar and click on hobo. HEAR him, then click SAD.
*You will get ANGRY*
8. Last go back and SING to your wife, TALK to her, become SAD, then LOVE her, then become ANGRY, then LOVE, and finally HEAR.

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