Chikan : Groping on Japan Trains (Anti Chikan with Police Force)

What is Chikan?

It’s not chicken. Chikan is the Japanese word for a special kind of pervert. A chikan is someone who gets off by rubbing himself on female passengers in the overcrowded Japanese subways. These molesters take advantage typically on school girls, female teenagers and young women during the summer time (where females wear thin pants or short skirts). Chikan also plan their train routes, such as trains that do not stop at another train station within 5 minutes, so they have more time to molest these girls.

Extra Warnings
Chikan also communicate on the forums and schedule their attacks in groups. Chikan can also happen in elevators where a group of males goes in with a lonely girl. Once inside, they jam the elevator and rape her. Take the staircase instead when you have no one to accompany you. Chikan can come in many dressings. They can appear as a businessman wearing black coat and tie, a casual man wearing a beanie and plain clothes, or a person wearing black glasses. So beware of all of these men. There are some cases where slutty women grope other women (lesbians?) and men as well. Sometimes, old women and young boys does grope people private part. Here is a story where a women slap the old women for touching her.

Here is a story by Masaka of her experience being a target of Chikan

I alone on Tokyo train in evening time from way home come back of the school. The train was a very crowded and many a people be in the train, squeezed together much. It was then I feel the hand on my body. It was a bad hand that was not nice and doing the chikan on me. I turn around to go look to see the person but no one was a looking and I no know who it is. I got mad and was embarassed for what happened and then the chikan hand come again, this time feeling my leg of the back. I yelled: “Stop the chikan, you evil chikan making person!”

The whole train stop and people look and I turn around to see the chikan making person. She was standing their as old lady, trying to look innocent. She was short and said she no mean to touch and that train crowded but I knew she make the chikan on me! I said: “You are evil chikan making person” and slapped her and grabbed her hair and kicked her. She cry and started to yell for help but other people come and help me to kick her and hit her and make her pay for her chikan evil chikan making of me.

At next stop I get off and people clapped for me.

Then next at the street corner waiting for light, I feel a little hand on me again. I turn around and look and see little boy. He tried to make the chikan on the back of my knee. I could no believe. Two chikan evil people in one day! I say to him: “You evil little chikan boy” and slapped him and kicked him. He mommy was part of it too because she no say nothing and then yell for police to arrest me, and I says” “Yes, police! Come and arrest him!” The mommy and boy left and I know they learned the lesson of no make the chikan on me!

So if you read this, know that chikan is evil and we now fight and no take no more chikan from no one. Keep you chikan evil chikan ways off of me behind!

Chikan in Action – How chikan molest their victim
Below is a video on how chikan grope their victim. Some chikan that looks innocent (wearing black coat like a businessman) can turn out to be an evil chikan instead. So don’t judge people by their clothes.

Anti-Chikan – “Let’s prevent groping” campaign”
Below is a subtitled news clip from Fuji TV that introduces the campaign and shows us some video of undercover police officers arresting gropers on the Saikyo Line.

Here is a picture where several males in groups (red) are watching the young female bieng molested by a 2 males. The police officer (blue) interrupts the Chikan before these males strip the women clothes off.

How to deal with Chikan?

Avoiding crowded at peak hour time
Avoid choosing lines or trains which have a high possibility of meeting Chikans. Chikans seldom appear on trains which are not crowded. For females who have to rush to office/school at peak hour to reach on time,
they can choose which line they should take if they can’t avoid using the train at a specific hour.
Avoiding trains infested/popular with Chikan
Women meet Chikans more frequently when they take private lines, the subways, or JR lines.
How to deal with Chikan if he/she grope you in sexually manner?
If you feel someone is touching you, turn your head slowly and look at his hand to confirm he is Chikan.
Next, stare at him from his feet to the face slowly, while showing your anger (especially in your eyes).
Doing this, others around you will also notice the Chikan presence, and they will stare at him with hate.
If the Chikan (molester) persist, you can pinch/scratch/poke his hand as the 2nd step.
Safety pins (needles) are useful tools to deter Chikan from groping your private parts.
The final step is to look directly in his eyes for 3 to 5 seconds, and say “Please stop” in polite manner.
Other passengers can hear you too, since trains are quiet.
Most Chikan would leave the train station after the next stop.
If the Chikan is extreme and aggressive, you can slap him with your hand/bag and shout “Chikan/Pervert”
Move away from your current position to prevent him from further harassment.
Don’t move to the corner of the train, these will leave you less space to escape from group of chikan.
If you have a friend with you, both of you pull him to the station officer to receive his punishment.
The Chikan penalty depends on how serious is the crime. Minimum is 500,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen or 6 months in prison and up to 10 years in prison.

How to avoid false accusation being a Chikan?

Have both of your hands up where they can be seen. (Both hands holding the bar on top of the train)
Both hands are use to read magazine/book held up to your face.
Don’t stand behind a pretty lady from behind.
For those who are caught in accusation for molesting the girl, you will be on a long trial, which most Chikan would avoid by paying some money to bail out.

Here are some extras quoted from watashi tokyo

No.1 Don’t stand behind woman. especially you should skip beautiful woman.
No.2 If she misunderstands and glares down you, never look away. You should glare her back. There was a precedent that the testimony “he looked away, so I convinced he was a molester” was accepted in the court.
No.3 Unfortunately when you are misunderstood as a molester, you should never go to staff room on the train station with her, even thought she insists. The law of criminal procedure permits the immediate arrest by a private individual. If you follow her, it means you are arrested by her and she can turn you to the police. To take the best chance of cleaning yourself, you should leave the are after giving your contact address to her.

My friends say they try to read a book having with both hands, or one hand in bad and the other holding on a strap.

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