Bermuda Escape Walkthrough

About Bermuda Escape
Bermuda Triangle Escape is an underwater mystery – first you’re trapped in the infamous Bermuda Triangle itself, then you must discover its secret and devise a way to escape. It will take every ounce of cleverness you possess or Bermuda Triangle Escape may well be the last adventure game you ever play!

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Bermuda Escape Walkthrough


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  1. Prid says :

    After Many Hours Of Straight Work, I am Finally Done With My First Text Walkthrough With Pictures. I Know It Does Sound Like A Few Minutes Work, But I wrote Everything Step-By-Step And With Pictures To Explain. And Those Pictures Were Edited With A Professional Image Editing Software. So PLEASE, tell me if it is HelpFul Or Not, I Think I’m About To Fall Down :S

    Bermuda Escape – Walkthrough

    And That Is One Of My Sites, Where The Upcoming Games Is Revealed. And Please, No Question About The Site, Only The Walkthrough 😀


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