Bunny Charm Walkthrough

About Bunny Charm

(Game published on 2009-05-15) The Digital Age takes on new meaning in this butch bunny’s hands-on assault! WASD = Move Mouse = Aim & Shoot. Kill all enemies and capture the flags for upgrade points (by standing at one until its bar is filled) Open the upgrade menu to spend points or pause the game. Drag traps onto the field from the right-hand menu to help you win the war.

Play Now: Bunny Charm [Earn Kongregate Badges and Achievements]

Three achievements & 50 points to earn!
“I Declare a Thumb War” Badge (easy – 5 points) 50 kills in a single game on any difficulty
Bunny Country Badge (medium – 15 points) 15 flags raised (normal mode)
Charming to the Last Badge (hard – 30 points) Survived until wave 30 (challenge map)

Bunny Charm Hack (Cheat Engine)

Cheat Engine (Array of Bytes)
Run Bunny Charm on Kongregate. Don’t click the Play button yet. Open Cheat Engine and set these values. After modifying the default values to the cheat values, click Play and Select the Difficulty Level. Enjoy!
All enemies dead
27 68 94 02 -> 26 68 94 02
Instant Flag Captures – Visit the flag to capture it
5e e6 01 25 d0 0f -> 5e e6 01 25 80 00
Rewards 100 bonus upgrade points
5e 75 24 00 -> 5e 75 24 64

Bunny Charm Walkthrough
Every captured flag rewards you +1 bonus point that you can use on either 3 upgrades.
These 3 upgrades are weapon damage, weapon speed, and movement speed.
Max out your damage first, secondly fire rate, and lastly the movement speed.
Why speed is maxed last? You won’t be straying a lot while controlling/capturing the flag.
The blue bar on top left corner represents your EXP Bar (more blue bar means more experience)
The green bar on top left corner represents your Life Bar (more green bar means more health)
The more enemies you kill, you gain more experience points (the blue bar)

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