What is the difference between energy, stamina and vitality?

I’m planning to make a game that has few factors affecting a character (the player).

From what I know currently, no food = no energy ^_^
Food / Power-Drinks provides energy so we can do activities.
So 1 problem solve, now there are 2 confusing terms here:
stamina and vitality.

Let’s take an example of a person swimming.
The longer a person swims in swimming pool,
his energy constantly depletes till he is worn down, right?

But the affect of swimming long duration increases his stamina.
It seems that when a person have more stamina,
he can swim even longer than before!
So, does this mean stamina is energy? (stamina = energy)

I was reading an article where a so-called vitamin pill that
increases all three (energy, stamina and vitality)

How does vitality relates to energy and stamina?

According to Merriam Dictionary, it says…
1 a : the peculiarity distinguishing the living from the nonliving
b : capacity to live and develop; also : physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed
2 a : power of enduring b : lively and animated character

It sounds like stamina is vitality (power of enduring?)

My thoughts of this is both vitality and stamina are energy.
(energy = stamina = vitality) Or maybe I’m wrong…

Could someone shed some light upon these two? (stamina and vitality)


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7 responses to “What is the difference between energy, stamina and vitality?”

  1. TimA says :

    Maybe stamina could be maximum energy, and vitality could be the recovery rate of energy.

  2. Daoping says :

    I think:

    Energy = Sort of Mana Points (You need energy to do anything)
    Stamina = How exhausted you are (Like if you run out of breath, you need to rest.)
    Vitality = Sort of strengh (How strong you are)

    But I don’t think it’s smart to choose 3 things.
    Since Energy and Stamina are a little bit the same.

  3. Kyo says :

    Stamina es like the condition of the character. so more stamina you can do stuff with less expense of energy. srry for my english XD

  4. notverygood says :

    Vitality = Health Points. ie, how many time you can get knocked down but still get back up again.
    Stamina = The stuff that lets you do stuff for longer. ie, running
    Energy = How fast you run

  5. F says :

    yes > vitality

    vitality makes your character stronger.

    I don`t know why you chosen three parameter..
    You can use only two:
    1. experience through time, he spent in the game
    2. and other features as a bonus, due to accumulation of energy.
    For example, to pass some levels, you need to have “that bonus” ^^.
    Tell me about specifacation of the game, what it based on, and so maybe i can help you more)

  6. F says :

    more stamina, the less expense energy and higher viability/

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