Hell Tour Walkthrough Flash Game (Guide Max All Stats)

About Hell Tour

On Halloween eve, you wake up realized you are in HELL! The only way to get out of here is to make your way to deepest level of hell, and reason with the devil himself. 18 levels of hell. Find the key to unlock the door. Remember, the final ending requires you to have at least one stats reach maximum level! I know its kind of repetitive, but somehow I just feel like playing it till the last level โ€ฆ

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To win Hell Tour easily while maxing out all your stats, below is a build you need to follow so you will be able to max out all the abilities (attack, defense, max soul, move, greed, sight) Then you can take over the devil himself ๐Ÿ˜€

Hell Tour Ability Build

Add 1 ability point (AP) into Attack
Add all ability points into Greed till it is maxed
If Greed is maxed, you are awarded with Hell Shop (after completing each stage)
Kill weak enemy with normal attack to gain HELL MONEY.
Use HELL MONEY to buy REGENERATE since walking consumes 10 Souls.

Add all ability points into Move till it is maxed.
If Move is maxed, you only lose 1 Soul for each tile you walk on.
If Move is maxed, you are awarded with Remove (after completing each stage)
This allows you to explore without fearing death while reaching far end monsters.

Add all ability points into Attack till it is maxed.
If Attack is maxed, you are awarded with Instant Kill (after completing each stage)

With these 3 important abilities maxed (Greed, Move, Attack), you can win the game easily. Maxed Move provides Remove which allows you to remove acid tile. Having maxed Greed in the beginning, each removed tile rewards you $50 HELL MONEY. That is the reason why Greed is maxed first. Also, with maxed Attack, you are awarded with Instant Kill which is useful against any monster, preferably used on the toughest monster that deals most damage, health or defense. Using it on any monster rewards you $50 HELL MONEY (if you have maxed Greed) else you will earn a basic $10 HELL MONEY without any points in Greed.

You are free to use the additional HELL MONEY to buy more Level Up item so you can max the other abilities, which are Flying Eyes. Defense and Soul Max (Increases your soul capacity) Buy Level UP for Flying Eyes first because it helps you explore faster (along with Move).

Defense and Soul Max is the least important since you have Greed to purchase Instant Kill. Having to kill monster instantly, you will not suffer any lost of souls per battle, so defend will be useless in this case. Having lots of health is not really important since you lose only 1 life per move and no lose of life per instant kill battle.

After maxing Sight Ability (Flying Eyes), max out Defense then Soul Capacity last. Why defense over Soul Maximum? You gain lots of soul capacity from each level up on other abilities. Each ability point used rewards you +10 soul capacity. In short, Greed > Move > Attack > Sight > Defend > Soul Max

2nd Ability Build:
Greed > Defend > Attack > Move > Sight > Soul Capacity
1. Max Greed allows you to earn $50 HELL MONEY for every removed obstacles / enemy killed.
2. Max Defend awards 1 LEVEL UP for every completed stage.
3. Max Attack awards 5 instant kills for every completed stage.
4. Max Move decreases the cost of moving and awards 5 Remove.
5. Max Sight to increase your view range. (Explore faster)
6. Max Soul Capacity to withstand high damage from the last two powerful monsters.

Hell Tour Abilities

There are 6 abilities: Attack, Defend, Sight, Move, Greed, Soul Capacity

Attack (10/5)
– Amount of damage you deal on enemies.
– Deals 60 damage 60, Awarded 5 Instant Kills

– Amount of damage you can block.

Max Soul – Maximum soul you can have.
Move – Amount of soul reduced each time you move.
Greed – Amount of HELL MONEY each time you collect.
Sight – How far can you see.

Hell Tour Items

Various Hell Tour items can be bought from HELL SHOP.
There are 6 items for sales which are:
Level Up, Instant Kill, Remove, Regenerate, Hell Shop, Flying Eyes.

Level UP
– Level UP and replenish souls to the maximum. (Short-cut Key: N)
– Increases attack +1, defend +1, and soul maximum limit. +10 for any ability
– 1st most important item in Hell Tour.
– Without this, you can’t max any abilities (Greed, Move, Attack, Defend, etc)
– To win the game, you need at least one of the ability maxed out.
– Each point added into Greed raises $5 HELL MONEY awarded per kill.
– Each point added into Move reduces the cost of 1 soul per move tile.
– Each point added into Attack/Defend raises by 5.

Instant Kill
– Kill an enemy instantly.(Short-cut Key: Z)
– 2nd most important item in Hell Tour.
– Deals damage equivalent to enemy’s health while ignoring enemy’s defense.
– Enemy can’t counter attack, thus you avoid losing soul from any battle.
– Save time from lengthy battles (enemy have high health/defend)

– Remove Obstacles (Short-cut Key: V)
– 3rd most important item in Hell Tour.
– Can only be used on the green acid tile obstacle.
– The acid tile consumes 50 souls from your soul pool if you walk over it.
– Each removed obstacle rewards $10 HELL MONEY.
– If you have ability points in Greed, you earn additional HELL MONEY.

Hell Shop
– You can shop anytime you want! (Short-cut Key: B)
– 4th most important item in Hell Tour.
– Allows you to buy any six items without visiting the HELL SHOP tile.

– Increase your soul to the maximum. (Short-cut Key: V)
– 5th most important item in Hell Tour.
– Very useful in early game when you lack ability points in Move and Max Soul.
– However, it becomes obsolete when you maxed Greed and Move.
– Greed allows you to earn more HELL MONEY so you can buy LEVEL UP to increase.

Flying Eyes
– Reveal maps that you have not explored yet. (Short-cut Key: X)
– The least important of all items in Hell Tour
– You can survive without having bought/awarded this item.
– If you add points into Move, you can reach monster and explore simultaneously.

Basic Plan:
You start off with Attack 1, Defend 1, Soul 100, Move 10, Greed 10, Sight 4.
1 LEVEL UP item provides only 1 AP (Ability Point) that can be applied to any of 6 abilities.
Any LEVEL UP item used, you will gain a bonus of Attack +1, Defend +1, Soul Capacity +10

Add 3 AP into Defense so you become divine for a few levels. (3AP = 19 Defense)
Using 8 LEVEL UP on greed, you gain a bonus of Attack +7, Defend +1, Soul Capacity +80.
On top of that, you earn a maximum of $50 HELL MONEY PER (enemy killed/removed obstacles)

Hell Tour Monster Encyclopedia

LV 1 / Attack 03 / Defend 0 / Soul 10 (Green Troll)
LV 2 / Attack 10 / Defend 5 / Soul 20 (Evil Eye)
LV 3 / Attack 20 / Defend 0 / Soul 30 (Brown Tongue Grim)
LV 4 / Attack 15 / Defend 0 / Soul 150 (Orange Sad Troll)
LV 5 / Attack 40 / Defend 0 / Soul 50 (Orange Shock Troll)
LV 6 / Attack 20 / Defend 0 / Soul 30 (Red Eye Dog)
LV 7 / Attack 20 / Defend 40 / Soul 50 (Orange Kiss Troll)
LV 8 / Attack 60 / Defend 10 / Soul 200 (Red Unicorn)
LV 9 / Attack 150 / Defend 20 / Soul 500 (Vampire)

Hell Tour Monster Location

Hell Level | Enemy
04 – 18 : Hell Shop (Friendly NPC)
03 – 17 : Green Troll
05 – 17 : Brown Tongue Grim
05 – 17 : Evil Eye
07 – 18 : Acid Tile (Obstacle)
12 – 18 : Red Unicorn
12 – 18 : Orange Kiss Troll
13 – 18 : Vampire

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