Paper War Walkthrough Tower Defense Complete Levels

About Paper War

A Tower Defense game with a twist, scrath the baddies off the desktop using a pencil!
Fight your way through twenty levels, and unlock many new towers
and find different ways to use your lethal pencil.

Play Online: Paper War [Earn Kongregate Badges and Achievements!]

Game Instructions
– Stop the waves of critters from finding the exit.
– Build towers and use your pencil to scratch / hover over the critters to damage them.
– As the game progresses you unlock new ways to use your pencil and new towers to build.

Paper War Walkthrough – Strategy Guide & Achievement List

Paper War Walkthrough – Level 20

Paper War 40 Achievements

1. Born to kill – Achieved for start killing something in this game
2. No man that never lost – Achieved for start doing some lost in this game
3. Welcome home, private! – Achieved for building a normal tower
4. Mass Attacker – Achieves for building an area tower
5. The Sniper – Achieved for building a targeting tower.
6. Guardian of the assassins – Achieved for creating a supporting tower.
7. Land mine is against the war law – Achieved for creating a mine tower.
8. That’s the problem with regular – Achieved for killing a regular creeps.
9. Their blood is red.. er.. purple.. or something! Achieved for killing a spciy creeps.
10. Bargaining with speed – Achieved for killing a speed creeps.
11. Strength is no match with brain – Achieved for killing a strength creeps.
12. Healder is overrated – Achieved for killing a healing creeps.
13. Now whos the boss! – Achieved for killing a bossy creeps.
14. They never give up! – Achieved for killing a swarming creeps.
15. Immunity is overrated – Achieved for killing an immunity creeps.
16. This game is no screen saver! – Achieved for die while doing nothing.
16. (and your friends say that’s lame. Believe me, its not)
17. Well done private! – Achieved for finishing first 5 maps that made the game seems too easy.
18. Well, you have a progress – Achieved for finishing second 5 maps.
19. Hmm, little more and finish – Achieved for finishing another 5 maps that bring you closer to the end.
20. Now your rank is sergeant – Achieved for finishing the last 5 maps that made this game needs a sequel!
21. This game is easy! – Achieved for finishing an easy timed map.
22. Normal game is ok! – Achieved for finishing a map is normal mode.
23. The harder the cooler! – Achieved for finishing a map in hard mode.
24. It’s me that say that is possible! – Achieved for finishing a map in impossible mode.
24. (and why it is called impossible when it’s done?)
25. Hey, I have a talent! – Achieved for creating a new custom map.
26. God wants me to be happy – Achieved for playing a custom map.
27. 13 is no bad luck – Achieved for killing thirteen creeps!
27. (So you know that there’s achievement for something)
28. 300 – Achieved for fighting 300 creeps led by King Leonidas.
29. December 21, 2012 – Achieved for defeating 2012 agents of Armageddon.
30. Boredom Killer General 0 Achieved for eating all boredom while eliminating 25000 cute critters.
31. Normal weapon mastery – Achieved for winning a game with only normal tower.
32. Totally Upgraded – Achieved for fully upgrading all tower in a game.
33. Tower Wholesale – Achieved for selling more than 5 towers in a game.
34. A genius is nothing more than talent – Achieved for winning a game without losing live.
35. Bring me hell – Achieved for speeding all wave button in a game.
36. I don’t need much ink – Achieved for having cc5000 unused ink in the end of a game.
37. Drawing is so relaxing – Achieved for using all 4 pen color in a game.
38. Ahh, so these are they… – Achieved for watching credits page (That normally others wouldn’t)
39. Winning is a matter of luck – Achieved for winning 5 games in a row without ever lost)
40. The Achiever – Achieved for achieving all unachieved achievements. Well too many achievement to be achieved could be achieveful. I hope you achieve what I mean…

Build a Slower Tower and place it where it will hit multiple path segments.
Upgrade it when you have cc100.
Upgrade it again when you have cc200 more.
You will need to use your pencil.
Then, buy a 2nd Slower Tower and repeat.
At this point, the rest of the level will be easy.
Buy a 3rd Slower Tower, upgrade twice.
Buy a Suppor Tower.
Buy and Upgrade a 4th and 5th Slow Tower.
Upgrade your six towers as you have funds.
Send waves early. Win.


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