Stick Arena Ballistick Walkthrough

About Stick Arena Ballistick
Take down your opponents with 12 weapons including The new Flamethrower, Chain Gun, Railgun, Chain Saw, Laser Sword, and Tesla Helmet. Or, kick it oldschool with the original Katana, AK-47, Sledgehammer, Shotgun, Baseball Bat, or Glock. Battle it out the new Space Lab and Sky Islands maps, or classic Office, Construction Yard and Sewers settings. Use the powerful Map Editor to create your own vicious arenas of death, save your creations and then duke it out with your friends!

Create a free account to customize your character, save your combat stats and earn higher Ranks. Earn Cred to purchase new spinners, pets and map slots! Climb the leaderboard in a bid for 1st place; Can you go all the way to the top?

Play Online: Stick Arena Ballistick [Earn Kongregate Badges]

Four achievements & 65 points to earn!
Step Into the Arena Badge (easy – 5 points) – 5 kills
Melee Master Badge (medium – 15 points) – Close-range pwnage – Awarded after round ended.
Killing Spree Badge (medium – 15 points) – 10 kills (single round)
Stick War Veteran Badge (hard – 30 points) – Rank 4 reached – You need 300 total kills
ENDURANCE BADGE (Hard): This badge is more time-consuming than it is difficult. You need 300 total kills. Your progress on Kongregate will display as 1 higher than your in-game rank.

Move: Arrow Keys, WASD
Attack: Click (Left Mouse Button), Space Bar, Numpad 0
Leaderboard: Shift, B, 1
Chat: Enter, T
Walk: V, \ (Backslash)

Stick arena Ballistick Gameplay


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