CycloManiacs Walkthrough – Sneaky Start, Piano, Haddock, Moon, 10s Wheelie

About CycloManiacs

(Game published on 2009-08-10) Flash bike racing. 20 riders and bikes to unlock, 26 tracks, 70 achievements, and 20 bike horns. Arrow keys or AWSD to control the bike, X or SPACE to bunny hop, Press B to use your horn (if you have one)

Play Online: CycloManiacs [Earn Kongregate Badges and Achievements]

Four achievements & 65 points to earn!
Tour de Kongregate Challenge – Complete 20 achievements. Hurry, challenge ends in 6 days!
“Let’s Get This Party Started!” Badge (easy – 5 points) – Extra character unlocked
FIRST! Badge (medium – 15 points) – First-place finish
Pimp My Bike Badge (medium – 15 points) 35 total upgrades + 5 horns unlocked
Downhill Domination Badge (hard – 30 points) – 70 achievements completed

CycloManiacs Walkthrough – Sneaky Start, Piano, Haddock, Moon, 10s Wheelie

Cyclomaniacs Character 1Cyclomaniacs Character 2Cyclomaniacs Character 3Cyclomaniacs Character 4Cyclomaniacs Character 5

Cheat Codes

SNEAKY START – To do a sneak start with any bike, press UP as just before the word go is about to appear!

CycloManiacs .Sol Hack, CycloManiacs .SOL Save File

Download Link: CycloManiacs SOL .Save File – Max Upgrades, Achievements, Races
Copy the .SOL files within the folder in the location below. Remove the extra spaces from the address. Change the (User Name) to your account name. Match (Random Numbers) to the pre-generated folder. Click play in CycloManiacs on Kongregate. You get all badges instantly.

This.SOL gives all bikers, gives max upgrade, all achievements, complete all races and game finished. It has 70 achievements. Its a bit hard. it takes time but you will have everything finished with this .sol .

Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows XP users]
C:\Documents and Settings\(User Name)\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(Random Numbers)\\gamez\ 0005 \ 3442 \live\CycloManiacs.swf\
Copy and paste the save file at [for Windows Vista users]
C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\(Random Numbers)\\gamez\ 0005 \ 3442 \live\CycloManiacs.swf\
Copy and paste the save file at [for Mac OSX users]
/Users/(User Name)/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/(Random Numbers)/ 0005 / 3442 /live/CycloManiacs.swf/
Copy and paste the save file at [for Linux users]
/home/(User Name)/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/(Random Numbers)/ 0005 / 3442 /live/CycloManiacs.swf/

CycloManiacs Walkthrough in Text

The Dunes

Track 1 – Gentle Start
An easy starter, use the bunny hop at the top of hills to give yourself enough height to complete a sommersault to gain boost.

Track 2 – Getting Bigger
An introduction to ramps and pickups. Practise getting all the height you can off the ramps, or learn to use the your radar to judge where the pickups are going to be.

Track 3 – Big Drift
Early on in the race, use the big hills to perform multiple sommersaults to build up boost multiplier. Later on slow down and hop over the hills or you can use a bunny hop to jump over them. Sir Colin is awesome on this course at maxing the boost multiplier.

Track 4 – Dried up river bed
The key on this one is using the bunny hop to jump the pebbles in the bed. A bike with good wheelie ability CMR C, spoke or cycleking is a good diea.

Sunset City

Track 1 – Slightly Urban
A gentle start to the Sunset City Obstacle Courses.
These are all best suited to all round bikes.

Track 2 – Central Park
A tricky course to master, the best bikes to use are the all rounders, like the wheel, robotjam or dragon bracket. No good for wheelie bikes.

Track 3 – Bus Jumper
A nice course with one evil part. You have to remember where the spike jump is and put in a bunny hop else its certain death. Use the radar to help you.

Track 4 – The Car Park
An evil stunt course with multiple routes. If you can get onto the spiders initially and half way down the course, it is by miles the fastest route.


Track 1 – The caves
Delatively easy, you just have to remember to slow down through the cave sections to avoid banging your head.

