PHP Classes Tutorial

Lets start with our php tags


create a page called index.php (or what ever)

// This is empty

Create another page called class.php (or what ever)

class Demo {
function Animals(){
echo "Hello I am cat";

So I have called the class “Demo”
and called a function “Animals”!
When a function is created in a class it is called a method
and it will echo “Hello I am a cat”;

Were done
Go back to index.php

include "class.php";
$Class = new Demo()
echo $Class -> Animals();

This code will include “class.php”
and $Class = new Demo();
This means $Class = the class name (e.g. new Animals() )
we echo out Animals
$Class -> Animals(); or if we add anew function Cats we could put $Class-> Cats();

If you wanted to connect to a mysql database you could do this:


class Database 
var $Host;
var $Username;
var $Password;

function Connection()
$Connection = mysql_connect($this->Host, $this->Username, $this->Password) or die("Database Error");


include "Connection.php"
$Database = new Database();

$Database->Host = "Localhost";

$Database->Connection(); //Connect to database

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  1. manoj agarwal says :

    very gud script for starter classes of php .. G8 work.
    thanx dear

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