Epic Battle Fantasy 2

About Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Continuation of the first game! Now with upgrades and stuff!

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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Monster Encyclopedia

Name: Kitten
Type: Furry Beast
Class: Grunt
HP: 4400
DEF: +0 (+100 with shield)
MDEF: +0 (+100 with shield)
EVA: +)
Elemental Weakness: Poison, Fire
Status Immunity: None
Special Attributes: May carry a shield. Drops shield when hit. Appears in several flavor, they are not that great though.

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  1. ayumilove says :

    I forgot about this 😦
    Anyways, check out the latest Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Guide below

    Contains maps , item drops, and tips.

  2. joey says :

    that was totally useless =\

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