Track 2 – Skijumps
This track is all about momentum. Use the initial jump to perform stunts to gain boost which will then take you clear on the jumps later on the course. Build as much speed as you can going into a jump.

Track 3 – Zigzag
A tricky little number. Use the bunny hop on the top of the zigs to try and clear uphill sections.

Track 4 – The Glacier
One of those courses you just have to learn. Full of pitfalls. Use the radar for an early warning and try and use the bunny hop to get oer the later ones. Don’t go all out for stunts as you are likely to land blind down a glacial crevice.


Track 1 – Foothills
This is mostly uphill, but you have plenty of opportunity to do stunts oer the brows of hills. Either build up boost that way, or slow down over the brows to keep up your speed with more traction.

Track 2 – Up the mountain
You might have to change your doing style for this one. It can help to lean in to the hills to get more grip. Try not to get too much height over the brows of hills, otherwise you will lose speed up the slopes.

Track 3 – Rivers of Fire
Try to remember where the fire pits are located, so you can plan your route better.

Track 4 – Down Down
While cycling down the hills, do wheelies to gain boost, then you will be able to achieve enormouse airtime in places. When you have boost, keep your wheels on the ground when you can.


Track 1 – Craters
Though quite small, the craters can give you great opportunity for air time and stunts if you time your bunny hop correctly. Once you’ve built up some boost, keep the stunts going to get boost multiplier.

Track 2 – Jaggies

Packed with Jagged rocks. Larger bikes are more suited to this level. If you pick which spikes you bunny hop from well you can ahieve massive height and boost.

Track 3 – Biscuit Hills
The near vertical walls will launch you far in to the air. Be careful not to bunny hop at the wrong time, or you’ll end up going backwards. Try to jump and get big air time on the stepped downhill section.

Track 4 – Big craters
Another track with big jumps. Watch the radar so you know how far you are above the ground whilst doing somersaults. It’s easy to try to do too many!

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  1. Marcos says :

    please tell me about how to release the twins please tell if i am from Brazil can brigade!

    Marquinho 11 ans…

  2. person says :

    how do you unlock the moon?

  3. heyy says :

    just go 2 it has cheats

  4. heyy says :

    just go 2 and search it 🙂

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  8. gay says :

    Only thing i cant do is the sneaky start

  9. temmz says :

    why doesnt anyone answer the question of where the tick or CROSSES button is?

  10. s says :

    How do you open the bar where you enter the cheats?

  11. ccc says :

    zac :you press the cross and u will get it activated

    where do you find the cross

  12. Moon says :

    Uff… The Moon only left

  13. nope says :

    got everything except that stupid 10s wheelie on the moon. seems impossible. cant get more than about 7 secs…

    great game, escpecially the music is pretty nice.

    • harry says :

      Nope. the 10s wheelie is not impossible. i got 12s. i did it with “spoke” or i think “”cycle king” has the same type of bike. i go backwards first instead of forward until reached the back wall to add more space. and start doing wheelie slowly, it needs a good finger job focus…happy trying..i believe you can do it

  14. Case says :

    I’m only about halfway thru Cyclomaniacs, but there is one thing I could not figure out… is there any actual use for the horns? I got a few, but are they actually worth to collect?

  15. Fucktard says :

    This game is fucked up. I tried to sneaky start millions of times now. It just made your patience wear thin. Very fucktard game.

  16. dylan says :

    if you want to be first in 3 seconds here is how:

    when you start reverse all the way to the end and die then go forward
    when revive and your at start any comments go to look for parrapower in search and leave comment on my page

  17. oli says :

    how the fug do you enter the cheats tell me how!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Z says :


  19. ayumilove says :

    thanks somenub, added mac osx users sol save file location

  20. somenub says :

    Copy and paste the save file at [for Mac OSX users]
    /Users/(User Name)/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/(Random Numbers)/ 0005 / 3442 /live/CycloManiacs.swf/

  21. cd says :

    where is the activate cheats button?

  22. Schnubby says :

    Hi there!

    Control for the horn is now “b”.

    Can’t get the Moon Race done….as first!

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