Fix Solution for Samsung Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM” appears defective

How to fix Samsung Defective Monitors?

The monitor profile “Samsung – Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM” appears to be defective.
Please rerun your monitor calibration software.

I encountered this problem when running my Adobe Photoshop CS3. The error message occurs to most Samsung LCD Monitors which is the color management is control by an file with .ICM extension. This causes your screen showing other colors than normal. (example: yellowish). Solution: Apply a new color profile.

samsung error

For Windows XP users

Right-click the desktop, and click “Properties”
Click “Settings” Tab. Click “Advanced” button.
Click “Color Management” Tab.
Click “Add” button (To add a new color profile)
Select “sRGB” or “Adobe RGB”. Click Add.
Click OK once you are done.
Restart computer.

For Windows Vista users

Right-click the desktop, and click “Personalize”
Click “Display Settings” Tab. Click “Advanced Settings” button.
Click “Color Management” button.
Click “Color Management” Tab.
select your monitor and tick the “use my settings for this device”.
Click “Add” button (To add a new color calibration file) to replace the defective one.
Select “sRGB” or “Adobe RGB”. Click Add.
Finally, set the Adobe RGB as the default for the monitor.
Restart computer.


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30 responses to “Fix Solution for Samsung Natural Color Pro 1.0 ICM” appears defective”

  1. poipoo says :

    I have a Samsung 2449HM DVI. This fix listed by SsDecimal, Feb 4, 2011 works but had to navigate a little differently.
    Start> Search> Color Management.
    Select the Devices tab.
    Confirm your devices is listed then check “Use my settings for this device.”
    Select “Add” and select the profile listed in SsDecimal’s Feb 4, 2011 reply.
    Select “Set as Default Profile” and “Close.”
    Restart system.
    Select hen Close
    This worked for me.

  2. Mel says :

    Thanks for this post. Fixed my problem easily. Obviously in Win7 the steps are a little different but still easy to find my way to where I neeeded to be!

  3. SsDecimaL says :

    for Windows 7
    the above method should not be used
    I’ve Samsung 2233BW Model (DVI Cable)
    Start > Search > Color Management Click and Advanced Tab > Click the Set Display
    Choose for you Automatically
    “Default – sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration” – CalibratedDisplayProfile-0.icc
    That is the Windows 7 Fix & Right Solution..
    Have a Nice Day..

  4. Kelly Williams says :

    I’ve had my monitor for almost a year but recently this pop-up started for CS4 and it’s been driving me nuts. I’m sure it was from a Microsoft update. Thank you so much for posting this Vista fix!

  5. Tom says :

    THNX! 🙂

  6. sandeep says :

    Hi Mate,
    Thnaks a bunch!!!!

  7. Melanie says :

    Thanks for the help. Worked like a charm! 🙂

  8. Hazuki says :

    For windows 7 I had to look up Color Management, but yes it works thank you so much. 🙂

  9. Christian says :

    Muchas gracias!!! la verdad rapida la solucion y anda a la perfeccion en windows seven

  10. swannee says :

    Will your solution work with windows 7

    • Hazuki says :

      Go to Start> search programs type in Color Management click the first one under the control panel> under devices add the adobe gamma set it as your default and make sure the box is checked and it works. 🙂

  11. gamzter says :

    i’ve ecountered the same problem with ps cs3 but now it’s working! Thanks!

  12. Tom says :

    Thanks, simple and working solution.

  13. troy says :

    Thanks, I had to reinstall windows and my adobe files were looking like total crap in CS3

  14. sam says :

    It works.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

  15. Pete says :

    Win7/64 Pro, I was getting the same message with PS CS2 but not other CS2 graphic products, the fix as noted above worked tho’ I wish the MS hadn’t changed the route on how to get there.

  16. uzware says :

    Thanks! now works correctly

  17. deepa says :

    thanks so much……its work good now.

  18. matt says :

    I try everything and i dont see “Adobe RGB” should make a video of this cus i have no ida what to do and iam geting sick of this crap.

  19. Omar says :

    thanks mate this works

  20. samun says :

    thanks mate this works.

  21. Norbert says :


  22. Canuuk says :

    Worked for me too! A bunch of other sites gave another (impossible) fix. This was simple and worked!! THANKS

  23. wightdogs says :

    Thanks I didn’t have a problem until I ran a microsoft update and them brownishness! I have seen it before on other PCs but hadn’t worked out how to rid it.

    Although it didn’t effect photoshop with me for some reason??

  24. Ben says :

    Thx! Its works correctly now.

  25. Pete says :

    Thx! Vista solution works on Windows 7 as well…

  26. Adz says :

    Thanks seriously so much! i was considering buying a new monitor because of this problem!!! its sooo annoying in photoshop because everything looks creamy/yellow!!! thanks dudee

  27. Color says :

    is the solution solving the mismatch color of CMYK printing problem. as in what we see on screen is not what we get on paper. Please help.

  28. guido says :

    fantastic sollution
    I have been searching for long time,
    first i tried to install the tool but is was no longer compatible with vista
    thank you

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