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Maths Treasure Chest

The golden Treasure Chest has a 2-digit combination lock.
A hint has been inscribed on the chest.
Treasure Chest: “I have 895 gallons of oil. How many 21 gallon containers can I fill?”
When the chest says it has 2 combination, its expecting an answer with 2 digits
895 divided by 21 returns 42.61, round it up, and it becomes 43

Treasure Chest: “My age will be 45 in 15 years. How young am I now?”
Solution : 45 – 15 = 30
Reward : Coins +120, EXP +90

“I have 679 gallons of oil. How many 25 gallon containers can I fill?”
Solution : 679 / 25 = 27.16 = 27 (Value round down)

Farm Question
“On a farm there are chickens and horses.
There are total of 81 heads and 188 legs.
How many chickens are on the farm?”
Assume C is chicken and H is horse.
C + H = 81 (heads)
All chicken have 2 legs and horses have 4 legs (unless stated otherwise like 3-legged cows)
2C + 4H = 188
To solve this, we use quadratic equation formula:
Since we are looking for chickens…
C + H = 81
H = 81 – C
Replace the value H into the 2nd line:
2C + 4H = 188
2C + 4(81 – C) = 188
2C + 324 – 4C = 188
2C – 4C = 188 – 324
-2C = -136
Remove the negative on both sides by multiplying -1 on both sides.
2C = 136
2C/2 = 136/2
C = 68
The answer is 68.

Dream World Pet System

Level 10 : Raging stomp (ATTACK)
Level 18 : Stampede (ATTACK)
Level 26 : Nightmare (ATTACK)

Obtained after Pony (at Thieves Hideout in Emerald City)
Level Learned | Skill Name | Skill Type
Level 13 : minor heal (HEAL)
Level 21 : divine justice (ATTACK)
Level 29 : divine grace (HEAL)

Training Tutorial

Your maximum skill pts will increase when you train a combat skill. Skill pts decrease when you use a skill in combat and are refilled once a day and whenever you level up. You should save them for tough fights.

Training combat skills may unlock new skills, see the charts to the left. Higher level skills require higher intelligence to learn. Remember to use some learning pts to train your attributes as well when you get to higher levels.

If your combat skills reach a certain level, you unlock new classes. They are listed in the “classes” tab of the Character menu.

Please use the Town Map menu (top-left) to visit shops and upgrade your weapon and armor if you have not yet, or click on Close button at top-right to continue exploring. This ends your training tutorial.

Elites & Skills:

Elites & Skills: Once in a while, you will encounter an elite enemy. They have more health and do more damage, but will give more experience when defeated.

Elites, bosses, and special enemies will have their names in red or purple. When you encounter them or have trouble during any fight, it’s best to use skills.

Elites & Skills: Select a skill, and then click on Use Skill. The button will be replaced with a moving power meter. Click on the meter to trigger the skill. The fuller the meter is when you click on it, the greater skills effect will be.


Ally: Allies are extremely useful in combat and will gain experience points and will level up and learn skills! Once you accept an ally, you can visit them in the “Ally” tab of the Character menu.

Allies have a happiness rating, which increases when you win fights or bond with them, but decreases when you run away from fights or become inactive for too long.

Cat : “meow, meow” The cute kitten rush to you and purrs at your feet. It seems to like you.
kill Name Type Level Learned
razor claws Attack 4
guardian’s aid Heal 12
shadow images Attack 20

Auto Attack

Auto Attack: From now on, auto-attack will be activated when you make your first move. When the Auto bar is filled, you will automatically attack again.

This can be paused by pressing the Pause button that will be in the Attack button’s place. It will also pause when you select a skill or reach critical health.

Wiseman Trivia

Q: Who succeeded Churchill when he resigned in 1955?
A: Eden

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  1. Josh says :

    THIS IS A TERRIBLE GUIDE, if you want a decent one, go to this website: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/35-dream-world/topics/123499-ultimate-guide-dream-world

  2. Dimi says :

    Did someone finish Emerald City.

    Finished Thieves Hideout and no idea how to find the necklace!
    Any suggestions?


    • Kevin Nickell says :

      i suggest you go through and try again, cuz im in metreon already and i didnt have any trouble getting the necklace in emerald city… you may have just missed something… but hey… it happens to the best of us… wish you luck…

      p.s. you should join the crimson wingz guild if you are a high enough lvl

  3. Meat Juice says :

    jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk jerk — WHOOPIE!

  4. nathan says :

    maths is cool

  5. seangheng says :

    hey how are you

  6. ATP says :

    And your answer to the farm question . . . that’s not the quadratic equation, its just simple algebra.

  7. Anonymous says :

    I don’t know whether someone has already said this, but since I’m the first to comment, I think not.
    [quote] Treasure Chest: “I have 895 gallons of oil. How many 21 gallon containers can I fill?”
    When the chest says it has 2 combination, its expecting an answer with 2 digits
    895 divided by 21 returns 42.61, round it up, and it becomes 43
    This is wrong, since it asks how many containers you can fill to the brim. Once you get a decimal answer, ALWAYS round down.

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