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RPG Character Attributes

Hit Points (HP)
Also refers as health (abbreviation for health is HP)
An indicator to quantify the amount of health a person has.
If it reaches zero, the character : dies/faints/lose-consciousness.

Mana Points (MP)
Skills that use mana to inflict more damage or do special abilities (enchant)

Tactical Points (TP)
Gained in battle, through each attacks.
When maxed (similar to combo), allow user to use special attack.

License Points (LP)
Final Fantasy uses license points to purchase a particular license to use an item.

Constitution (CON)
Represents as Health.
It can be also use as endurance, can soak up more damage per hit.
Instead of taking a full hit of 100 damage, it takes 90 damage.
10 damage is lost because he can withstand that damage.
* affects maximum HP and CP through the CON modifier
* affects HP recovery speed
* affects weight limit
* affects underwater breath gauge
* affects shock (stun) resistance
* affects bleeding resistance.

Dexterity (DEX)
Able to dodge things swiftly.
Move around quickly.

Intellect (INT/ITL)
Also known as intelligence.
Provides more clues to solve a puzzle/problem/quiz.
A measure on how much damage can be inflicted through spell/magic.
A value that affects how much mana can be gained per level.

Wisdom (WIS)
* affects Casting Spd. stat through the WIT modifier
o each point of wit gained makes a 5% difference to Casting spd.
* affects chance of magic critical hits
* affects resistance to Hold (aka Roots) and Sleep
* affects resistance to essentially every single type of debuff not listed by the other stats

Mental (MEN)
* affects M.Def. and maximum MP stats through the MEN modifier
o each point of men gained or lost makes a difference of 1%
* affects MP recovery speed
* affects poison resistance
* affects curse resistance through M.Def.
* affects probability of magic interruption.

Comeliness (COM)
To differentiate between physical attractiveness and Charisma.

Charisma (CHA)
Charisma is the measure of the character’s combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. A generally non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to strong measures of the other two aspects of charisma. Charisma influences how many spells spontaneous arcane spellcasters (like sorcerers and bards) can cast per day, and the effectiveness of said spells. It also affects Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, and Use Magic Device checks, how often and how effectively clerics and paladins can turn undead, the wild empathy of druids and rangers, and a paladin’s lay on hands ability

RPG Character Knowledge (Intelligence)

This refers to one’s knowledge to work on something.
For example: knowledge on how to cook.
Then specialization on the knowledge: baking, barbecuing, steaming, frying, pastry

– Bake : Cake, Tart, Bread, Pastry
– Barbecue : Meat, Fish, Veggies

RPG Character Titles / Ranks

Pastry Chef

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