How to port forward with Nod32 Firewall (allow/deny a specific port) on ESET Smart Security Personal Firewall

For those who don’t know what is port forward, read this:
Basically, port forwarding helps you to open up a port in your router or firewall so that you can play online games, host a web server or ftp server, upload webcam …

How to verify your port forward?

To verify whether your port is able to port forward properly, visit
Enter your IP Address (into Remote Address TextBox)
Enter your Port Number (into Port Number TextBox) – the port that you want to forward.

Then click the “CHECK” button.
If it says “Port (YOUR_PORT_NUMBER) is open on (YOUR_IP_ADDRESS)
This means, its working properly as it should.
If the result is opposite, this could mean 2 things:

Reasons why port forward fail

– You have not created a port forward in
– Your Windows Firewall is enabled.

If you have done both of the above,
– Disable windows firewall (rely on 3rd party firewall such as Comodo/Nod32/McAfee)
– Created a port forward through your browser connecting to the router.

And the result is unsuccessful…
this means NOD32 Firewall is blocking it! (if your installed firewall is NOD32)
To confirm this, disable the entire firewall on NOD32, and verify again on
If it works, this means your firewall (mine is NOD32) is blocking the port forward.
This post focuses on how to grant an application that wants to use a specific port.

How to create an exception in NOD32 Firewall

To allow a program to bypass firewall filter, (or in other words NOD32 Firewall grant access of that particular application to use a particular port that you are forwarding…) follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open NOD32
– Double click on NOD32 Icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
– Press F5 to open “Advanced Setup” window
– Under “Personal Firewall” category, click “Rules and Zones”
– Click the “Setup” Button which is located within “Zone and Rule Editor”
– Click “New” Button to add a new rule.
– Under General Tab, give a name: For example, the application’s name that uses this port forward.
– Set Action: Allow
– Set Protocol: TCP & UDP
– Under Remote Tab, click “Add Port”
– Type in the Port Number (the port that you want to port forward), click OK once you are done.
– Click OK again to save changes.
– Click OK again to save changes within “Zone and Rule Setup” window.

Step 2: Verify Port Forward at

2nd Alternative: Interactive Filtering Mode

If the above does not work, try this method:
Double click on the NOD32 Icon on the bottom right corner (near the time/clock)
This opens up the ESET Smart Security Window
Looking at the left sidebar, click the “Setup” Category, and then click “Personal Firewall”
Click the option: “Switch to Interactive Filtering Mode”
Then restart your application that uses that specific port.
Nod32 will pop up a warning, whether you want to allow/deny this application from using this port.
Select the action: Allow (means allow this application to use this port)
Tick/Check the button that says remember this option.
So Nod32 won’t bug you again if the software uses the same port.
Then you may switch back to your previous Filtering Mode.



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  1. nody32 says :

    i appreciate eset nod32 antivirus. best ever i used.

  2. Dre says :

    damn, thx for this solution!

    while i never had any problems before using nod32 3 firewall + windows firewall, suddenly my server was being blocked by nod32 4 [i recently installed]. grrr people have been unable to connect to my server for the last 4 days without me knowing!
    nod32 4 firewall by default is set on automatic and will block everything without asking for approval, so i needed to manualy set the firewall to “automatic mode with exceptions” [userdefined]

    most irritating is it’s completly my fault, installing new antivirus without checking its firewall settings *sigh*

    thx again…

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    yeah, eset is the best antivirus in my mind.
    this blog has many username and passwordEsetNod32Update

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    The best free antivirus download is at ESET NOD32 Smart Security 4 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus4

  5. NOD32 ID says :

    ESET Smart Security Personal Firewall… umm..
    I think that it has too much problem with many online program (Sopcast, Windows Live Messenger etc.).
    So I just disabled it. XD

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