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Gregio’s Best Works
Collection of my best animations. This includes Fight! Project, the first two animations, versus Monks and versus Brad (BannedStory Backgrounds Forum), also includes a random animation against monks, my personal Fireworks speed 7 test against MS mobs, a versus eL (xGhettoChildx), an elemental skillbash, a MapleSim Forums Animation of the Week entry and finally, a me versus Cappie (also from BSBF). Only program used for all these animations is Adobe Fireworks CS3. Video editing (whatever little there was) done in Vegas Pro 9.0. Songs are: Soul Nomad – Desperado, Soul Nomad – Rock ‘n’ Rocks and Fullmetal Alchemist Wingless Angel – Cutting Edge. PS: Thanks Derek (spritefan2) for his help while I was using Vegas. Hope you enjoy it. Have fun, subscribe, comment, all that stuff.



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I am Ayumilove, if you see some impersonators its not me.
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