Life Ark 4 Walkthrough

About Life Ark 4

Your escape from the desert moon (Life Ark 3) has had dire consequences for the universe you currently find yourself in! Your previous attempt to stop a blackhole’s progress has caused it to mutate into a super giant black hole – one this universe has never seen before. It has turned into an eating machine, consuming this universe at an exponential rate. How could things come to this? Tragedy and disaster follow you at every turn! Have things come full circle?

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You’re objective is to escape this universe and find another one capable of sustaining your species! Time is short, this universe is being consumed. You must create a new time and space portal that will save your species. CONTROLS: Mouse.

Life Ark 4 Walkthrough 3:14


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  1. Online Game Lounge says :

    Very intriguing game series! I like these little “click-and-see-what-happens” types! This is where I think RPG should be going.

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