Building Blaster Walkthrough Complete Levels 1 to 50

About Building Blaster

Blast your way to victory in this explosive new game from 2DPlay!! Choose the strength of explosives, set their timers and sit back and watch the pieces fly! But don’t go bomb crazy because this demolition simulation is not about mindless destruction. No sireee, you’re going to have to keep collateral damage to a minimum by only taking down buildings marked for destruction! So what are you waiting for?…. let’s detonate!!!

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Building Blaster Walkthrough – Levels 1-30

Building Blaster Walkthrough – Levels 31-50

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13 responses to “Building Blaster Walkthrough Complete Levels 1 to 50”

  1. hunter sargent says :

    hunter sargent :your right it is a pain but you gust hav to keep on tring like me good luck.

  2. jackson michaels says :

    speak english on english sites fucking italian faggots.

    • falid says :

      YOU TWAT!

    • usuck says :

      STFU idiot.
      We’re free to use the language that we prefer.
      WWW stands for WorldWide Web and not for EnglishWide Web

      • Coolio says :

        Excuse me, Mr. Dumbfuck, but you’re missing something.
        WWW might stand for WorldWide Web, but this is a motherfucking english site. Go speak your primitive language on primitive sites, but keep English on English sites.
        Have a nice day, Mr. Dumbfuck.

    • John says :

      screw you! they’re not fags just because theyre italian you ignorant twat

      • yeahyeah says :

        yeah no shit thats why there is a ‘W’ there instead of an ‘E’ you, as for you Italians i like some of your food, despite that, you are all pussies. have a nice day.

  3. john says :

    i found a better way to do level “prongs”

  4. charlotte says :

    Well done in the making of this video, very good! Some of the levels didnt match up though

  5. Luca says :

    Devi semplicemente mettere la dynamite come nel video.
    Se proprio non sembra funzionare, allora devi provare a posizionare i candelotti in un altro modo. Io l’ho fatto qualche volta e sono riuscito a passare i livelli.
    Comunque, buona demolizione 😉

  6. eleonora ferrua says :

    buongiorno a tutti sono arrivata al livello 46 di building blaster ma non riesco a farlo, qualcuno può cortesemente darmi una mano?vi ringrazio ciao

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