Megurine Luka & Gackpoid – Google it, you moron. (English Subtitle)

I just had to translate it for the cuteness of this song…

Original Title:【巡音ルカと神威がくぽ】ggrks-ググれカス-【オリジナル曲】
Original URL from Niko Niko Douga:
Creator of the song and movie: あー民P
Sang by: Megurine Luka(VOCALOID2 CV03) & Gackpoid(VOCALOID2)

—————————————- —
“Google it, you moron.”
English Lyrics
—————————————- —

I never felt this way before.
Keep lurking you greenie.
I want to become closer with you.
Go to 4chan if you want to idle with people.
Why don’t to you speak up if there’s something you want to say?
How do you feel about me?

Who knows. “Google it, you moron.”

“Google it, you moron.”

“What’s your e-mail address?”
“Google it, you moron.”
“Where do you live?”
“Google it, you moron.”
“What type of men do you like?”
“Google it on Yahoo!, you moron.”
“When can I see you again?”
“Google it, you moron.”
“Do you eat eggplants?”
“Shut up, you moron.”
“Are you dating someone?”
(I actually want to tell you…)

But I always behave perverse before you, I just can’t help it…

I repeat your voice in my mind.
Delete it immediately. Hey web managers, do your work!
I would recite about your fascination.
This place is not your diary.
Luka-freaks should just back off. Stop posting trashy threads.
I want to hear how you truly feel.

Who knows. “Google it, you moron.”

“Google it, you moron.”

“What’s your three sizes?”
“Google it, you moron.”
“What’s your color of your panty?”
“Google it, you moron.”
“Are you wearing a panty?”
“Google it on MSN, you moron.”
“I’ll always love you.”
“So what?”
“I love you.”
“How often have you been saying that?”
“Please accept my feelings.”
(I actually have been…)

But my true words wanders about in my heart…

You might stop loving me if I keep behaving like this.
I actually love you more than anyone else…
“Take the hints, you moron!”

“Hey, don’t take me wrong, alright?”
“I wasn’t thinking about you…”
“My face is only red because of the tuna lean.”
“You won’t tell how you truly feel.”
“I just can’t.”
“I love you.”
“What a farce…”

I’ll just have to give myself to you,
once you’ve googled my indubitable feelings for you…


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