Another Small Favor Walkthrough

About Another Small Favor

The sequel to “A Small Favor”. The story continues after the assassination of Senator Lobe. With his security clearance severely compromised, the assassin heads deep into the blind zone to find a new identity .
Point and Click to explore the environment. Double Click to Run

Play Online: Another Small Favor [Earn Kongregate Badges and Achievements!]

One achievement & 15 points to earn!
Identity Crisis Badge (medium – 15 points) – Game completed

Newgrounds Five Medals & 200 points to earn!
A small stitch (25 points) – Help the town tailor find a green fury shawl.
Flower Power (25 points) – Find medicinal blue flowers for the good doctor.
Hunt the Hunter (25 points) – Eliminitae the Pig Hunter.
Spider SLayer (25 points) – Kill a spider, save a kitty.
Another Small Favor (100 points) – Accomplish your mission to find a new identity.

Another Small Favor Walkthrough

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