Potty Racers Walkthrough 27,767 Distance

About Potty Racers
Description: Porta Potty + Hill + Wheels = Insanity!
Its the stinkiest race in town, baby! Upgrade your poo shack until you pwn your filthy competition!
The crashes are brutal, though…

Play Online: Potty Racers

Right key to push; Up key to ride; number keys for tricks

Potty Racers Walkthrough 27,767 Distance


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21 responses to “Potty Racers Walkthrough 27,767 Distance”

  1. Philip says :

    how do u do that so easy

  2. BOBUSOURAS REX says :


  3. msi laptops says :

    MSI laptops appear pretty nice, but I’m not too adoring of the low res screens. I dont listen on a smaller format, but when you’re at 15″ or higher, I don’t think XGA and WXGA are the way to go.

  4. Potty Gamer says :

    Completing the game provides no challenge at all especially when you begin to accumulate money for upgrades.

  5. John says :

    wow i have 50k still going O_O

  6. Cheyanne says :

    I am at 4.5 mil and still counting!

  7. Cheyanne says :

    I am now at 1648590.2! Bitches I am gawd at this game.

  8. Cheyanne says :

    I am at 181k and counting! Pwned all you bitches, I love glitches.

  9. Cheyanne says :

    I am at 92k and counting! Pwned all you bitches, I love glitches.

  10. BillyBobJoe says :

    wen mine didnt glich i got like 29,000 or somethin

  11. BillyBobJoe says :

    Pottyboy :i got glich and over 62k

    BOO!!! I got 89,204.6 When mine glich!BOOM!

  12. girly girls says :

    good game and really good stuff and tricks

  13. Pottyboy says :

    i got glich and over 62k

  14. ty says :

    37,957.9 what now suckas

  15. Games says :

    28k is my top score… but I’ll keep trying.

  16. bob gorrila says :

    u suck i got 34k …..owned

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